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Li Shousheng, president of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, visited Xinjiang Zhongtai Group

Time : 2023-08-17

On August 16, Li Shousheng, president of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, went to Xinjiang Zhongtai Group for research and exchange. Research and understand the development situation and future development plan of the enterprise. Focusing on the current development reality of the enterprise, on the future development direction, development focus and industrial layout of Zhongtai Group, and help enterprises to achieve industrial efficiency and transformation and upgrading. Conducted in-depth exchanges and suggestions with Ma Wenyu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Zhongtai Group.


At the symposium, Ma Wenyu extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Li Shousheng and his delegation, and expressed heartfelt thanks to the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation for its long-term concern and support for the development of Zhongtai Group. He said that at present, Zhongtai Group actively serves and integrates into the development strategy of the country and the autonomous region, bases itself on the resource advantages of Xinjiang, focuses on the main responsibility and main business, optimizes the industrial layout, adjusts the industrial structure, and promotes the steady and healthy development of the enterprise economy. Through this exchange and discussion, it is hoped that China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and Zhongtai Group can further maintain close contact, strengthen docking, exchange and cooperation, combine the current development reality and needs of enterprises, and base on the existing industrial development of enterprises, in terms of expanding and extending the industrial chain, comprehensive utilization of energy resources, and promoting the coupling development of new materials industry and coal chemical industry. Make top-level design and scientific planning for enterprises, put forward opinions, suggestions, ideas and measures for building a modern industrial system with Zhongtai characteristics, help Zhongtai Group achieve transformation and upgrading and high-quality development, and jointly create a good situation of mutual benefit and win-win situation and common development between industry associations and enterprises.



Li Shousheng said that Zhongtai Group, as a large state-owned backbone enterprise in Xinjiang, vigorously develops the real industry and has a solid industrial foundation and good development prospects. It is hoped that Zhongtai Group will base itself on the industrial foundation, seize the development opportunities, adhere to the development chain, make full efforts to promote the formation of cotton, chemical fiber industry chain, coal chemical industry chain, fine chemical industry chain and biological chemical industry chain, cultivate characteristic industrial clusters, and promote the development of industrial clusters. The China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation will combine the opinions and suggestions put forward by the enterprises, give full play to the platform advantages and coordination and guidance role of the federation in the development of the industry, seriously do a good job in policy guidance, planning, professional consulting and other services, to help Zhongtai Group to continuously improve its core competitiveness, promote the realization of high-quality development to provide wisdom and intellectual support.

At the meeting, participants had in-depth discussions and exchanges on industrial structure adjustment, comprehensive utilization of energy, green and low-carbon development.

Li Bin, Vice President of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, Yue Guangxi, Professor of Thermal Engineering of Tsinghua University, Xiao Jun, Liang Bin, Chen Chen, leaders of Zhongtai Group, Zhao Yonglu, professional management personnel of Zhongtai Group and heads of relevant departments of Zhongtai Group attended the symposium.