PVC Pipe Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA

April 10,2023

pvc pipe Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA

A variety of plastic pipes, plastic fittings for plastic pipe, and unlaminated plastic profile shapes are produced by the US Plastic Pipe and Parts Manufacturing industry. Plastic plumbing fixtures, plastic packaging, and hose fixtures are not included in this industry.

pvc pipes are strong and resilient. They can also be recycled and are environmentally beneficial. Many residential and commercial water and sewer systems prefer using them since they are also simple to build and maintain.

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Special Service Plastic Company

The business operates out of a massive 200,000 square foot building in Charlotte, North Carolina. Doug Allison, a well-known corporate innovator and a longtime industry veteran, is the creator of Special Service Plastic. The business generated $5.3 million in revenue during the previous fiscal year. Unsurprisingly, over the years, a number of well-known clients, such as Apple and Samsung, have come through their door. The business claims to be the biggest of its sort in the state and employs 24 people. The business focuses in manufacturing and offers a wide range of goods and services. In the end, it is a business with a clear objective to offer its clients the finest service possible at a cost that is just and acceptable. The business serves a big international consumer base. The business has a dedicated support staff to help with the unique demands of each of its clients.

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C & S Plastics

Plumbing, drainage, water, and gas handling applications can use a variety of pipe materials from C & S Plastics. pvc material, CPVC, and HDPE pipes are a few of these.

According to global sizing standards, these pvc pvc pipes are produced in a wide range of wall thicknesses, lengths, and diameters. Due to their total corrosion resistance, they are a well-liked choice for drain, sewage, and electrical applications.

The producer also produces pvc pipe fittings and valves for equipment used in the management of liquids. These come in a variety of sizes and come with a complete array of sanitary fittings, tees, and adaptors. Additionally, they are produced to satisfy a broad range of industry and application criteria.

Stainless steel is another preferred substance for plumbing. This metal is incredibly durable and has a long corrosion-resistance lifespan. Its lifespan, however, may be shortened by environmental stresses such soil chemistry and weather exposure.

As a result, your plumbing may need to be replaced earlier than if pvc products were used. Additionally, stainless steel replacement is substantially more expensive.

As an illustration, stainless steel is only expected to last 25 years, whereas a single PVC metering line may last 100 years or more. PVC does not experience the environmental stresses of rusting and pitting that might harm stainless steel, which accounts for the difference.

Contrary to popular belief, plastic pipe and fittings are just as tough and long-lasting as metal ones like stainless steel. PVC pipe and fittings can actually be more resilient than its alternatives to a number of environmental stressors, such as corrosive water interaction, rust, and support for microbial growth.

Similar to this, a piping material's capacity for thermal insulation and resistance to electrical conductivity can also influence how long it lasts. As a result, PVC pipe and fittings are better suited for applications that need the transportation of an electric current or may be exposed to temperature variations.

Additionally, installing PVC piping is simpler than stainless steel pipes. Because of this, they are better suited for usage in industrial situations with significant vibration and shock potential. They are also a better choice for various uses in terms of the environment.

Available Plastics

PVC pipe and pvc tube are Available Plastics' primary product lines. The organization provides a range of colors and sizes. Additionally, it offers 24/7 services and a sizable inventory.

Construction, manufacturing, and the automotive industries are just a few of the many sectors the organization supports. Its products are appropriate for plumbing and electrical wiring applications.

Springfield Plastics creates plastic pipe products for the highway, business, residential, and agricultural markets. Because of the quality and consistency of its products, which are produced of virgin resin, customers can feel secure.

Custom extruded and manufactured pipe and tube manufacturer. Thermoplastics, ABS, high density polyethylene, and polypropylene are available as possibilities for materials. The company includes a full complement of bending, cutting, and assembly capabilities in addition to 22 extrusion machines.

The business, which has its corporate office in Auburn, Illinois, produces goods for the roadway, commercial, and agricultural markets. Internal joint restraint, single wall, and double wall PVC pipes are among its offerings.

In the US, Charlotte Pipe and Foundry operates 7 industrial facilities. PVC and hdpe plastic pipe and fittings for irrigation, plumbing, sewage, and water systems are among its products.

UPVC pressure pipes that meet the majority of international standards are supplied by National Plastic. According to the standard, the pipes are produced in a variety of sizes and specifications and have full printing and identification at 1m intervals.

For pressured liquids up to 90 degrees Celsius, CPVC is excellent and utilized for both hot and cold water. A variety of insert electrofusion, butt welded, and compression fittings are available to suit the pipe system, and the pipes are available in ASTM or Metric / ISO dimensions.

polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins, vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), and its precursor, ethylene dichloride, are produced by OxyChem, a branch of Occidental (EDC). It has worldwide locations in Chile and Canada and owns and runs 22 manufacturing facilities across the United States.

In the USA, JM Eagle is a prominent producer of PVC and HDPE pipe and fittings. In North America, it owns and runs 22 manufacturing plants that cater to a variety of sectors.

On its products, the business provides a 50-year warranty. In order to satisfy consumer needs, it also carries a wide range of materials and designs. Its goods are approved as non-toxic, halogen-free, and free of asbestos, lead, and mercury.

Colonial Teltek

Colonial Teltek is a family-run company with 18 local branch offices. It is the country's top provider of PVC pipes and fittings in the SCH 40 and SCH 80 grades. Their products offer unmatched strength, flexibility, and durability while being constructed to resist the extremes of the outdoors. They are known for providing top-notch goods supported by outstanding customer support.

The business specializes in producing polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) materials for a variety of industries, including telecommunications, irrigation, drainage, and sanitary sewage systems, as well as plumbing, electric, and natural gas. They can supply pipe and fittings solutions on schedule and within budget, making them a reliable source. They provide their consumers across the nation the newest technology.