Directory of Pvc resin Suppliers & manufacturers in Brazil

February 16,2023

Directory of PVC resin suppliers and Manufacturers in Brazil

Braskem, a major supplier of plastics and petrochemicals in Brazil, has been providing sustainable resins derived from Raizen-produced ethanol for 11 years. It is a significant accomplishment in the fight against climate change and the reduction of the environmental impact of its products.

Brazil's developing plastics industry can benefit from a number of factors, such as readily accessible labor, nearby packaging and equipment providers, booming ethanol production, and bigger domestic petroleum sources than China.

PVC Plastic Sheets come in various sizes and thicknesses (and not shown here, colours). I think this is aka foamed or expanded PVC or PVC foam sheets. As of Jan. 2023 I think I would have to order it on Etsy or Amazon. Brand names include: Sintra, Komatex, Foamex, Palight, and Celtec.


1. Braskem

With its headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Braskem is a major producer of petrochemicals and one of the biggest manufacturers of resins made of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It runs businesses throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Strengthening the entire petrochemical chain by forging tighter, cooperative ties with clients is one of the company's core pillars of strategy. Braskem provides client service in more than 70 nations via commercial offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

The business also emphasizes innovation and sustainability. In recent years, Braskem has introduced biodegradable compounds including sugarcane-derived ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). Today, a variety of industrial uses for this material are accessible, including those in footwear and transportation.

Additionally, Braskem has begun to invest in technology that help achieve the circular economy objective where valuable feedstock for new materials is recovered from difficult-to-recycle plastic trash. The company has said that all five of its US production facilities will be able to produce products that are certified to be circular and bio-attributed.

In Triunfo, RS, Braskem also runs a Technology and Innovation Center. The factory is a top manufacturer of extruded PVC, PE, and PP profiles, which are used in the building, furniture, cooling, and automotive industries. Additionally, the factory created a novel product that blends the qualities of plastic and wood. This product, which is constructed of MDF powder and PVC and was created for the Brazilian market, has a number of benefits including strength, lightweight, and 100% recyclable nature.

2. KraussMaffei Berstorff

One of the top producers of equipment and systems for processing plastics and rubber is KraussMaffei Berstorff, which has three divisions: injection moulding technology, extrusion technology, and reaction process machinery. As a technology partner, we combine our expertise in fundamental business processes with cutting-edge engineering to produce tailored, fully integrated turnkey systems.

Under the KraussMaffei and KraussMaffei Berstorff brands, which span the whole range of injection and reaction moulding technology, the business sells its goods. The Swiss affiliate Netstal is well known as a premier provider of high-precision injection molding equipment.

The company, which has its headquarters in Munich and employs about 4000 people worldwide, was founded in 1931. 140 subsidiaries as well as sales and service agents make up its tightly knit network.

In addition to providing physical foaming, pipe, profile, and sheet extrusion solutions, KraussMaffei Berstorff also produces technical rubbers and intermediates for the manufacture of tires. Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automotive, construction, furniture, and other industries all use these machinery and systems.

For its new profile extrusion line, Fortlev, a Brazilian maker of roofing systems, has chosen KraussMaffei Berstorff. For the production of U-PVC profiles, it has ordered three twin-screw extruders and a whole compounding plant.

A KM-RKW die head, which creates big diameter pipe, is part of the new line. Additionally, a spiral distributor is used to divide the melt stream into separate channels, preventing leaking.

The modular compounding line includes a PLC for temperature control, a cooling device, a blowing agent dosing system, a static mixing device, and a wide extrusion die in addition to the extruder and upstream and downstream equipment. With the use of a monomer resin, a masterbatching agent, and a blowing agent, it may create U-PVC profiles.

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3. Fortlev

Among the top producers of water tanks, pvc pipe fittings, and valves, filters, and custom bolt-together tanks is Fortlev. The business has eight plants spread out across Brazil and its headquarters are in Vitoria.

Using naphtha, ethane/propane, and HLR as feedstock, the company's four petrochemical complexes in Brazil manufacture ethylene and its corresponding co-products, which are then utilized to create thermoplastic resins (PE, PP, and PVC) or sold to outside parties. With imports making up 58% of all naphtha usage in 2Q22, the company is still able to purchase naphtha through supply agreements with foreign providers.

Due to strong domestic demand, the demand for resins in the Brazilian market remained consistent compared to 1Q22. Sales volume decreased (-8%) when compared to 2Q21 for the following reasons: I lower demand for PE; (ii) lower volumes of benzene and gasoline, which are explained by lower product availability for sale given the period's lower utilization rate of petrochemical crackers; and (iii) lower volumes of paraxylene, which are explained by a client's scheduled maintenance shutdown.

The Company also keeps concentrating on projects with advanced stages of development and better chances of producing commercial value. The first advanced recycling facility in Brazil has been finished, and it uses pyrolysis to chemically convert plastic waste into circular feedstock. Additionally, a joint venture agreement has been executed with Terra Circular, whose majority partner has created and implemented novel technology that can transform low-quality plastic into finished goods. With the potential to use the technology in other areas, Braskem will take over as the JV's controlling stakeholder. The Company's Transform for Value (TFV) program includes this effort.

4. SGS

SGS is a multinational organization with a top-tier array of goods and services. It specializes in a variety of technologies, including manufacturing, supply chain, quality control, safety, and environmental management.

SGS performs a range of tests to make sure that goods adhere to legal requirements and satisfy customer requests. To ensure the success of its clients' initiatives, it further offers technical support and consulting services.

Olvex 51, created by SGS Polmeros, is a recent innovation in the area of pvc resins. It is the first biobased plasticizer that can take the place of butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP). The previous petroleum-based plasticizers used in flexible and rigid pvc applications will be replaced by this bio-based plasticizer.

This product can be used in applications involving both flexible and rigid pvc because it is non-toxic, colorless, and odorless. Additionally, it is environmentally beneficial, with significantly lower CO2 emissions than a typical phthalate-based plasticizer.

It is one of the best examples of a sustainable product that may boost a company's environmental credentials and bottom line. It can be found in numerous goods, such as flooring and caulk and sealant solutions for sustainable building, and has the capacity to considerably cut energy and water use.

Brazilian synthetic laminate company Cipatex has been in business for over 53 years. It is renowned for providing high-quality geomembranes and PVC blankets for waterproofing leaching heaps, mineral waste tanks, and evaporation and decantation ponds in the mining industry.

Additionally, the business has a distribution facility in Cerquilho, Brazil, which guarantees prompt product delivery throughout the nation and Latin America. It is one of the most advanced logistics hubs in the country and also stores goods for export.

5. Siamvic

Petrochemical products are produced and supplied by Siamvic Vinythai Public Company Limited under the Siamvic brand for the automotive, building and construction, electrical and electronics, consumer goods, packaging, and healthcare industries. PVC resins, vinyl chloride monomer,Caustic soda, and bio-based epichlorohydrin are some of its products for a variety of uses. The PVC resin produced by the company is used to make blood bags, blister packs, floors, gutters, gutter trim for cars, pipes, valves, and fittings, among other things.

The government's lack of infrastructure investment and the restrained demand are putting pressure on the Brazilian PVC resin market. Although little has been accomplished thus far, the administration of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva aims to invest $100 billion in infrastructure over the next five years.

The largest exporter of PVC resin worldwide is Thailand. In 2022, it shipped 700 cargo to Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, there is a sizable base of PVC resin importers and exporters. It is a significant supplier of PVC resin in Bangladesh, and its resins are utilized in a variety of products, such as blood bags, blister packs, floors, gutters, tarpaulins, pipe, valves, and fittings. It also manufactures a number of additional PVC-based goods, such as films coated with polyvinyl chloride and acetate resins.