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ZHONGTAI PVC Building Materials Plastic Window Frame 65/70/76mm  Frame Profile With 4/5/6 Cavity

ZHONGTAI PVC Building Materials Plastic Window Frame 65/70/76mm Frame Profile With 4/5/6 Cavity

PVC profiles are mainly made of high-quality hard polyvinyl chloride PVC profiles, with built-in hard steel. They are refined through mechanical equipment cutting, hot welding, stamping, and manual production processes.

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Basic information of Zhongtai profiles
Model65 SeriesSecurity levelA/B70 SeriesSecurity levelB76 SeriesSecurity levelA/B
Wind resistance performanceCustomizedCustomizableCustomizedCustomizableCustomizedCustomizable
ColourPolychromeStandard65 SeriesPolychromeStandard70 SeriesPolychromeStandard76 Series
Type of shippingSea rail intermodal transportationProductionXINJIANGSea rail intermodal transportationProductionXINJIANGSea rail intermodal transportationProductionXINJIANG
TrademarkZHONGTAI CHEMICALAnnual productivity10000TZHONGTAI CHEMICALAnnual productivity10000TZHONGTAI CHEMICALAnnual productivity10000T
Product packagingProduct protective film+thickened plastic packaging film
Product specifications
Product NamePVC profiles for Zhongtai Modern Architecture
Material SciencePVC profiles
ColourGem Grey/Agate Brown/Rose Chestnut/Emerald/Customizable Colors
Specifications2.2mm-2.5mm、5.8M-6M/Customized size2.2mm-2.5mm、5.8M-6M/Customized size2.5mm-2.8mm、5.8M-6M/Customized size
Standard certificationGB/T8814-2017
UseDoors and windows that can be used to make buildings
AdvantageLightweight and durable, economical and environmentally friendly, easy to install, with a good appearance
CharacteristicFire prevention, sound insulation, insulation, sealing, dust prevention, theft prevention, and insect prevention


Low conductivity PVC material can effectively reduce indoor and outdoor heat exchange, achieving excellent insulation performance. The section of Zhongtai Chemical Plastic Steel Profile 65 series adopts a five chamber three seal design, with a thermal insulation performance of 1.8W/m2K; The insulation coefficient of 76 series high-end PVC plastic windows reaches 1.6W/㎡ K. In winter, compared with ordinary plastic steel doors and windows, it saves about 32% energy consumption.

1. Excellent insulation performance Plastic has a thermal conductivity and better insulation effect than aluminum profiles.

2. Its structural design is very good, and the joints are very tight. The test results show that its sound insulation is less than 20db, meeting the DIDN4109 standard, and has good sound insulation performance.

3. Anti aging, using imported denaturants and adding anti ultraviolet absorbers to the raw materials. Even under direct sunlight, rainstorm, dryness or humidity between - 30 ° C and 50 ° C, the product will not change color, age or become brittle.

4. Good flame retardant performance. Plastic windows are made of high-quality flame retardant materials, which do not self ignite or support combustion and can self extinguish fire. So it's your ideal choice.

5. Impact resistance, using a special impact resistance design, the profile can withstand a cold impact test of a 1kg hammer falling freely from a height of 1 meter at -10C.

6. Good waterproof performance, with a water absorption rate of less than 0.1%. The doors and windows are designed with drainage channels, which can completely isolate rainwater outdoors. Its waterproof performance meets the requirements of DIDN18055.

7. Excellent anti-theft, plastic doors and windows are equipped with high-quality metal products. Glass strips will be installed inside the windows according to the design, so that thieves have no way to go.

8. Easy to maintain, plastic parts will not corrode, discolor or turn yellow. They are not affected by ash, cement, or adhesives, so they require almost no maintenance.

9. Good air tightness, all joints and gaps of plastic windows are equipped with EPDM sealant strips. In residential buildings with heating and cooling equipment, plastic windows can be fully utilized as air conditioners and can save energy.

PVC material
PVC material
PVC material

The profiles should be packaged with plastic film or other materials, and heavy pressure should be avoided during transportation, with light loading and unloading. The product should be stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse, neatly stacked, with a height not exceeding 1.5 meters, and protected from direct sunlight. The storage period should generally not exceed 2 years.


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