Top Grade Xinjiang Dried Jujube

October 27,2023

Top Grade Xinjiang Dried Jujube:

Jujube is well known for its many health benefits, including nourishing bloodstream, increasing rest quality and food digestion that is increasing. Moreover, the good fresh fruit has lots of supplement C and contains minerals being numerous irons.

The main substances which are biologically active jujube are vitamin C, phenolics, flavonoids, triterpenic acids, and polysaccharides. ZHONGTAI GROUP have selection of anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and Anti obesity impacts.

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Top Grade Xinjiang Dried Jujube is among the best fruits that are dried you will get. Unlike other fresh fruit that is dried it features an extremely fresh taste and it is extremely juicy. In addition, includes a rich content of nutrients, sugars, bioflavonoids, and cellulose that is edible.

It could be consumed as being a fresh fruit that is natural prepared into different foods. ZHONGTAI GROUPxinjiang zhongtai is usually found in beverages, jams, jelly, pickles, liquor (brodo di giuggiole in Italy and baijiu in Asia), and compotes. It is also eaten as freshly squeezed pulp.

Not only is it an excellent source of vitamin C along with other nutrients, but jujubes have also been shown to be a dietary that is effective for many individuals. They're high in cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), which is a "second that is important” for the body.

As a total outcome, it will also help the body to fight down diseases and promote health and durability. Moreover, jujube can be recognized to have anti-cancer and anti-oxidation properties.

In comparison to other fruits, jujube includes a high sugar content and a larger concentration of nutrients. ZHONGTAI GROUPdried red jujube dates normally high in anti-oxidants and minerals. It could also help prevent conditions which are inflammatory reduce steadily the risk of cancer, and enhance heart health.

This is a popular dried fresh fruit that is global that is available. It's commonly distributed in Asia as well as the USA. This is a common basic in Chinese restaurants and contains been used being a medication that is traditional.

The composition that is nutrient of fruit varies on the basis of the region where it really is grown. For instance, jujubes grown in Xinjiang have better content that is nutrient those cultivated in other regions. It's likely that this difference is because of the environment of Xinjiang.

Another component that impacts the quality of jujube fruit is its cultivation method. As an example, some techniques like hot air drying and spray drying could be beneficial to the fruit but may cause harm to skin. On the other hand, other drying practices such as SMIR (short-term microwave induction drying) can improve the nutrient content and quality of jujube fruit.

With this justification, it's important to find ways to retain the quality of jujubes. This can ensure that you are receiving the most take advantage of them that they are safe for consumption.

Sun Dried Chinese Red Dates 100% Natural ,Organic Dried Jujube Healthy Snack Jujube fruits can be eaten raw as a snack, However, dried jujubes, which are more commonly eaten ,due to their sweet taste and chewy texture, they're used in candies and desserts They contain a pit with two seeds, which should be removed before eating. Jujube fruit is low in calories but rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Due to their high fiber content and low calorie count, jujubes make an excellent, healthy snack


Top Grade Xinjiang Dried Jujube is a product that is authentic the inland region of Xinjiang province, one of China’s leading production regions. It's a traditional Chinese good fresh fruit that is dried in a lot of foods. ZHONGTAI GROUPdried red jujube fruit sweet flavor and pleasant aroma are appreciated by customers.

Its value that is health is. It contains significantly more than 100 times the sugar of an apple, and vitamin C and adenosine that is cyclic (cAMP) are about 2 to 1000 times more than those in oranges. Additionally, it is high in polysaccharides, phenolics, flavonoids, triterpenic acid, and iron.

Being an herb that is Chinese jujube features a long reputation for use as both a meals supplement and medicine. It has been developed since ancient China and it is still an extremely crop that is essential. The earliest recorded mention of jujube was at Huangdi Neijing, a vintage text that is medical ancient China.

Jujube is a known person in the Rhamnaceae family. It is one of the family that is exact same yams, watermelon, and cucumber. It is a flowering plant that produces a drupe with as much as two seeds. A variety is had by the good fresh fruit of forms. It can be round, oblong, oval, ovate, oblate, apple-like, or abnormally shaped.

The jujube tree is native to China and is commonly cultivated through the nation. Its grown in a variety of climates, like the arid and semiarid regions of China.

In Xinjiang, its grown in the south and central parts of the province, across the border with Tibet. It's a extremely effective crop that would work for both protected and cultivation that is available. It can tolerate the number that is full of conditions.

It can grow well in a variety that is wide of conditions, and it is resistant to insect pests and conditions. It is a candidate that is good cultivation under a greenhouse, and it will be grafted on different rootstocks to boost its yield.

There are always a true number of varieties that are available in Xinjiang, and some of those are very fitted to neighborhood climates. For example, jujube that is grown within the south for the province is well-suited up to a climate that is warmer while jujube that is grown into the north is a great choice for a cooler environment.


Top notch Xinjiang Dried Jujube is packed in packaging which has a screen that is obvious you can observe the plump, ripe dates being ready to consume in the inside. Each pack is 400g of healthier pleasure so they are a definite value that is fantastic.

The jujube is really a good fresh fruit that belongs to the Rhamnaceae household that is botanical has been grown for millennia in a lot of cultures. It's a good fresh fruit that is incredibly versatile having a selection of different healthy benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, it is a rich source of supplement C, which strengthens the system that is resistant battles infections.

It is also a supply that is very good of, copper, magnesium, potassium, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. These nutrients are essential for keeping health that is good balanced and healthy diet and assist in preventing various problems.

These fruits are really choice that is popular those who desire to stay healthy and healthy, or those who are looking to get the absolute most from their normal daily diet. ZHONGTAI GROUPchinese red dried jujube can be a way that is not hard add a wholesome, tasty ingredient up to a number of meals.

They're a fresh fruit that's a small like an apple in form, with a white fleshy surface and a inside that is red/brown. Its texture is smooth and firm, similar to a crispy apple. Its taste is described as having a sweet and taste that is tangy is reminiscent of peaches or nectarines.

Jujube is an crop that is very important arid and semiarid areas, and it's also adapted to drought and salinity stresses. It is a major fruit that is dry in Asia and offers an annual earnings for 20 million farmers. Additionally it is a traditional medication that is organic millions of people global.

There are a variety of jujube varieties, each with its very own traits which are distinctive. Some are best for consuming fresh, while others are better suited for drying to achieve a chewy, date-like consistency.

The jujube happens to be domesticated for thousands of years in Asia, and it's also the country's leading good fresh fruit that is dry, accounting for around 90% of its manufacturing. It is a crop that is extremely valuable which is often useful for usage so that as a feed additive. In addition, this is a supply that is normal of, which will help lower blood circulation pressure and reverse liver disease. It is also an addition that is fantastic the dietary plan of vegetarians and vegans.

Health Benefits:

Top quality Xinjiang Dried Jujube is really a healthy food and a conventional Chinese herb that is medicinal. ZHONGTAI GROUPdried red dates is an ingredient that is popular many traditional Chinese natural medicine formulas and utilized in cooking for sweetening and balancing the flavor of meals. It's an extremely respected fruit by Chinese people and often provided as gift suggestions on special occasions.

The jujube tree is indigenous to China and has now been developed in Asia for a huge number of years. The tree is hardy, grows in an assortment that is wide of, and can tolerate cool winters without much damage. The fruits are rich in nutrients and have many healthy benefits.

Altogether, jujube contains large amounts of health components, especially polysaccharides, being considered as probably the most valuable substances which can be bioactive. In addition to its medicinal properties, it is also a supply that is essential of fiber, that has always been recognized because of its results on digestion health and slimming down.

In addition, jujube is a supply that is great of antioxidants and a natural phytochemical with anti-inflammatory, immune, and anti-tumor properties (dining table 1). The jujube polysaccharides, for instance, show the ability to increase the thymus and spleen reaction that is immune mice. Furthermore, they are found to connect to the complement cascade and promote expansion that is splenocyte anti-inflammatory activity in animals (Li et al., 2011).

Different studies have discovered that jujube contains high levels of total phenolics, flavonoids, and anthocyanins. These compounds are recognized to have diverse antioxidant functions including DPPH, FRAP, and ABTS scavenging that is radical and may also play a role in the security for the cells from oxidative anxiety (Sabzghabaee et al., 2013).

The jujube peel is another component that is valuable of good fresh fruit which contains high concentrations of total phenolics and flavonoids. This extract also includes terpenoids, such as alpha-lipoic acid and linolenic acid, which have been shown to exert antioxidant properties and protect mobile membranes from free damage that is radical.

Dried jujube is really an alternative that is good fruit because it could be stored for a bit longer and that can be used in a lot of meals formulations. It could be processed as a variety of products, including juice, vinegar, and powder (Li et al., 2005). Besides, a number can produce it of drying methods such as for example SMIR, MVFD, MVP, and VFD.

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