Top 10 PVC Manufacturers and Suppliers in USA

June 10,2023

Top 10 PVC Suppliers and Manufacturers in the USA

Plastic pipes, plastic pipe fittings, and unlaminated plastic profile shapes are made by the plastic pipe and parts manufacturing industry.

These are used for plumbing systems in homes, businesses, and factories. Over the next five years, this business sector is expected to grow slowly.



1. Industrial Plastic Products Inc.

Industrial Plastic Products is a company that makes polyvinyl chloride pipes, motorized drain valves, and custom injection-molded parts. It is based in Lindstrom, Minnesota. The company works with a wide range of business and industrial clients.

During World War II, there was a big growth in the plastics industry because metal was hard to get and people needed synthetic alternatives. Wallace Carothers came up with nylon in 1935, and it quickly became a key replacement for things like parachutes, ropes, body armor, helmet liners, and more.

2. Celanese

Celanese Corporation creates high performance engineered polymers, makes them, and sells them all over the world. It has three different parts that make it work: Engineered Materials, Acetate Tow, and Acetyl Chain.

The Engineered Materials segment makes and sells specialty polymers that are used in automotive, medical, industrial, and consumer products. It also sells acesulfame potassium, a sweetener that can be used in drinks, sweets, and dairy products, as well as ingredients that keep food safe, like potassium sorbate and sorbic acid.

Even though it depended on acetate fiber, which was a cyclical product with price swings and changes in demand around the world, MacComber thought that diversifying into other industries, especially chemicals, fibers, and petroleum, could make acetate production less cyclical. But MacComber's plans did not stop the development of nylon and polyester fibers, which hurt sales of acetate.

3. Sylvin Technologies Inc.

Sylvin Technologies Inc. was started in 1978 and is based in Denver, Pennsylvania, USA. It makes flexible and semi-rigid vinyl and vinyl alloy compounds. It also sells vinyl plastics, resin, flame retardant and lubricant additives, plasticizers that don't move, and pigments.

Mexichem, a big company that makes polymers, said that it has finished buying Sylvin Technologies Inc., a company that makes specialty PVC compounds for a niche market, for $39 million. The deal is part of Mexichem's plan to make "bolt-on" acquisitions that give it access to new end markets and customers and add to its portfolio of specialty products and applications. This purchase will help Mexichem get a bigger share of the US compounding market. It will allow Mexichem's global compounds business to use Sylvin's customer-focused business model, strong team, and application development skills. These things will help Mexichem give its U.S. customers more value for their money.

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A top supplier of engineered and high-performance plastic sheet, rod, tube, and fabricated parts that are in stock and ready to ship. They also have a wide range of on-site plastic fabrication, machining, drilling, and assembly services to make sure your product is a winner. Their big inventory has a wide range of materials that can be machined, such as acetal, acrylic, polycarbonate, and polypropylene. There are many different sizes in stock that can be shipped or brought to your door. Their staff knows a lot about plastic in general. Their delivery and customer service are top-notch. They even promise to give customers their money back if they aren't happy. The company was started in 1975 and is based in Orange County, California. They have been in business for more than 50 years and are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

5. Griff Paper & Film

Griff Paper & Film makes containers and packaging. Its main office is in Falls Township, Pennsylvania. The company specializes in decorative films, silicone release liners, and extrusion.

The company sells a wide range of paper and plastic products like pet plastic resin, such as specialty films, silicone release liners, Kraft paper, protection tapes, and other conductive materials used in the automotive, electronic, medical, food, graphic, and industrial industries. It also does sheeting, slitting, and die cutting on behalf of other companies.

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6. E & T Plastics Mfg. Co.

E&T Plastics Mfg. Co., which has been in business since 1946 and is based in Long Island City, NY, sells and makes plastic parts like ldpe plastic. The company sells sheets, rods, and tubes made of many different materials. It also offers services that add value, such as computer-controlled numerical routing, laser cutting, and vacuum forming.

The company makes customized plastics and sells them to businesses all over the country. It sells sheets, rods, tubes, and films made of acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, acetal, PVC, plexiglass, HDPE, LDPE, UHMW-PE, PETG, and polypropylene. Other services include fabrication, bending, routing, forming, vacuum and pressure thermoforming, flame and sand/buff polishing, and laser polishing. The business has 8 locations and works with clients all over the US. On average, its workers have been in the field for 11 years. The most impressive thing the company did with its business credit was buy a new factory in Teterboro, New Jersey.

7. Redwood Plastics and Rubber

Since 1971, Redwood Plastics and Rubber has helped customers solve problems like shock, abrasion, noise, wear, and friction by working directly with them. They have a lot of experience, their own engineering department, and large-scale manufacturing facilities to make custom parts with longer wear life, less downtime, more production, less cost, and more safety.

Redwood Plastics and Rubber has a wide range of industrial grades of plastic like plastic resin and rubber in stock and ready to ship right away. They also make and sell a wide range of plastic and rubber products that are made to order.

In 1971, two brothers named Duncan Fraser and Graeme Fraser decided to open a plastics manufacturing business like their father had done. They opened Redwood Plastics on Redwood Street in North Vancouver, Canada. They got a loan of $2,500 and used the space in their parents' garage. The company now has many locations in both Canada and the US.

8. National Plastics & Seals

The company focuses on making custom plastic parts by machining, building, and making them. Stock items include sheet, rod, tube,hard pvc pipe and profiles, as well as all sizes of heat shrink tubing, insulation sleeving, and o-rings. Best of all, the family-run business is still going strong in Schaumburg, Illinois, with a growing staff and a brand-new building.

The company has a few machines on display that look pretty cool, and it has a long list of clients that includes aerospace, medical, food packaging, and industrial OEMs. The company has also taken care of the environment by installing machines and lights that use less energy. Innovative Acrylic Design Inc., a company that has been in business since 2005 and is known for its point-of-purchase displays, was its most recent purchase. The company has also been ranked as making the best PVC in the state of Missouri for several years in a row, which is a very nice thing to be able to say.

9. Contech Engineered Solutions LLC

Contech Engineered Solutions LLC makes civil engineering products like bridges and structures, erosion control, pipes like rigid pvc pipe, and stormwater management systems. The company also lets you customize its products and choose from a wide range of accessories.

They work with airports, DOTs, the military, mining, rail, commercial and residential customers, and other markets. They also offer online tools for design and engineering support.

Gray PVC in sizes 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, and 1/2 x 48 x 96 inches is sold by a full-service distributor. Sheets, pipes, valves, fittings, and ducting are all available. Customers can get services like CNC cutting, slitting, splitting and bonding, foam peeling, heat laminating, spraying, and coating with a wide roller.

10. Laird Plastics

Laird Plastics Inc. is one of the most important companies in the US and Canada that sells plastic products like pp plastic. The company focuses on acrylics and polycarbonates, materials for making graphics, and goods for mechanical and engineering use. The company has more than 50 locations across the country and works with customers in many different fields.

The company also has a good name for its customer service and knowledge of its products. The company just bought ePlastics, which is a one-of-a-kind place in the San Diego area that works with plastic materials and makes things out of them. The company also has a state-of-the-art manufacturing and fabrication facility, which is likely to make it more competitive in the plastics distribution market. The company is also the leader in its field when it comes to making high-performance glass. Lastly, the company's business is to coordinate the functions of the supply chain for the benefit of manufacturers and the end users of their products. Do you want to know more about Laird Plastics?