Sodium Hydroxide Manufacturers and Suppliers in Germany

March 02,2023

Manufacturers and suppliers of sodium hydroxide in Germany

Sodium hydroxide, widely known as lye and Caustic soda, is an inorganic ionic chemical. It is extensively utilized as a base in a variety of industries and applications.

Sodium hydroxide is used in acid neutralization, bleaching of paper and cotton processing, petroleum refining, the synthesis of alumina from bauxite, the fabrication of synthetic fibers such as viscose, and the production of soap and detergent.

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Product Description

Sodium hydrooxide is an alkaline base that is employed in numerous formulations to adjust the pH of a product. It's also an excellent basis for cleaning and removing oil from metals like stainless steel.

Sodium hydroxide is produced by electrolyzing an aqueous solution of salt water (NaCl) during the production process (NaOH). This chemical can be manufactured at concentrations of up to 50% and marketed as flakes or solids.

It is a strong base that forms salts when it reacts with a variety of metals and nonmetals. Phosphorus, for example, produces sodium hypophosphite, and silicon produces sodium silicate.

It is a strong alkaline substance that is extremely caustic to the skin and eyes. As a result, it should be handled with caution. It may also breakdown proteins and lipids in the body. This could result in chemical burns and long-term blindness. As a result, it is critical to wear gloves and protective clothes. It should also be kept away from water sources.


Sodium Hydroxide is a widely used strong base in industry. Because it is less expensive and easier to handle, it is most typically handled as an aqueous solution.

It is used as a raw ingredient in several industries, including chemical synthesis, drinking water, and detergents. In 1998, global production was estimated to be around 45 million tonnes.

Sodium hydroxide is used as a drilling mud addition in the petroleum industry to promote alkalinity in bentonite mud systems and to neutralize any acid gas encountered during drilling.

In the Bayer process, sodium hydroxide is also used to create alumina (aluminium oxide) from bauxite. It is also used as a transesterification catalyst in the manufacturing of biodiesel. It is also a key element in drain cleaners, which turn clogging fats and grease into soap that dissolves in water.

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Manufacturers and suppliers of sodium hydroxide in Germany

The German chemical sector continues to be a major producer and exporter of chemicals throughout Europe. It is a significant source of money and employment for the country.

It is used in the production of a wide range of items, including paper, disinfectants, pharmaceuticals, and plastics. It is also involved in the creation of hydrogen.

Sodium hydroxide is also employed in the purification of bauxite ore, from which aluminium metal is produced via the Bayer process. Amphoteric metals dissolve in concentrated solutions of sodium hydroxide to create alumina and other compounds in this process.

Sodium hydroxide is caustic to living tissues, can produce chemical burns, and can be lethal if inhaled or eaten. As a result, protection equipment such as rubber gloves and safety clothes should be worn when handling the substance or its solutions.


Sodium Hydroxide (naoh), sometimes known as caustic soda, is a frequently used chemical in industry. It is a combustible, white crystalline substance that can be found in products ranging from laundry detergent to explosives.

Despite its numerous applications, finding a dependable provider for this product is not always straightforward. The good news is that several German companies specialize in supplying this substance. You can identify these manufacturers by running a simple keyword search on the internet, and you should be able to find a suitable source in no time.

A simple web search with terms like "Sodium Hydroxide," "Sodium Oxide," or "Caustic Soda," or similar combinations of those words, is the easiest approach to identify a supplier in your area. This will provide you a list of businesses in your area that can produce and deliver your chosen goods at a reasonable price.