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Shandong Contitech Engineering Rubber Co., Ltd. leadership to Xinjiang Zhongtai Group exchange discussion

Time : 2023-07-04

On the afternoon of July 3, Bu Xiangbin, general manager of Shandong Contitech Engineering Rubber Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Contitech"), went to Xinjiang Zhongtai Group to strengthen communication, deepen practical cooperation, promote win-win development and other matters, General manager Bian Deyun and other leaders had an exchange and discussion.

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At the symposium, Bu Xiangbin briefly introduced the company's development history, business segments, and future development planning. Subsequently, the relevant technical personnel of Contitech company further introduced the main products, advantages, characteristics, application fields, research and development equipment, installation examples and so on. Bu Xiangbin said that Contitech is a large-scale engineering rubber products manufacturer jointly established by Huaqin Group and Continental Group of Germany, and is the world's largest conveyor belt manufacturer and a world-class hose manufacturing factory. At present, the enterprise has formed a conveyor belt, high pressure hose complete material conveying product system, provide customers with the whole process from reference selection to installation, joint, maintenance, etc., all-round, all-weather quality service, continue to create value for customers, promote industry progress and technological innovation. Zhongtai Group is a large state-owned backbone enterprise in the autonomous region, with large industrial scale and strong comprehensive strength, among which the development of coal chemical industry and Contitech Company are highly complementary and have great potential for cooperation. It is hoped that the two sides will further strengthen communication and exchanges, further deepen practical cooperation in high-end manufacturing, engineering rubber, high-end equipment industry development and other aspects, constantly improve the upstream and downstream industrial chain, effectively transform the high-quality resources and industrial foundation of Zhongtai Group into new advantages for industrial development, and help achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation and joint development.

Bian Deyun expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of Bu Xiangbin. He said that Zhongtai Group fully relies on the location and resource advantages of Xinjiang, focuses on the "three main industries" of chemical industry, textile industry and agriculture, promotes the coordinated development of major industrial sectors, and continuously enhances the competitiveness, innovation, control, influence and anti-risk ability of enterprises. At present, the PVC, caustic soda, viscose yarn, BDO, calcium carbide and other industries have developed into the national energy efficiency "leader". Contitech has advanced production equipment, top R & D center and excellent technical team. It is hoped that the two sides will take this forum as an opportunity to further enhance friendship, deepen cooperation, complement each other's advantages, and find cooperation points in conveyor belt, high-end manufacturing and other aspects for a longer term goal, a broader scope, higher quality and deeper level. We will help Zhongtai Group to improve the quality and efficiency of traditional industries, consolidate and enhance the advantages of the whole industrial chain, guide competitive industries to become bigger and stronger, promote the transformation of high-end, intelligent and green industries, promote more achievements in bilateral cooperation, promote the steady and healthy development of the real economy, and make positive contributions to building a better Xinjiang in the new era.

Contitech company Marketing Department, technology department, sales department and other relevant responsible persons, deputy general manager Xiao Jun, Zhongtai Chemical, Blue Sky logistics, Zhongtai New Energy and Zhongtai Group innovation and technology Department relevant responsible persons participated in the discussion and exchange.