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Zhongtai Group held a special research symposium on sales system

Time : 2023-08-29

On August 28, Zhongtai Group held a special research symposium on the sales system to systematically understand the basic situation of the sales system of Zhongtai Group, the current development of the sales business of each product, the next step of the work plan, etc. The relevant person in charge of discussion and exchange, listen to opinions and suggestions, and study and promote the planning and construction of the sales management system of products, prices, channels and sales. Wang Pingyang, Party Secretary and Chairman of Zhongtai Group, attended the meeting and made a speech.

Ma Wenyu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Zhongtai Group, Liang Bin and Chen Chen, leaders of Zhongtai Group, attended the meeting.


At the symposium, Chen Yuqiang, Executive Deputy General Manager of Zhongtai Chemical's Chlor-Alkali Sales Corporation; Zhang Binwen, Vice General Manager of Marketing at Meike Chemical; and Hu Xiaodong, Deputy Director of Finance at Zhongtai Textile and Garment Group, provided an analysis and report on the market sales and future development trends of chlor-alkali, BDO, PTA, and textile products.

Wang Pingyang emphasized the need to further enhance the top-level design of the group company's overall sales system, strengthen brand management, optimize sales system construction, categorize different commodities and industries for direct customers and dealers, effectively harness structural forces, collaborate in building Zhongtai Group's brand matrix while achieving steady development and gaining better momentum. To reinforce market research efforts, proactively track and study key customers based on market insights, category opportunities, channel opportunities, and new market trends. Ensure successful penetration of end customers through customer behavior analysis and create comprehensive customer profiles. Utilize effective sales methods. Continuously strengthen sales feedback to determine production decisions based on actual sales data. Guide the group company in adjusting investment and construction plans for real industrial projects as well as transforming production technology according to sales feedback. Enhance market acumen to promptly respond to changes in demand by closely focusing on customer needs and timely adapting production modes to improve industry competitiveness and added value. Further emphasize showcasing production results to boost confidence levels while consistently improving both sales performance and enterprise service quality without wavering from establishing a solid foundation for high-quality development of the real economy.

Wang Pingyang requires that all links of the sales system should be tightly integrated with the "clean button", ensuring a seamless flow, enhancing their comprehensive quality, strictly adhering to the bottom line of clean discipline, and internalizing integrity awareness while externalizing it in practice. It is necessary to firmly implement identification, prevention, and control measures for integrity risks in the marketing business line, effectively embodying a self-revolutionary spirit by introspecting inwardly. The optimization of the dealer system construction should be systematic, objective, and quantifiable through meticulous examination and mutual learning to identify deep-rooted causes of problems and address management loopholes at their source. It is essential to establish a firm understanding that business management must be well-regulated and compliant; therefore solid efforts should be made in basic management while continuously improving system construction for institutionalized and process-oriented management. By doing so, marketing management can be enhanced consistently with an aim to foster a robust atmosphere characterized by cleanliness and entrepreneurial spirit which will contribute towards achieving high-quality sustainable development for the group company.