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Smart park | Fukang Energy Electrometer Intelligent Operation Center was put into use

Time : 2023-07-19

Recently, after nearly a year of construction and commissioning, Fukang Energy electrical instrument intelligent operation center was officially completed. The completion of the intelligent operation center is an important part of the centralized control transformation of the electrical operation system in the company's smart park project, which will further improve the intensification and refinement of the company's power management and control, achieve the intelligent construction requirements of "reducing personnel, improving efficiency and increasing safety", and help to achieve efficient management and personnel efficiency.


It is known that the electrical instrument intelligent operation center is based on the original four substations of Fukang Energy, combined with the actual situation, "tailored" system upgrade, to achieve the centralized control of the whole plant's power distribution room, video signal between instrument cabinets, power metering system, high voltage monitoring system, wireless temperature measurement system, insulation monitoring system, distributed control.

"The electrometer intelligent operation center is like a 'clairvoyant', and only one person is needed to grasp the operation of the electrical equipment of the entire chlor-alkali plant." Tian Liang, technician of the electric instrument workshop of the chlor-alkali plant, said that after the intelligent operation center of the electric instrument was built, the staff of the monitoring screen was reduced from 4 people in a class to 1 person, and the staff could put more energy into the inspection work, which greatly reduced the time cost and labor cost.

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It is understood that before the staff measured the temperature in the high voltage system switch cabinet, they had to go to different sites to perform, which was more time-consuming and laborious. "With the deepening application of the temperature remote transmission function in the high voltage system switch cabinet, employees can realize the temperature inside each distribution cabinet 'without leaving home', which will also greatly improve the operation safety." Mechanical power department specialist Zhang Guibing introduced.

Compared with the system control scattered in the past four substations, the electrical instrument intelligent operation center has also added an electrical insulation detection system to monitor the electrical insulation status in real time and realize the preventive maintenance of the insulation performance status of the power system. On the large screen of the intelligent operation center of the electrical instrument, the panoramic display, data penetration, cis control operation, comprehensive error prevention, intelligent alarm and other functions are clear at a glance, which have laid a solid foundation for improving the monitoring strength of electrical equipment, the fineness of equipment management, the degree of production informatization, and the hardness of intelligent support.

In the next step, Fukang Energy will focus on the goal of "safety, quality and efficiency", accelerate the construction of intelligent electrometer, form a large-scale application effect of technical system, comprehensively improve the status perception, safety monitoring and efficient operation and maintenance capabilities of electrometer equipment, and promote the digital transformation and high-quality development of electrometer system.