PVC SG5 Zhongtai brand

July 03,2023

PVC SG5 Zhongtai Brand


pvc resin with exceptional properties, the PVC SG5 Zhongtai brand may be produced into a variety of products using injection molding, extrusion, calendering, and other techniques. It is very insulating, has strong physical qualities, and is chemically resistant. A vast range of products can be made with it, including plastic pipes and fittings, shoe soles, advertising light boxes, and interiors for cars and homes. A wide range of domestic and commercial products, including containers, hard objects, films, packaging, and electrical equipment, can also be made using it.

With varied degrees of softness, tensile strength, and hardness, it can be polymerized to create a wide range of plastic items. It is cold resistant, elongates upon break, and is flexible well.

Its molecular weight is typically 50000 110000, and its branching degree is 590 1500. It melts into glass at around 77 to 90 °C, and it starts to break down at about 170 °C. With prolonged exposure to heat and light, its physical and mechanical qualities progressively deteriorate. It needs to be stabilized to prevent deterioration and damage because it is vulnerable to autocatalytic degradation.

A chain growth agent or crosslinking agent can be added to the polymer to enhance its chemical characteristics. The resultant resin can then be treated further to create stiff or flexible PVC products. Particularly exceptional are its insulating, moisture-proof, and oil-resistant qualities.

Numerous products, including sporting goods and duffel bags, can be made with it. Additionally, it can be utilized to create belts and outfits for specialized safety gear.

zhongtai chemical pvc resin is a multipurpose, high-molecular polymer manufactured from vinyl chloride monomer suspended in a solvent. (CH2 - CHCl) n - is the formula for the molecule (N: degree of polymerization). Under the influence of free radicals, it can be polymerized by peroxide, an azo molecule, or other initiators.

It is a white powder that may be turned into plastic products through molding, laminating, injection molding, extrusion, and calendering to create different types of thermoplastics. It is a flexible and widely used plastic with exceptional qualities like an abundance of raw ingredients, developed manufacturing technology, and a low cost. It is mostly utilized in manufacturing, building, agriculture, daily living, packaging, and public utilities.

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You might be surprised to learn that the PVC resin sg5 Zhongtai brand also plays a significant role in the telecommunications sector. The brand is well recognized for its contributions to the building and construction industries. In reality, the business has one of the highest production capacities in its industry. The business offers packaging, shipping, and pvc resin solutions under one roof. The business has an excellent track record for quality and innovation, as well as a strong reputation for customer service.


Polyvinyl chloride, often known as PVC resin SG5 Zhongtai brand, is one of the most adaptable plastics with a variety of end use applications. Excellent plasticizing and flow characteristics, clarity, electrical performance, and chemical resistance are only a few of its many distinctive qualities. It is a well-liked option for many uses, including packaging and building.

High thermal stability, good resistance to intense sulfuric, hydrochloric, and nitric acids, as well as good mechanical strength and insulating properties, are all characteristics of PVC SG5 Zhongtai. Additionally, because it can withstand UV light, it is a sustainable option. It can be used to create vacuum blister packaging, thin-walled transparent containers, and other things. It works well for producing foam sandals, slippers, and shock-absorbing packing materials. It may also be molded into low-foaming rigid PVC plates and profiles because to its excellent adhesive characteristics. This material, which is still relatively new, has a very high growth potential in China.




The PVC SG5 Zhongtai brand uses cutting-edge machinery and a robust safety management system. Production facilities for the company are situated in Xinjiang and are subject to stringent environmental protection regulations. The business upholds the ideals of seeking quality and producing money while also giving consideration to consumer needs. It continuously enhances product quality to guarantee quality of products such as PVC resin sg3 and customer happiness, and actively engages with customers to understand their needs and promptly address their concerns in order to offer one-stop services.

zhongtai pvc SG5 is highly resistant to chemicals, including concentrated hydrochloric acid with a concentration of 90% or less, sulfuric acid with a concentration of 50% to 60%, nitric acid with a concentration of 20% or less, and Caustic soda solution with a concentration of 5% or less. It also has good flame retardant properties (flame retardant value above 40). It is extensively utilized in a variety of applications, including light industry, construction, agriculture, daily living, packaging, and public utilities.