TOP 6+ pvc resin k 67 grade suppliers from USA

February 23,2023

Top 6+ PVC Resin K67 Grade Suppliers From USA

PVC resin is a thermoplastic polymer that is produced as a white powder by suspension polymerization. It is employed in the manufacture of numerous plastic goods.

It typically has good electrical insulation, thermoplasticity, solubility, and memory-forming characteristics.

This resin is a general-purpose grade that can be applied to hard objects like pipes and profiles. It is also appropriate for flexible applications where plasticizers can soften it. PVC on the destruction PVC stabilizer process, various mechanisms have been proposed: Thermal oxidative decomposition; absence of oxygen free radicals in a large increase crosslinking; influence of tacticity to PVC stabilizer degradation; photodegradation; oxidation dehydrochlorination;


1. New Process Fibre Company Inc.

Custom producers of thermoplastic extrusions and non-metallic stampings include New Process Fibre Company Inc. Its proprietary teflon-like polymer can be utilized to create a variety of goods, from high-performance medical equipment to light-duty car parts and insulating foam. The business has a prestigious history of designing, producing, and maintaining high-quality tooling. Other capabilities include heat treatment, CAD/CAM, wire EDM, and in-house slitting and extrusion. Major automakers, producers of medical equipment, aerospace and defense companies, as well as producers of consumer goods, are some of its most prestigious clients. Offices and manufacturing facilities for the company are located in Greenwood, DE, and Cedar Grove, NJ, respectively. As we all know, the thermoplastic resin, the mechanical properties of the final product with the polymer melt during the transformation process uniformity closely related. Unlike most other thermoplastic resins, rigid PVC particles due to their inherent structure resulting that it can not be processed directly. It takes a long processing time is continued at high temperature.


2. Emco Industrial Plastics Inc.

Emco Industrial Plastics is a plastic manufacturing company and machine shop. It is located in Cedar Grove, New Jersey.

Emco specializes in providing machined and fabricated plastic parts for a wide range of industries and applications. Their engineering staff can work with you to select the right material for your application and design the components accordingly. They have multiple production methods available for customer specified parts including advanced CNC machining, plastic welding, solvent and adhesive bonding, drilling and tapping; engraving and complete assembly services.

polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a synthetic polymer thermoplastic used in a number of applications and industries. It is a light, durable and versatile material that can be made into both rigid and flexible products. It is primarily used in chemical processing industry, healthcare and packaging applications.

Emco is a leading supplier of PVC sheet, rod, tube and film in North America. It offers an extensive inventory of engineering, high performance and commodity plastics in diverse forms such as Delrin, Vespel, Torlon, Techtron, Rulon, Acetal, PEEK, PVDF, Ultem, Semitron, Macor and Acrylic.

3. Trident Plastics Inc.

Bristol, Pennsylvania-based Trident Plastics is a well-known brand. The business produces three different types of pvc materials: tubes, rods, and pellets. With the previously mentioned DELRIN(r) 570 and a similarly outstanding selection of other esoteric PVC items, the company has an impressive inventory. Additionally, it boasts an unrivaled customer service division and a fabrication shop that is well-stocked. The organization is the go-to supplier for anyone in need of a one-stop solution due to its bewilderingly enormous inventory and unwavering devotion to its consumers and their demands. The trifecta of quality, service, and value distinguishes the business from its rivals in the plastics sector. Its consistent development over the past few years has been attributed to its excellent workforce and first-rate customer service.

4. Applied Plastics Co. Inc.

Founded in 1953, Applied Plastics is a provider of specialty PTFE coatings on wires and metal-based components for the medical device industry. Its primary focus is on the advanced catheter market, according to a press release from private equity firm Vance Street Capital LLC.

Originally established as a family-run business, the company has evolved into a leading provider of lubricious coated components for life-saving medical devices. The company’s growth has been largely driven by its attentiveness to customers’ needs and willingness to listen to them.

For more than 30 years, Applied Plastics has been collaborating with design engineers to understand their devices’ end-use application in order to manufacture PTFE coated components that meet OD, tolerance and performance requirements. This allows AP to offer superior products such as its PTFE Natural(r) coating, which was developed to deliver catheter engineers the best characteristics in durability and lubriciousness.

The average salary for a employee at Applied Plastics is $639,525. Salaries can vary depending on the location, department, and job description. Click the company name to explore salaries at other companies in the same or similar industry.

5. Meyer Plastics Inc.

The company is mainly engaged in Plastics-Raw Mtrls/Powder/Resin-Mfrs.

Meyer Plastics Inc is a company that manufactures and distributes a wide variety of plastic, acrylic and rubber products. Their products include sheet, rods and tubes as well as tapes, sealants, banners, corrugated plastic, digital media, magnetic sheets, art boards, mirrored plastics, polycarbonate sheets, signage and modeling & prototyping material.

They also provide fabrication services for customers. The firm offers CNC machining, milling, turning, waterjet cutting, forming, welding and more. The company serves a variety of industries including material handling, automotive, medical, sports, construction and electronics.

This company offers PVC materials that feature dielectric properties, low moisture absorption and chemical resistance. They also offer custom PVC sheets, rods and tubes in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are a trusted source of materials for industries like food & beverage, semiconductor, electrical, medical and oil & gas. Check out their website for more information. You can also contact them directly to learn more about their products. Their customer service team is happy to help you!

6. Polymershapes

The company's primary business is manufacturing raw plastics, resin, and powder.

A company called Meyer Plastics Inc. produces and sells a wide range of plastic, acrylic, and rubber goods. They also sell tapes, sealants, banners, corrugated plastic, digital media, magnetic sheets, art boards, mirrored plastics, polycarbonate sheets, signage, modeling and prototype materials, and sheet, rods, and tubes among other things.

Additionally, they provide their clients fabrication services. The company provides a variety of services, including welding, waterjet cutting, forming, milling, and turning. The business provides services to a range of sectors, including material handling, automotive, medical, sports, construction, and electronics.

This business sells PVC materials with chemical resistance, minimal moisture absorption, and dielectric qualities. Additionally, they provide custom PVC sheets, rods, and tubes in a range of dimensions. For businesses in the food and beverage, semiconductor, electrical, medical, and oil and gas sectors, they are a reliable source of resources. Visit their website for additional details. To find out more about their products, you can also get in touch with them personally. They are delighted to assist you, as is their customer service staff!

7. Industrial Plastic Products Inc.

Industrial Plastic Products is a manufacturer and distributor of custom PVC materials in sheets, tubes, rods, and more. Its products are used in construction, agriculture, transportation, furniture, healthcare, and other industries.

They provide a variety of services including CNC machining, precision sawing, turning, forming, welding, and more. The company has a long history of serving customers in the plastics industry.

Its product line includes self-extinguishing, corrosion-resistant, and impact-resistant PVC that is available in rods, tubes, and sheets. It also provides custom injection molding and extrusions.

This company is one of the top manufacturers of industrial PVC and has four business divisions to support the needs of their customers. It offers a range of pvc pipe fittings, irrigation products, mmotorised drain valves, and custom injection moulding.

They are a medium-sized company with about 800 employees. Their hourly wages range from $73 to $94. The average employee makes $40,040 per year. They are ranked #45 on Zippia’s Best Places to Work in Minnesota list. This ranking is based on government and proprietary data on salaries, company financial health, and employee diversity.

8. Celanese

The largest producer of polymers in the world, Celanese provides a comprehensive range of tailored plastics & materials that are performance-driven to support numerous sectors. Its network of commercial offices, technical hubs, and manufacturing facilities spans the whole world.

PVC is a versatile polymer that is frequently used in a variety of applications, such as pipes, siding and trim, automobile sealants, cable sheathing, flooring, and medical uses. Because it is lightweight, simple to manufacture, and provides high impact resistance, it is also a popular choice for applications in the building and construction industry.

Acetyl intermediates and industrial specialties, which are utilized in the synthesis of polymers including vinyl acetate, polyimide, polypropylene, and polybutylene, are the company's most notable product. Clarifoil, a biodegradable cellulose acetate film created from wood pulp and certified compostable in both residential and commercial environments, is one of the company's acetyl acetate products. In addition to the aforementioned acetyl acetate, the company also manufactures a wide range of additional plastics and materials, including polyurethane, polycarbonate, acetyl benzene, and acetic acid.