Top Pvc Resin Suppliers in Japan

April 06,2023

Top PVC resin manufacturers in Japan

PVC resins are long-lasting and flame-resistant polymers with numerous applications. They are also resistant to abrasion and water, making them excellent for the construction industry.

PVC is a thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride polymer that is synthesized from chlorine and crude oil. It can be made in four different ways. Suspension, bulk, emulsion/dispersion, and solution are examples of these.

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1. JNC Corporation

JNC Corporation is a global chemical manufacturing firm. It offers polypropylene resins, inks, and other printed electronics goods.

It also develops and manufactures electroluminescence (EL) materials. It also provides Liquid Crystal Device LCD active and conductive inks, etch resist, surface treatment, and liquid shedding inks, as well as polyimide-based insulating inks.

It is a $3 billion chemical provider with a global footprint. The Company is committed to enhancing its performance in the chemical and consumer goods sectors and to contributing to sustainable living.

The Company's strategy includes the development of new electroluminescent materials, which are critical in a digital era. It also develops and sells UV curable inks for microlenses with great transparency, as well as thermosetting polyimide inks for printed circuit boards. Furthermore, it creates materials for polysilicon photovoltaics. It has manufacturing plants in Japan, China, and North America.

2. Sekiyado Factory Research Institute

Sekiyado is a small town in Chiba Prefecture's Higashikatsushika District. It is a river port and castle town named for the neighboring Sekiyado Castle, which was erected during the Edo period by the Tokugawa shogunate.

The National Institute of Hygienic Science (NIHS), one of Japan's most prestigious scientific organizations, is also located in town. The NIHS is a multidisciplinary laboratory that performs research on the safety of consumer products, food, and medications, as well as the development of innovative technologies that improve Japanese citizens' quality of life.

The National Institute of Health houses the country's largest tri-axial shaking table, as well as a world-class geotechnical centrifuge system and Japan's most modern fire prevention engineering laboratory. As an industry leader, NIHS is always exploring for new methods to make Japanese products safer, smarter, and more effective. The NIHS is also a shining example of collaboration between industry, government, and academics. The NIHS is a stimulating workplace where you can make a difference.

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3. Keiyo Polyethylene Co. Ltd.

Keiyo Polyethylene is a manufacturer and distributor of PVC, high density polyethylene (HDPE), and olefins. It operates operations in Japan and China and serves customers all over the world.

Despite being impacted by the 11 March earthquake and tsunami, the company's 100,000 tonne/year polyvinyl chloride factory in Chiba, Japan, commenced production on March 22 and will continue to operate at full capacity. Meanwhile, a 63,000-tonne-per-year HDPE factory in Chiba is slated to restart production in April when an upstream cracker operated by Japan's Maruzen Petrochemical restarts.

Keiyo Polyethylene also provides services such as chemical advice and olefin processing in addition to these items. It currently has an in-house ethylene manufacturing unit that generates 280,000 tons of ethylene per year. Furthermore, the corporation operates a petrochemical factory in Tokyo, Japan, which produces 140,000 tons of polyvinyl acetate per year. As a result, Keiyo Polyethylene has a robust supply chain network and can meet the expectations of its clients.

4. Japan U Pica Co. Ltd.

Japan U Pica Co. Ltd. manufactures and sells resin material and chemicals used in vehicles and other industries. Unsaturated polyester resins, UV and EB curable resins, polycarbonate resins, and other chemical solutions are among the goods in its portfolio.

The high-performance resins developed by the company are intended to suit the needs of automotive OEMs and suppliers worldwide. A variety of services, including facility management, supplement the company's product portfolio.

The company represents the concept of value by providing innovative and economical products, as well as exceptional customer service. Its award-winning UV-curable resins have proven to be cost-effective and dependable solutions for its customers' demanding applications. Through inventive and effective product development, sales, and marketing methods, it also exhibits a great awareness of customer preferences and expectations. For example, the company's specialty FRP laminate bulker/print control mat is designed to deliver exceptional performance at a low cost. It also offers the smallest packing footprint of any similar product on the market.