Sodium Hydroxide Manufacturers and Suppliers in Canada

February 10,2023

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Sodium Hydroxide in Canada

Sodium Hydroxide is a frequent ingredient in soap production (cold process soap, saponification).

It is also employed in numerous industrial processes. Manufacturing rayon, spandex, explosives, epoxy resins, resin plastic and paints are among them.

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Sodium Hydroxide Manufacturers

Sodium Hydroxide is a powerful base that is used in the production of soaps, detergents, paper, and textiles. It comes in a white solid packaging.

It's also in drain cleaners, where it dissolves fats and grease and hydrolyzes proteins that clog pipes. In water treatment plants, sodium hydroxide is also utilized to adjust pH levels.

When handled poorly, it is a caustic chemical that can inflict burns to the skin and eyes. This is why employees should wear protective gloves, long sleeves, and closed footwear.

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Sodium Hydroxide Suppliers

Sodium hydroxide, sometimes known as caustic soda lye, is an ubiquitous component in soaps, detergents, and oven cleansers. It's also useful in laboratories for chemical titrations and other acid-base processes. It is not harmful, but it can be deadly if not handled properly.

Fortunately, by exploring our list below, you may find some of the greatest lye or sodium hydroxide vendors in Canada. We have many alternatives to pick from, including:

Sodium Hydroxide is available in flakes, pellets, and granules. It is ideal for laboratory titrations since it is straightforward to measure and may be used to estimate acid and base concentrations. It's not for the faint of heart, though; it's caustic and should be kept in a location where it won't be destroyed or where there aren't many little children. You should also be advised that it is a class VIII hazardous material, which means it can only be sent via ground.

Sodium Hydroxide Exporters

Many industrial uses rely on sodium hydroxide. Its applications include the production of a wide range of consumer and industrial goods. It can be found in everything from cleaning supplies to lubricants and adhesives in the commercial sector. It is also employed in a variety of industrial activities, including as chemical processing and manufacturing. Sodium hydroxide is a great electrical conductor and can dissolve other chemicals such as water and methanol. It is also a good heat conductor and can be used to produce hydrogen. It has numerous applications, but it is still the most common chemical in many household cleansers. As a result, it is no surprise that Canada has one of the world's largest domestic markets for this chemical.

Sodium Hydroxide Producers

In Canada, sodium hydroxide naoh manufacturers and suppliers offer a variety of products, including soaps and detergents. Sodium hydroxide is more commonly used to manufacture hard bar soap than potassium hydroxide, which is used to make liquid soap.

It is also used to purify bauxite ore, which is used in the Bayer process to obtain aluminum metal. It is also used to adjust pH in water treatment plants.

Furthermore, sodium hydroxide is used in various cement mix plasticisers to assist homogenize cement mixes, reduce the quantity of water required, and improve the workability of cement products such as mortar, render, or concrete.

Sodium Hydroxide is caustic and can cause eye, throat, and skin irritation. It can potentially seriously harm the respiratory tract. Human case reports have described severe corrosive responses of the lungs, such as difficulties breathing and a pneumothorax (lung collapse). Medical intervention can reverse these consequences. It may also harm the kidneys and liver.