Top Largest Manufacturing Companies in the PVC Pipe Industry

March 02,2023

Top Largest Manufacturing Companies in the pvc pipe Industry

PVC pipe is a tough plastic that resists abrasion, chemical corrosion, weathering, and scaling. It is also flexible and lightweight.

PVC pipe demand has increased, and there are now numerous manufacturers operating in the market. The leading international manufacturers of PVC pipe are listed below.

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1. JM Eagle

JM The largest plastic pipe producer in the world, Eagle provides a wide range of PVC and high-density polyethylene (PE) products. Applications involving water, sewage, electricity, and gas utilise their products. They are made in 22 facilities around North America.

The company produces PVC up to 48" and PE up to 30". Additionally, they manufacture pipe fittings, PVC electrical conduit, and PVC gas lines.

Their goods are put through testing to make sure they adhere to all industry requirements and are built to last. They are well-liked by contractors since they are affordable and simple to install.

JM Eagle produces one billion feet of pipe annually at 22 facilities spread all over North America, according to their website. The best independent testing labs in the country, such Underwriters Laboratories and NSF International, have certified them.

Additionally, they are the only producer to provide a 50-year warranty on all of their plastic pipes with thermal engineering. This implies that any defective goods from them will either be replaced or recertified.

This is significant since no other PVC pipe manufacturer has ever provided such a warranty. It is a fantastic approach to demonstrate their commitment to client satisfaction and their belief in the quality of their products.

The diversity policy of JM Eagle is another feature that makes it a terrific place to work. They have a high diversity score and employ people of many racial backgrounds, genders, and nationalities.

As a result, they are not only able to make the best pipe goods, but they can also give their staff a safe place to work. The company's dedication to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to thrive in their profession is demonstrated by the diversity of their staff.

JM Eagle is now going through some difficult times as a business, but it has been able to grow from its mistakes. The key events of the litigation are listed below, along with lessons we can all learn from them.



2. Contech

Contech Engineered Solutions, based in West Chester, Ohio, sells drainage, erosion control, sanitary sewer, and stormwater management systems to developers, contractors, and engineers all over the world. The company also offers engineering support and services for building projects.

The company sells PVC pipe and plastic sheet for use in sanitary sewers, drains, and subdrains, erosion control systems, and retaining walls, among other construction applications. Pipes come in a range of shapes and sizes, and a number of accessories are also available.

The company's product line offers a variety of pipe designs for different service life needs, hydraulics, corrosion resistance, and stiffness. Engineers and contractors will find it easier to handle any application with the help of this selection of solutions.

For sanitary sewer, drainage, and underdrain applications, its solid wall pipe products offer ease of construction, hydraulic efficiency, corrosion and chemical resistance, and watertight joints. It has wall holes for underdrains and can have solvent-weld or elastomeric gasketed joints.

For a variety of applications, Contech's A-2000 series 46 PSI white sanitary sewer and drainage pipe offers the advantages of extended life, abrasion resistance, and high strength. This product has a double-sealing gasketed junction that prevents leaks and is constructed of virgin PVC of the highest quality.

The ability to resist corrosive attack from acidic and alkaline soils is another crucial quality. This pipe is a more affordable substitute for ductile iron, polypropylene, and SDR35 pipe goods.

The company's products are also offered in a variety of sizes and combinations, enabling the creation of customized solutions. This makes it easier to make sure the customer is a good fit.

The business is realigning to concentrate on the residential, commercial, and infrastructure industries while extending its product offerings and geographic reach. It recently attracted additional equity investors, including Farallon Capital Management, L.L.C., Tennenbaum Capital Partners, LLC, Littlejohn & Co., LLC, and Anchorage Capital Group, LLC. The Company is now in a better financial position to maintain its strong performance and provide more value to its clients. The business is now known as Contech Engineered Solutions. By utilizing its cost advantage, creating fresh client solutions, and breaking into new areas, the Company will be in a position to produce growth.

3. OxyChem

A petrochemical firm called OxyChem makes chemicals and polymers. Their offerings include fundamental chemicals, vinyls, and performance chemicals used in a range of applications and end markets. Their chemical manufacturing plants can be found all throughout the US and Canada.

The main chemicals produced by OxyChem are chlorine and Caustic soda, which are used as building blocks in many items that improve the safety, health, and convenience of our daily life. They are utilized in coatings, adhesives, semiconductors, water treatment, and medical equipment.

Additionally, OxyChem is the biggest producer of sodium chlorite, a crucial component in emergency water treatment and industrial water disinfection systems. In addition to having 22 manufacturing facilities in the US, it also has foreign locations in Chile and Canada.

They generate ethylene, a key ingredient in polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The business's ethylene cracker in Ingleside, Texas, with a 1.2 billion pound annual capacity, started performing in 2017.

Vinyl chloride monomer, the raw ingredient for PVC resins, is produced using ethylene. It is a strong and long-lasting construction material that may be used in a variety of settings across numerous sectors.

PVC is used for residential and commercial pipe, window frames, home siding, flooring, and wall coverings in the United States. Numerous consumer, household, and car products all use it.

The business also manufactures bio-ethylene, a technology that enables it to make chemicals and polymers with little to no emissions of carbon dioxide. The technology will be created in the company's Cemvita Factory, which will use a different bio-ethylene production method to lower manufacturing costs and carbon emissions.

The American Chemistry Council's Responsible Care(r) principles guide OxyChem's corporate policies, which are also strongly committed to environmental stewardship. The business has won the American Chemistry Council's top safety performance award four times and is an industry leader in terms of environmental, health, and safety performance.

4. Cresline Plastic Pipe

High-end polyethylene and PVC pipe manufacturers include Cresline Plastic Pipe. It offers threaded drop pipes, polyethylene grades, polyvinyl chloride, gasket pressure, drain, waste, vent, and sewer goods. Additionally, the business provides polyethylene pipe that has been specially designed and produced for a range of uses.

The business maintains its position at the forefront of sector innovation because to its excellent customer service and product lineup. Cresline is a significant player in the US plumbing and irrigation industries with approximately 350 people. A committed staff of salespeople and a strong distribution network to support the company's operations complement its excellent product portfolio.

A complete listing of the company's product offerings may be seen on its website. In order to assist you in making wise financial decisions, it also has a number of interactive elements. The website is particularly helpful for anyone trying to find out where to get a new refrigerator or how much a sandblaster will cost. The "Request Quote" part of the company's website, where you may go over its product offers and get in touch with a sales representative, is its most popular page. The website also has a sizable collection of free white papers and other materials to help you make decisions.