Top Pvc Resin Suppliers in America

February 14,2023

Top PVC resin suppliers in America

In the construction sector, pvc resin is a common form of plastic. It's a fantastic material for a range of tasks because it's strong and simple to work with.

PVC resins are produced by numerous businesses. The leading manufacturers in the sector are listed below.

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Mitsui Chemicals

High performance polymers and a range of speciality chemicals are available from Mitsui Chemicals. Chemicals, intermediates, solvents, engineering plastics, elastomers, functional materials, electronic materials, and adhesive resins are among its outputs.

To address the expanding demand forpp polypropylenecompounds from the worldwide automobile sector, the company manufactures and supplies PP compounds. Grand Siam Composites, an associate of the company, is increasing its ability to compound polypropylene. This will increase its yearly compounding capacity globally to around 1 million tonnes. The Group will use this important strategic investment to grow its business in Asia.


In North America, the chemical firm OxyChem produces chlorine, Caustic soda, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin. The Company is the largest marketer of caustic soda, a co-product of chlorine and the second-largest merchant marketer of chlorine.

OxyChem uses cutting-edge technologies to increase safety, streamline its supply chain, and lower transportation costs. This entails a telemetry technology that monitors storage vessels and automatically places new orders when inventory levels are reached, hence avoiding demurrage charges.

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The biggest producer of plastics in India is Reliance. Everything from toys to cell phones is made with their products.

PVC resins in a range of varieties, including SG3, SG5, SG7, and SG8, are among their offerings. These suspension-polymerized homopolymers, which have excellent mechanical characteristics, were created.

This polyvinyl chloride (PVC) suspension homopolymer with a medium molecular weight is intended for applications such as flexible profile extrusion, calendared and extruded sheet, and blown film. Conduits and rigid pipes are also utilized with it.


Inovyn manufactures a variety of PVC resins. These comprise both general-purpose products and specialized goods.

Several industries, including building and construction, automotive, and health care, employ Inovyn's goods. Electrical wire insulation and outdoor plastics also employ them.

Under the name Biovyn, Inovyn just debuted its most recent PVC generation. The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials has fully approved the supply chain used to create this first commercially accessible "bio-attributed" PVC (RSB).


Kaneka offers a wide variety of high-performance resins and composite materials. These include epoxies, benzoxazines, polyimides and ceramic precursors.

Additionally, the business offers a variety of fire-retardant (FR) resins. These resins have excellent flame retardancy and are designed for vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM) and wet lamination.

In Japan, Kaneka is producing 20,000 tons of its biodegradable Green Planet range of chemicals annually, up from 5,000 tons currently. The product line has the potential to develop into a staple in the company's field of work.


PVC resin and compounds, chloralkali, hydrofluoric acid, fluorspar, thermoplastic polymers, and other chemicals are among the many items Mexichem supplies. They are well-established in 30 nations, and their yearly global income is close to $7 billion.

Additionally, the Mexican business recently purchased Sylvin Technologies Inc., a specialized producer of PVC compounds with $29 million in sales in 2017. Sylvin will be included into Mexichem's vinyl division as a part of its compound unit.


PVC resins are available from Formosa in a variety of forms for usage in various industries. They provide blending homopolymer and blending copolymer resins in addition to dispersion homopolymer and dispersion copolymer resins.

Flexible packaging is another area of expertise for Formosa, which includes a range of antistatic films. In order to guarantee that their clients receive the greatest outcomes, they use a consultative approach.


Hanwha offers a variety of PVC resins for use in different products and applications. These resins can be used in a wide range of industries including construction, automotive, health care, electronics and more.

Hanwha additionally provides a selection of speciality materials for usage in various applications. CP-430, CP-450, and CP-710 are a few of them.