Sodium Hydroxide Manufacturers and Suppliers in Japan

February 10,2023

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Sodium Hydroxide in Japan

Many industries in Japan use sodium hydroxide, including metallurgy, chemical, textile, paper and pulp, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and others. Because it is a potentially hazardous material, it should always be handled with caution.

Sodium hydroxide naoh is a very corrosive solid form of sodium. If it comes into contact with the skin or is inhaled, it can cause serious burns and discomfort.

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Tokuyama Corporation is a chemical, speciality product, and cement manufacturer and distributor. Soda ash, Caustic Soda, silicon goods, vinyl chloride monomer/polymer, fine chemicals, film products, medicinal materials, methylene chloride, chloroform, electronics materials, and cement are among its product offerings.

Sodium hydroxide is a chemical substance that is used in the oil and gas sector to enhance fluid viscosity, increase alkalinity, and neutralize acid gases. It is also used to regulate acidity in water supplies and to remove heavy metals.

Another important business that use Sodium Hydroxide is the paper industry. It is a key agent in the bleaching process and regenerates chemicals used in pulping such as sodium sulfide or white liquor. As a result, it lowers the overall cost of the paper-producing process while simultaneously making the paper recyclable.

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Sodium Hypochlorite

Around the world, sodium hypochlorite, generally known as chlorine bleach, is utilized in a variety of applications. It is a disinfectant found in swimming pools as well as household cleaning products.

It can be used to assist clean up bacteria in water or disinfect surfaces, depending on the strength of the solution. It also serves as a bleaching agent due to its alkali affinity, which allows it to bleach items such as clothing and polymers.

There are several methods for producing sodium hypochlorite. One method is to dissolve salt in softened water, resulting in a concentrated brine solution. This brine is electrolyzed to produce a sodium hypochlorite solution with 150 grams of active chlorine per liter.

Because hydrogen gas is generated during this reaction, it is critical to take measures both before and after the process. The addition of chlorine gas to caustic soda lye can also yield sodium hypochlorite.

Caustic Soda

Caustic Soda is a chemical component that can be found in a range of everyday items. Caustic soda is commonly found in detergents, soap, and aspirin, to mention a few.

It's also utilized in the production of wood and paper. It dissolves cellulose polymers and is a key element in pulp manufacture.

Pellets, flakes, powders, and solutions are all forms of the substance. It is a critical raw element in the production of detergents, soaps, and petrochemicals.

Many suppliers of this commodity supply it to a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, and pulp & paper. You can learn more about a specific provider by visiting the PCC Group Product Portal or contacting us.