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Technological innovation promotes the green development of Meike Chemical

Time : 2023-09-28

All along, Zhongtai Meike Chemical has been adhering to green leadership, energy saving and high efficiency, promoting green and low-carbon development in the chemical industry, deepening green chemical industry, and firmly grasping the initiative of high-quality development of BDO industry.

New technologies broaden new ideas, new technologies have new applications. In the green and low-carbon era, the global energy revolution and the trend of carbon neutrality, the company faces great challenges in terms of operating costs and production efficiency. In order to promote pollution reduction, carbon reduction and efficiency increase, the chemical plant replaced the BDO distillation new scraping film evaporator, increased the processing capacity and improved the recovery rate. The environmental benefit is to reduce 1500 tons of efflux organic matter per year, the BDO recovery rate reaches more than 75%, and the recovery of about 1500 tons of BDO products can increase the economic benefit of 15 million yuan per year.


Technological innovation plays an important role in the future energy saving, carbon reduction, cost reduction and efficiency improvement of Meike Chemical, and the promotion of production capacity. Since the beginning of this year, the company has implemented a total of 107 technological transformation projects, of which 17 are environmental benefit technological transformation projects, accounting for 16% of all technological transformation projects, and steadily promoting the safe implementation of projects. Acetylene plant carbon black water recycling to clear liquid pool, carbon black water recycling to save industrial water consumption at the same time, carbon black water recycling to reduce the amount of waste water treatment, this environmental protection project can save 1.385 million yuan per year.

Zhongtai Meike Chemical is committed to building a "green factory without waste and odor", realizing that waste gas does not go to the sky, solid waste does not fall to the ground, and waste water does not leave the factory. In order to continue to improve the efficiency and utilization rate, reduce pollutant emissions, and promote green and low-carbon development, the company continues to increase technological innovation, constantly tap the energy saving potential of demineralized water device sewage reuse, reduce the recycling and treatment of demineralized water wastewater, and reuse the treated water instead of tap water, which can save 1.88 million yuan per year.


"Green is the base color of Meike Chemical's high-quality development, and scientific and technological innovation is the key to our steady and long-term success." In accordance with the development ideas of "solid waste resource utilization, industrial agglomeration, and normal restoration", Zhongtai Meike Chemical achieves comprehensive utilization, providing strong support for the "three unification" of environmental benefits, economic benefits and social benefits; Through "promoting construction by innovation, improving quality by innovation, and striving for excellence", adhere to ecological priority, green development, promote scientific and technological innovation, green development, firmly hold the bottom line of green production, and strive to create a new height of BDO industry development with high level, sufficient color, strong power and excellent quality.