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Xinjiang Zhongtai Group held the Chief Quality Officer (CQO) training

Time : 2023-08-10

On August 7, the Chief Quality Officer (CQO) training organized by Xinjiang Zhongtai Group was successfully started. More than 70 chief quality officers from the subsidiaries of Zhongtai Group and other state-owned enterprises in the autonomous region participated in the training by video. Li Zhanhang, deputy director of Urumqi Market Supervision Bureau, attended the opening ceremony and gave a speech, Wang Lishen, secondary researcher of the development Department of the autonomous Region market Supervision Bureau, and Liu Qi, deputy director of the Quality Supervision Department, attended the opening ceremony and gave special lectures. The training was chaired by Liang Bin, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of Zhongtai Group.


Li Zhanhang pointed out in his speech that quality is the touchstone of enterprise competition, and also the stabilizer for enterprises to base on, and has now become the development gene for enterprises to win. As an important part of the modern enterprise system, the chief quality officer system is of great significance for accelerating the quality improvement action and building a quality power. It is hoped that the participants will take this training as an opportunity to attach great importance to quality management, closely connect with the actual work, actively introduce advanced management models, continuously improve the level of quality management, effectively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and economic innovation, deepen the foundation of high-quality development talents, deeply implement the strategy of strong quality areas, and inject new vitality and make new contributions to the economic and social development of the autonomous region.


During the training, Liang Bin introduced the course arrangement of the training to the students. She said that the training is the key to ensure the effective establishment and implementation of the chief quality officer system of the enterprise, which is conducive to guiding and helping the enterprise to better implement the main responsibility of quality, creating a group of competent, high-quality and professional enterprise senior quality management talent team, and promoting the quality management exchange and experience sharing among enterprises. It is hoped that the trainees will cherish the rare learning opportunities, learn from each other's strengths and make up for their weaknesses, identify their weaknesses, strive to translate the concepts, ideas and inspirations learned into actual work, be good practitioners and promoters of high-quality development, and make every effort to promote the project of strong quality areas and high-quality enterprises to the depth.

It is understood that the training lasted for 5 days, and the training content included the classic case sharing of the chief quality officer of the national enterprise, quality and safety risk management, standardization and quality efficiency, enterprise quality brand building and management. After the completion of all courses, a unified examination will be organized and a chief quality training certificate will be issued to those who pass it, providing a powerful engine for the high-quality economic and social development of Xinjiang.