Manufacturers of cpvc resin and Suppliers of cpvc resin

May 21,2023

Cpvc Resin Manufacturers and Suppliers

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) is a synthetic plastic material widely utilized in the production of pipes, pipe liners, and structural elements. It is also resistant to chemicals and has a high heat resistance.

Plastic can be formed into a wide range of forms and sizes via injection, extrusion, rolling, and pressing. It's a great choice for commercial plumbing, chemical processing, and mineral mining.


Grasim Industries Ltd.

Grasim Industries Ltd. is an Indian conglomerate that makes and sells chemicals, cement, textiles, and insulation. It is the Aditya Birla Group's flagship firm. Its main products are viscose staple fiber (VSF), Caustic soda, and cement.

Grasim, founded in 1947, has grown to become one of India's largest private sector enterprises. It is a leading global manufacturer of viscose staple fiber, as well as one of the country's top chemical (Chlor-Alkalis) and cement makers, with these two industries accounting for more than 90% of its income.

VSF is made by the company using wood pulp and yarn. Its Chemicals division provides caustic soda, related chemicals, and epoxy. Its Cement division manufactures grey and white cement.

It also offers non-bank financial services such as life insurance, home finance, equities and commodity brokerage, general insurance advice services, and health insurance. With its headquarters in Mumbai, the company has a strong presence throughout the country.

Grasim, which was founded in 1947, is the flagship firm of the Aditya Birla group and is traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Its business is divided on four segments: viscose, chemicals, cement, and financial services.

Grasim Industries' Viscose Staple Fibre division manufactures wood pulp and viscose filament yarn. The Chemicals business largely manufactures caustic soda and related chemicals, whereas the Cement segment manufactures grey cement, white cement, and related products.

Grasim also manufactures dissolving pulp and has a joint venture with Tembec in Canada. The company has a presence in several nations, with India generating the most revenue.

As a market leader, Grasim is dedicated to delivering long-term value for its employees, 262,600+ shareholders, society, and consumers. Grasim is concentrating on numerous areas to achieve this, including environmental sustainability and employee involvement.

Grasim is the world's largest producer of viscose staple fiber and the world's second largest producer of caustic soda. Its businesses, which include Ultra Tech Cement and Aditya Birla Capital, are among the top cement producers and financial service providers in India (NBFCs, Asset Management and Life Insurance). Grasim, in addition to VSF, is a major producer of caustic soda and linen fabric.


Lubrizol Advanced Materials

Lubrizol Advanced Materials, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is a polymer chemistry pioneer. They manufacture and distribute chemicals that increase the performance, compatibility, reliability, and efficacy of products in a wide range of industries. The Company is the originator and market leader in chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) resins and compounds, as well as CPVC components. Lubricants, fluid diagnostics, medicinal compounds, performance coatings, and food hydrocolloids are also available.

The company operates a number of production plants around the world, including locations in the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The corporation employs about 8,300 people and earns approximately $6.5 billion in yearly revenue.

Lubrizol Advanced Materials, founded in 1959, is the world's leading producer of CPVC resins and CPVC compounds. Their TempRite Engineered Polymers product line uses CPVC in a range of applications, including hot and cold water plumbing, fire sprinkler systems, and other applications that demand high levels of safety and durability.

They provide a wide range of Chloride pvc resin  and compounds, including a variety of molecular weights and chlorine concentrations, allowing manufacturers to incorporate CPVC's inherent benefits into their product designs. These materials are suitable for a variety of part manufacturing methods, including extrusion, injection molding, thermoforming, and compression molding.

Abrasion resistance is one of the most essential characteristics that manufacturers strive for in a CPVC material. CPVC is a tough, robust plastic that can withstand a wide range of abrasion conditions and is perfect for use in plumbing systems.

Another notable advantage of CPVC over other plastics is its potential to be employed for lightweight applications. This is because it is an amorphous thermoplastic with extremely minimal mold shrinkage. It is also incredibly flexible and can be moulded and formed into a variety of shapes.

Lubrizol, the world's leading maker of cpvc resin, is devoted to providing their employees with great health and benefits. Furthermore, they are committed to improving environmental, social governance, and ethics performance for the benefit of their employees, the communities in which they operate, and society as a whole.

Lubrizol is a firm dedicated to helping people Live Better by producing high-quality products that tackle some of the world's most difficult problems. They have a long history of employing best practices that optimize environmental, social governance, and ethical performance while reducing detrimental consequences on nature's ecosystems.

Sekisui Chemical

Sekisui Chemical is a maker of high-performance plastics and other materials used in drainage pipes, bathtubs, and other uses. It also provides high-performance plastic films, tapes, and sheets for use in a number of other industrial products.

The company's product portfolio includes CPVC resin, which is white and odorless. The resin is a heat-resistant polymer that may be put to plastic pipes that carry hot water to houses and other applications.

Chlorine is added to PVC to produce CPVC resin. The resin becomes highly heat-resistant after chlorination, and a variety of other properties improve. This allows the resin to be employed in a variety of industries and applications, including transportation and electronics.

Sekisui Chemical's CPVC business sector manufactures and distributes not only resins, but also compound products that can be utilized directly in molding applications. This includes CPVC-HA, a better heat-resistant PVC resin with superior performance and lower flammability, as well as a wide range of other CPVC compounds for usage in a number of applications.

These compounds are the result of years of expertise and technical aptitude. They are intended to meet the performance and quality standards of both Lubrizol and Sekisui resins.

Sekisui manufactures very thermally stable CPVC using its proprietary chlorination method. These compounds can withstand high temperatures, making them robust and easy to mold.

Sekisui finished building a $50 million CPVC facility in Thailand in 2015. The plant will produce 30,000 metric tons of CPVC resin per year and is projected to boost its worldwide manufacturing capability in the Asia-Pacific area.

Sekisui Chemical used Aconex's cloud-based project management technology to monitor all areas of the process and ensure that every detail is followed while developing the Thailand plant. The Aconex platform enables engineers to effortlessly track a wide range of data and communicate with one another in real time.

The company's cpvc resin is a dependable and adaptable product that is used to construct high-performance pipes and other materials. It can endure high temperature variations and is frequently utilized in plumbing systems for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.

Corzan Industrial Systems

Corzan Industrial Systems is a producer of long-lasting CPVC pipe, sheet, duct, and fittings for the water and wastewater treatment industries, offering long service life, minimal downtime, and exceptional corrosion resistance. It supports a wide range of connecting methods, including solvent welding, threaded connectors, and mechanical connections.

CPVC is a form of plastic that has been chlorine-treated to make it highly resistant to heat, acids, alkalis, and alcohols. It is also fire resistant and has many other distinguishing characteristics that make it an excellent choice for commercial and industrial applications.

As a result, CPVC pipe is a popular choice in chemical processing plants. These facilities frequently employ strong chemicals and liquids that other pipe systems cannot withstand. Its chemical resistance ensures that the material is free of corrosion and rust, which can reduce process efficiency.

Depending on the geometry of the product, Chloride PVC pipe and fittings used in these industries can be manufactured via extrusion or injection molding. Melting the CPVC compound, injecting it into the mold, and then allowing it to flow around the center of the mold until it reaches its finished shape is the process of injection molding.

These items are then tested to confirm that they meet the psi requirements. The burst pressure test involves compressing the CPVC with two parallel plates until it is 40% of its outside diameter, at which point it should return to its original shape.

The CPVC is also checked for cracks and other damage that may have happened during production during this testing. After passing the burst pressure test, the pipe can be transported to the customer.

Corzan CPVC is a piping system with a 60-year track record of success in demanding industrial applications worldwide. Its superior property balance, which includes exceptional hydraulic capabilities, enables it to tackle the difficulties of a variety of plant operations, enhancing reliability and confidence while lowering capital and life-cycle costs.

Lubrizol Advanced Materials, the world leader in chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) resins and compounds for plumbing and industrial piping, manufactures Corzan CPVC. Its products are used in a wide range of applications, including plumbing, fire sprinkler, and industrial pipe.