Top Pvc Resin Suppliers in Canada

April 06,2023

Top PVC resin manufacturers in Canada

The Canadian plastic resin Manufacturing business produces a wide range of goods that are used by a wide range of downstream industries. Its performance is heavily reliant on the domestic and international construction and manufacturing sectors.

Over the next five years, sales in the industry is predicted to expand at an annualized rate of X.X%. Demand from downstream consumers, such as the construction and manufacturing industries, is expected to sustain growth.

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AGC Chemicals Americas

AGC Chemicals Americas produces, markets, and sells a variety of fluorinated resins, liquids, and films. Paints, cleansers, fabrics, paper products, greenhouses, architectural facades, electronics, and optical items all benefit from its materials.

Fluon(r) ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) and polyfluorinated acrylates are among AGC's fluorochemical resins (PFA). FORBLUE(tm) ion exchange membranes and F-CLEAN(tm) greenhouse film are also available.


PPP LLC is a well-rounded corporation that provides a dizzying assortment of products and services. Their blingtastic services include the aforementioned PVC jumbo jumbo, as well as plastic injection molding, tooling, and general production. They also have an impressive R&D facility that should not be overlooked. They accomplish a remarkable production rate of more than 3,000 tons per year by utilizing the latest in robotics and automation to boost quality and speed of production.

Reichhold LLC

Reichhold is a terrific place to work. It is one of the world's major providers of unsaturated polyester resins for composites and a leading supplier of coating resins. It was founded in 1927 and now has over 15 industrial facilities and five technology centers spread across ten nations.

The AMBERLAC brand is the company's most well-known product. They also make a range of other high-tech items, such as alkyds, rosins and latex emulsions, polyesters, and urethanes.

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Wacker Chemical Corp.

Wacker Chemical Corp. is the world's largest manufacturer of silicone and polymer goods. They manufacture a wide range of products for industries such as construction, automotive, food, paints, and paper.

Adrian, Michigan is the company's US headquarters. Siltronic, Wacker Silicones, Wacker Polymers, and Wacker Fine Chemicals are its primary business divisions. It also provides ultra-pure electronic-grade polysilicon for the solar industry as well as semiconductor wafers. Polymer binders made by it are utilized in the construction, chemical, paper, and glue industries.

Victrex USA

Victrex USA (Greenville, SC) is a supplier of high performance polymers to a variety of sectors. These industries include aerospace, automotive, electronics, oil and gas, and medical.

The VICTREX brand includes PEEK and VICOTE coatings, APTIV film, and VICTREX pipes. They assist OEMs, designers, and processors in achieving new levels of cost reductions and quality.

Anderson Development Co.

Anderson Development Company produces speciality chemicals for the automobile coatings, adhesive, sealant, and elastomer industries. Acrylic resins, urethane elastomer systems, polyurethane dispersions, and boron compounds are among the products available.

Adrian, Michigan is the home of Anderson Development Company. The company has been in operation for more than 50 years and manufactures a wide range of chemistries, including specialty and custom chemicals.

Capital Resin Corporation

Capital Resin Corporation manufactures a diverse range of chemicals. Products offered by the company include phenolic resins, amino resins, acrylic polymers, pvc polymer and sulfonic acid. They also provide labeling and packaging.

The headquarters of the corporation are in COLUMBUS, OH. Their annual salary is $132,142. Choose a firm to compare its salaries to those of Capital Resin Corporation. In addition, the corporation is one of Kendo's most reputable advertisers.

Neville Chemical Co.

The Neville Chemical Company produces synthetic hydrocarbon resins and coumarone-indene resins. The primary plant of the corporation is located on Neville Island in the Ohio River, six miles west of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The company manufactures a diverse range of resins for a variety of industrial applications, including floor tile, shoe soles and heels, rubber matting, paints, and paper coatings. Neville also produces a line of tackifying resins used in the creation of adhesives.


PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is one of the most versatile and long-lasting plastics available. It is commonly utilized in industrial and construction applications such as pipes, siding, trim, and window profiles.

Vinyl chlorine monomer (VCM), which is generated from ethylene via thermal cracking, is the major raw material for PVC resin manufacturing. Ethylene dicarboxylic acid (EDC) is then formed by reacting it with chlorine.