Top 10 PVC Manufacturers and Suppliers in the World

July 03,2023

Top 10 PVC Manufacturers and Suppliers in the World

The most popular material for pipes and fittings is PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), a type of plastic. It is made with a material that is sturdy and long-lasting.

pvc pipe is used in many different industries, such as irrigation, underground wiring, and water and sewer systems. Additionally, it is recyclable and energy-efficient.

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1. Unitech PVC

The primary objective of the India-based business UNITECH PVC is to offer its customers high-quality, dependable PVC Pipe products. This business offers a large selection of pipe items and values its clients. They have a strong history of meeting deadlines and staying within budget while providing high-quality pipe solutions.

The business also has a strong manufacturing base and excellent customer service. They provide a range of pipe products, such as Round Conduit PVC Pipes & Fittings, Column Pipes, SWR Pipes, UPVC Pipes, and CPVC Pipes.

They additionally provide a customized item called WaterStop, the top plumbing water proofing device on the industry. The flexible, durable, and chemically inert WaterStop material is intended to stop water from leaking through cracks in concrete constructions like bridges, sewage treatment facilities, dams, and water reservoirs.

2. Jain Piping Division

One of the largest producers of thermoplastic pipe systems for all kinds of applications is Jain Piping Division. In order to meet India's infrastructure demands for rural and urban areas, the company manufactures PE,PVC Pipes and Fittings.

The business is well-known in the industry and focuses on creating high-quality piping products that adhere to all relevant specifications. Their wide variety of piping products are renowned for their design for specific applications, durable finish, great performance, and light weight.

The business is renowned for its strong adherence to the highest production and customer service standards. They are a dependable partner for numerous customers all over the world. This is due to their dedication to delivering the highest caliber work for each job they undertake. They are among the top 10 PVC producers worldwide due to their extensive network of manufacturing facilities, which is another factor.

3. Supreme Polytubes

Supreme Polytubes information The business, which was established in 2002, specializes in producing some of the most expensive PVC tubing available. They are able to produce and deliver high-quality products to their customers on time, every time, thanks to their cutting-edge machinery and technology. Additionally, they are renowned for their top-notch customer service and workplace safety initiatives. The business employs 13 people, and it has a modest but expanding clientele. Flexible plastic tubing, uPVC tube & fittings, and PVC tube are their three primary product categories. The business is based in Delhi, India. Visit their website and join up for their free email to learn more about Supreme Polytubes. The website offers the most recent business information as well as enticing discounts on their stock of piping systems and other plastic goods and accessories.

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4. Westlake

A US-based producer of vinyl chemicals, petrochemicals, and building supplies is Westlake. The segments it uses to operate are vinyls and olefins.

The business produces ethylene dichloride, vinyl chloride monomer, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) (EDC). Ethane, chlor-alkali, and other goods with chlorinated derivatives are also produced there.

Its PVC operations are situated in Geismar, Louisiana; Plaquemine, Louisiana; and Calvert City, Kentucky. It has a facility in Springfield, Illinois as well.

The company's olefins business suffered in the third quarter due to increased feedstock and energy costs. Additionally, it experienced planned and accidental disruptions.

5. Orbia

Orbia, situated in Mexico City and formerly known as Mexichem until it changed its name in 2019, is an international expert in PVC pipe and pvc resin. Additionally, it makes fluorochemicals and mines fluorite.

It ranks among the top manufacturers of both pure terephthalic acid and polyethylene terephthalate in the world. The business also manufactures a significant amount of fiber optic cable, high-density polyethylene water, hydrofluoric acid, and fluorspar.

Alphagary, a PVC compounding company run by Orbia, specializes in producing compounds, stabilizers, and plasticizers. A series of compounds with recycled material is also produced by the company.

By bringing the manufacture of PVC, fluorspar, and data transmission goods to a larger scale, Orbia's recent acquisitions and organizational changes have contributed to an increase in income. According to Fitch, these tactics are anticipated to boost the company's profitability and lower its risk associated with cyclical cash flow. The company still has a high level of debt compared to its rivals and is exposed to volatile industries.

6. Industrial Plastic Products

Industrial plastics are frequently utilized in applications where a high level of tensile strength and durability is required. This comprises parts that must endure extreme heat, high pressures, and severe conditions.

The most widely utilized industrial plastics include nylon,polypropylene granules, polyethylene, and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). All are superior mechanically and sturdy and enduring.

These plastics are a practical option for making a wide range of goods since they can be easily and cheaply molded into any shape. They additionally have the benefit of being recyclable, which transforms them into a sustainable material for a wide range of applications.

Additionally, industrial plastics are a fantastic substitute for metal when creating parts like bosses and gussets. Additionally, they are easier to handle and lighter than metal. In fact, they are among the most adaptable materials on the market right now.


7. Celanese

PVC resin sg5 and other goods are made by the diverse chemistry business Celanese. The automobile, energy, building, medical, and electronics industries all use its products.

A father and son duo of chemists who worked with plastic film and cellulose acetate lacquers formed the business in Basle, Switzerland. The Celanese Corporation subsequently grew out of these patented innovations.

In addition to producing pvc pipes, the company also creates a wide range of other plastic goods, such as pipe fittings. These are employed in industrial applications such as pipeline lining repairs and civil construction.

The business provides its employees with paid time off and vacation benefits. The benefits often have a monthly cash value of above $2500.

8. ChemChina

PVC is a thermoplastic substance with numerous applications in the building, medical, electronic, and automotive industries. It is renowned for its high physical strength and chemical inertness.

Due to its high performance and durability, PVC is in high demand. It's also a lightweight substitute for making pipes instead of using metal or concrete.

PVC resin is used to make bottles, wires, tubes, films, fittings, pipelines, sheets, and profiles. Due to its insulation, it is also crucial in electrical appliances.

Leading companies compete in a fragmented market for polyvinyl chloride. The best businesses concentrate on offering superior resources for various end-user sectors. These businesses include China National Chemical Corporation, Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Company, Formosa Plastics Corporation, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd., and LG Chem (ChemChina).

9. LG Chem

The biggest chemical company in Korea and a leading producer of PVC worldwide is LG Chem. The business is well-established in Europe, Asia, and America.

It recently constructed a $300 million polyvinyl chloride (PVC) raw material production facility in China, and it also struck a contract with Neste to supply bio-based raw materials for its plastics manufacturing. According to a source, the partnership will give the company access to a reliable supply of neopentyl glycol (NPG) for its primary PVC production in Tianjin, China.

Additionally, LG Chem recently disclosed that it had created a brand-new oxidation method to produce acrylic acid. This procedure, known as the "Ink Jet Printing Process," is anticipated to reduce the cost of producing LCD panels by more than 50%.

10. Chang Chun

Chang Chun, one of Asia's leading producers of petrochemicals and plastics, was founded in 1949 by Messrs. Liao Ming-Kun, Lin Shu-Hong, and Tseng Shin-Yi. Chang Chun has facilities in both Taiwan and China. The business specializes in PBT technical polymers, copper foil, and polyvinyl alcohol.

The business is known for its high-quality goods and outstanding customer support. To add value for customers around the world, its vertically integrated manufacturing operations combine R&D, manufacturing, and marketing.

The automobile, building, aerospace, and other industries employ its premium pvc paste resin. Elastomers, fibers, and polymers are just a few of the various high-tech products that the company makes. In terms of revenue, DuPont is the biggest chemical firm in the world. Over 145 nations are served by the company's customers. The company's emphasis on innovation is responsible for its success. The business claims to dedicate an amazing 10% of its personnel to R&D.