Pvc Resin K67 manufacturers & suppliers

February 06,2023

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Pvc Resin K67

Pvc resin is one of the most often used plastics. It is utilized in a multitude of applications such as roofing, siding, plumbing, and others.

It is classified into two types: rigid and flexible. Pipe and profile applications require the stiff shape. By adding plasticizers, it can be made softer and more flexible. Phthalates are among them.

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Redwood Plastics and Rubber

Redwood Plastics and Rubber has been working directly with customers to develop answers to a wide range of problems since 1971. They mold, machine, and construct a wide range of high-quality, specialized components that boost output, reduce downtime, save money, and improve safety.

The company produces a comprehensive range of industrial plastic grades and varieties in sheet, rod, tube, and stocked shapes, as well as custom molded and fabricated parts. In addition, they offer milling, turning, waterjet cutting, forming, and urethane molding services.

Pvc polyvinyl chloride, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), high impact polystyrene (HIPS), polypropylene (PP), and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resins and styrene-acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymers are preferred extrudable thermoplastic resins used as the substrate layer in the present invention.

According to the present invention, the capstock layer can be a PVC/WF blend containing 40 to 55 weight percent of at least one PVC resin, 0.5 to 1.5 weight percent of at least one thermal stabilizer, 1.5 to 3 weight percent of at least one lubricant, 5 to 10 weight percent of at least one high polymer processing aid, 34 to 52 weight percent of at least one wood flour, and up to 3 weight percent of at least one blowing agent.

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National Plastics & Seals

National Plastics & Seals is a custom manufacturer and supplier of pvc material in sheets, rods, and tubes. The company services the aerospace, agriculture, food packaging, and medical industries.

PVC is a polymer resin with qualities that make it appropriate for the manufacture of a wide range of items. It is very resistant to chemicals and corrosion and can endure temperature changes, water exposure, and UV radiation.

PVC has an appealing appearance in addition to its chemical resistance. It is available in a range of colors and can be used for merchandising, signage, and other purposes.

A PVC Resin K67 maker may choose to put a variety of additives into its products. Some of the most common materials are phenolic, epoxy, and silicone.

Modifiers, stabilizers, and other additions can help ensure that the material has the proper properties for its intended application. A coating can also improve its appearance and protect it from damage. Some manufacturers may even add UV protection to their PVC products. This can protect the materials from solar damage and lower their cost.

Meyer Plastics

Meyer Plastics, founded in 1950, creates and manufactures a wide range of plastic products for commercial and industrial clients. It sells sheet, rod, and tube goods, as well as rubber molds, adhesives, sealants, tapes and lubricants, and sprays, cleansers, and polishes.

The company's PVC resin is utilized in a range of applications, including chemical pipe, water pipe, packaging film, windows and doors, plastic carpet, ceiling, sanitary fitting, leatheroid, and so on. It also has good dielectric qualities, strong mechanical strength, low moisture absorption, and chemical resistance.

SG-5, SG-3, and SG-8 have high hardness and strength and are widely utilized in rigid plate, gramophone record, value and welding rods, pipes, fittings, panels, calendaring, and injection. Its SG8 is also employed in hard tubes, filament sleeving shaped material, and soft products such as hoses and leathers.

Meyer Plastics, based in Indianapolis, IN, provides a diverse range of plastic, acrylic, and rubber products. It also provides cutting, routing, and finishing services. Its clients include industrial machinery, POP displays, glass housing, medical, sports, plastic & tool fabricators, transportation, marine, and material handling industries.


Manufacturers and suppliers of Pvc Resin K67 have a wide range of alternatives available, ranging from basic engineering plastics to high-performance materials. These are frequently required to suit the demands of various industries and applications.

A corporation in the oil and gas industry, for example, will want a material that can endure a wide range of temperatures, chemicals, and load requirements. They might also require a material that is resistant to corrosion and friction.

Polypropylene twinwall - corrugated plastic is employed in many of the most common materials used in these applications. Because it is lightweight and durable, it is ideal for countertop templates, concrete molds, and temporary floor coverings.

Its color and texture diversity makes it well-suited for design in the vehicle manufacturing business as well, as it can be used to create numerous parts, housings, modules, fabricated products, and more. It is also simple to mold, has a high strength, fire rating, and smoke / flame resistance, and is very configurable in width and thickness.

Machine shops deal with a wide range of metals, but they also require a diverse range of plastics. Fortunately, Polymershapes Cincinnati offers all of the polymers they require at convenient local warehouses.

Sylvin Technologies

Sylvin Technologies is a PVC resin enthusiast manufacturer and supplier. They provide a wide range of items ideal for everything from window seals to power supply connections, and the best part is that their customer service is excellent. They also have a good track record for quality and on-time delivery. They are a family-owned and maintained business with a reputation for quality that is well worth the price. They have a large assortment of high-end plastics and the best pricing in town. The Sylvin SmartFlex, a novel polymer that claims to increase the performance of your existing elastomers, is one of their newest additions. It's an excellent approach to reduce the cost of your existing products without sacrificing your brand or bottom line.

Industrial Plastic Supply

PVC resins in sheets, rods, and tubular shapes are manufactured and supplied by Industrial Plastic Supply. Construction, chemical processing, automotive, healthcare, household, and packaging are among the industries that employ their products.

It is essential to choose a plastics distributor who is a suitable fit for your business. You want a financially sound corporation with a strong value system.

You should also look for a company that offers in-house technical assistance, as well as professionals who can assist you with difficult material selection, design, and failure analysis challenges. These professionals can provide quick answers to your questions, saving you time searching for them on your own.

Aside from these fundamental standards, it is critical to choose a plastics distributor who is a member of the Equipment Manufacturing and Mold Making Council (EMMC). This is an industry council that assists moldmakers and producers of plastics machinery and equipment in receiving the necessary support on a timely basis. Before making any purchases or decisions about your next project, check for companies that are members of EMMC.

New Process Fibre Company

Since 1927, the New Process Fibre Company has been in the plastic fabrication business. It specializes in the production of high-quality teflon, nylon, plastic, and fiber products. It also provides extrusion and slitting services, non-metallic stamping, and tool and die fabrication.

PVC resin K67 is used by producers for soft or flexible PVC goods such as extruded soft tubing, profiles and sheeting, thin calendared sheets, and so on. For stiffer PVC compounds, they can be made using a suspension PVC resin or a thermoplastic resin.

This PVC resin has a larger porosity than conventional PVC resins, allowing it to absorb more polar chemicals. This boosts the plastic's strength and flexibility.

It can also be used with additives like waxes and polymers. These compounds are used to make PVC more flexible, improve performance, and lower prices.

Some plasticizers, such as paraffin, have low softening points and can harm a PVC compound's mechanical qualities. This is especially true for materials used in pipe and profile extrusion. It also increases the number of product failures and compensation claims. When selecting a PVC filler, these aspects must be taken into account.

Emco Industrial Plastics

Manufacturers and suppliers of Pvc Resin K67 offer high-quality materials that may be used in a range of industries. These materials have dielectric characteristics, low moisture absorption, and are corrosion resistant.

The resin is also fire resistant and long-lasting. It is also resistant to grease and chemicals, making it perfect for industrial uses.

Emco Industrial Plastics fabricates and machines components for a wide range of industries. Advanced CNC machining, plastic welding, solvent/adhesive bonding, and ancillary operations like as drilling and tapping, engraving, and complete assembly services are among its manufacturing methods.

They also provide a wide range of polymers, including Delrin, Vespel, Torlon, Techtron, Rulon, Acetal, PEEK, Ultem, Polysulfone, Fluorosint, and Noryl. These items come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

They also provide fabrication services such as precision cutting, line bending, oven bending, vacuum shaping, and saw-cutting. These services are intended to assist businesses in saving time and money when manufacturing their products. They also provide technical support and engineering aid, which is critical for developing safe and efficient goods.