Journalist Visits the Factory|New Quality Productivity in the wisdom intelligence factory

February 29,2024

What is the change of new productivity? 

The answer is new science technology, new mode of production and new industrial form. And the core idea is to drive the productivity to a new quality by scientific and technological innovation recent years, the differentiation of development and the survival of the fittest have become more and more obvious. Recently, the reporter walked into the Zhongtai mining and metallurgy, record the "wisdom intelligence factory" in the new quality of productivity.


Zhongtai Mining & Metallurgy Digital Twin Factory Interface

"Zhongtai  Mining and Metallurgy is currently equipped with an intelligent production system, which applies big data and information technology to input relevant parameters into the system for virtual comparison. The system can accurately budget the cost and change value based on the actual situation of the current enterprise, and guide us to formulate corresponding countermeasures." Zhongtai mining and metallurgy production technology division director Luan Huidong introduced to reporters. The intelligent operation MOM system currently being used by Zhongtai Mining & Metallurgy can collect the information system data of the whole park, break the information barrier, establish a data cockpit covering daily and weekly production data, unmanned loadometer management system, forage two-dimensional code system and other functions, forming a tripartite trend of management, manufacturing and operation. Combined with the development of sail soft report, The realization of seamless connection and information sharing between computer and mobile APP has enhanced the awareness of cost reduction and efficiency increase of all staff, and provided decision-making basis for the overall regulation of production and operation of Zhongtai Mining and Metallurgy.

At present, Zhongtai Mining and metallurgy is at full speed, the continuous production of calcium carbide and other raw materials required for the development of enterprises. Thanks to the successful application of the new generation of information technology, the production of Zhongtai Mining and Metallurgy has realized the intelligent collaborative optimization of the whole process, greatly reduced the production cost and further improved the product quality.


Feng Jianjun, assistant to the director of Zhongtai Mining and Metallurgy Electric Stone Plant, introduces the construction of the intelligent safety control platform to the reporter

With the "support" of the new generation of information technology, in Zhongtai Mining and Metallurgy, the choice of raw materials, how to formulate processing products and other decisions closely related to production efficiency and production objectives can be found with the help of the "analysis" of digital intelligence system.

In recent years, through the establishment of various prediction and optimization models, Zhongtai Mining and Metallurgy has created an optimization platform for the whole production process, constantly improving the real-time perception ability, mechanism analysis ability, model prediction ability and optimization coordination ability of each link of production, thus increasing labor productivity by more than 10% and maintaining 100% pass rate of product quality. The processing loss rate, operating cost and energy consumption were reduced by 0.09%, 2.2% and 2%, respectively.

"The newly added module is closely related to your work. I hope you can make suggestions and suggestions according to the actual work..." When the reporter went to Zhongtai Mining and Metallurgical calcium carbide factory, Feng Jianjun, assistant director of the factory, was organizing each production system to hold a meeting of the second phase of the intelligent safety control platform to add modules. He told reporters that the intelligent safety control platform jointly developed by Zhongtai Mining and Metallurgy has completed the construction of the first phase, and has successively completed the development and application of 20 modules such as dual prevention management, hazardous operation management, safety production responsibility system, contractor management, major hazard management, occupational health management, training and education. The second phase of 10 modules is also on track.

The intelligent safety control platform displays all safety production data in macro real-time, and can view the information at any time by selecting the target. It also has the early warning function of abnormal data, which can carry out real-time monitoring of dangerous operations on site and dynamically track hidden dangers management in real time, comprehensively improving the level of on-site safety control. At the same time, Zhongtai Mining and Metallurgy has independently developed the "Whole process control Project of smart twin Factory" based on digital twin technology, which can efficiently integrate data through three-dimensional pictures and accurately and intuitively display production operation status and equipment structure. When an abnormal condition occurs in the device, the digital twin system can help the operator quickly find the root cause of the problem and avoid the old backward mode of "fault judgment by experience".

"Zhongtai Mining and Metallurgy is also committed to digital, networked and intelligent manufacturing as an important means of organic integration of various management elements of the enterprise and an important support for collaborative interaction, smooth data sharing, and promote management and business reform." Zhongtai Mining and metallurgy Party Committee deputy secretary, general manager He Lihai said.

In recent years, Zhongtai Mining and Metallurgy has carried out the construction of digital-intelligent factories in various business fields such as operation and management, production and operation, safety and environmental protection, equipment management and IT infrastructure, and issued the enterprise-level intelligent factory standard and specification system. It has successively built ten smart platforms, including smart Party construction platform, smart safety management platform, smart labor union system, smart team construction system, smart operation MOM system, intelligent control system, smart equipment management system, three-dimensional visualization intelligent warehouse construction, and smart education platform. The intelligent factory architecture of device digitalization, high-speed network, data standardization, application integration and real-time perception has been built. The automatic collection rate of production data reaches 95%, and the automatic and semi-automatic control rate of equipment reaches more than 50%. A digital-intelligent transformation road suitable for calcium carbide industry has been explored, laying a solid foundation for the enterprise to achieve high-quality development.