CPVC Pipe Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA

February 14,2023

CPVC Pipe Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA

You've found the best site to seek for CPVC Pipe Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA. These businesses manufacture piping systems and fittings of the highest caliber for a range of uses.

For plumbing in locations where chemical and heat resistance are important, CPVC is a great option. It works well for fire sprinkler systems as well.

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FlowGuard Plus

The best chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) plumbing system in the world is called FlowGuard Plus. It has a design stress of 2000 PSI, a maximum service temperature of 93 degrees C, and is built to last for 50 years.

A great option for water piping systems because of its high strength, fire resistance, and low maintenance requirements is CPVC pipe. Additionally, CPVC pipes offer durable solutions for hot and cold water applications and fulfill the highest criteria for water quality.

With features like: Fire Safety - Flowguard(tm) pipes and fittings are non-combustible and won't spread flames or smoke like other plastics, FlowGuard Gold CPVC has been created to provide advantages other materials can't equal.

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CPVC pipe is commonly used in fire sprinkler systems. It is available in a variety of sizes and is widely accepted as an alternative to metal pipe.

Along with being resilient, CPVC also has a high level of impact strength and is fire-resistant. Because of this, it's a fantastic option for sprinklers, especially in high-rise structures or those with high ceilings.

However, there are a few crucial aspects to take into account when setting up a CPVC fire sprinkler system. Initially, be sure to adhere to the manufacturer's installation instructions.

Next, bear in mind that CPVC can be harmed when in touch with some building materials. These include PVC-coated floor clamps, grease and cooking oils, rubber and plasticizers, leak detectors, firestops, insulation, spray foams, termiticides, insecticides, coupling lubricants, communication cables, wires, flux, and solder.


In industrial applications, Corzan CPVC piping systems convey strong chemicals without worrying about corrosion. The majority of mineral acids, bases, and salts as well as aliphatic hydrocarbons have no chemical effect on them.

In the water treatment sector, CPVC pipes are crucial because they are sturdy, resilient, and resistant to fire, scale, and pitting. CPVC is a favored material for many applications and is less expensive than metal piping.

A premium selection of lightweight, maintenance-free CPVC fittings from Chemtrol is available to join piping lengths. Since they are thermoplastic, they won't corrode, scale, or pit.

Corzan CPVC valves are designed for rigorous industrial operations like water treatment, petrochemical industries, and chemical processing. Their dependable material is combined with the stringent ISO 9001 Quality Management requirements manufacturing quality control procedures.


A variety of compression fittings are available from Cepex, a CPVC Pipe Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA. These fittings are used in water piping applications. Additionally, the business sells welding rod, valves, and valve boxes.

They manufacture numerous fittings and valves manufactured of Corzan CPVC in a variety of sizes. Their products are intended for use in a variety of industrial processes, including chemical reactions, paper and pulp production, water and wastewater treatment, mining, aerospace, and much more.

PVCand CPVC pipes come in a variety of lengths, wall thicknesses, and diameters. They are capable of handling materials that are corrosive, hot, and under high pressure. They come in stock sizes or can be made to order. They are also available in a range of hues and materials.

Harrison Machine & Plastic Corporation

Harrison Machine & Plastic Corporation manufactures and distributes polymers largely for the industrial industry, where fluid and air handling systems must withstand highly corrosive conditions. It provides Corzan CPVC products, such as drainage and pressure connections, as well as duct air pollution, exhaust, and fume systems, as well as specialized plastic fabrication and machining.

Since 1970, Harrison Machine & Plastic has been in operation. Schedule 40 and schedule 80 fluid handling fittings are produced by this well-known industry leader in thermoplastic air handling HARRISON SUPERDUCT(r) systems for drainage and pressure applications. Distributing pipes, ducts, and fittings made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), nylon, acrylic, kynar, and polypropylene, to name a few, is another function of the company.