Top Pvc Resin Suppliers in Mexico

April 06,2023

Mexico's Leading PVC resin suppliers

Mexico has long been regarded as a promising market by the resin industry. It is a country with a strong domestic need for plastics and a well-integrated supply chain with the United States.

Three major plastic resin wholesalers are increasing their presence in Mexico, each in their own unique way. Continue reading to learn more about them and the markets they service.


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1. M. Holland Latinoamerica

M. Holland Latinoamerica was founded a year and a half ago through a collaboration with Mexico City-based plastics and chemicals distributor Grupo Solquim, both of which are family-owned and have a long history in the country.

They both sell a wide range of commodity and engineering resins, as well as additives, compostables, bio-compounds, and other materials that can aid in the achievement of sustainability goals. The majority of these materials have FDA LNO or other agency approvals and are third-party certified for percent recycled content.

Their new break bulk terminal and headquarters are in Tultitlan, a secure industrial complex near Mexico City. The facility, which completed in May of last year, contains executive offices, warehouse space, and a separate break bulk and processing area that can handle up to 12 railcars indoors at the same time and has the capacity to store more track in an adjacent railyard. It is ISO 9001:2015 certified and follows stringent international quality control requirements as well as industry best practices.

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2. Industrial Mafra

Industrial Mafra, situated in Morelos, Mexico, was founded in 1991 and distributes polyethylene resin to manufacturers and fabricators. It provides injection molding, blow molds, and rotational molding with high density, low density, and linear low density polyethylene resin.

Dispersion resins, blending resins, plasticizers, stabilizers, pigments, thinners, lubricants, blowing agents, and viscosity modifiers are common constituents. Plastisol-grade, calendering-grade, and other speciality formulations are also available.

There are around 500 customers served by the enterprise, which is supported by storage, bagging lines, rail terminals, and crushing equipment. Its business reach extends to the Mexican market as well as other Central and South American countries.

According to industry insiders, US-based distributors are making inroads into the Mexican market. In 2015, the country's resin sales climbed considerably. In 2015, US/Canadian shipments of high density and linear low density PE to Mexico increased by more than 9%, while PP imports increased by over 12%. A resin distributor in Cheshire, Conn., launched a joint venture with a Mexican resin source earlier this year.

3. Osterman & Co.

Osterman & Co., one of the world's major pvc polymer distributors, offers a comprehensive choice of resins, market guidance, and global support. With our comprehensive online search tool and excellent ties with suppliers, industry groups, and logistical partners, we make it simple to identify the perfect polymers for your needs.

The organization also believes in putting people first and taking care of its employees' families. It provides benefits such as lactation facilities, maternity leave, and flexible work hours for school events or doctor's appointments.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the corporation even launched many programs to assist its employees in overcoming professional and personal obstacles. They include a Microsoft Teams app, WaterCooler, and the previously mentioned virtual town halls. They also have a strong social media presence and a rewards program that includes the aforementioned best-of-all-times award. It's no surprise that the company made Plastics News' best places to work list in 2020. They were also named one of the top ten most innovative firms in their field by the industry publication's research team.

4. Chase Plastics

Chase Plastics is a specialist, engineering, and commodity thermoplastics distributor. The company operates 32 distribution hubs and warehouses across North America.

The Company provides an industry-leading portfolio of value-added services to customers, delivered by skilled sales professionals and dedicated teams of technical process engineers, market development engineers, and others, all of whom guide the material selection, application development, and manufacturing processes. The unrivaled degree of dedicated support, combined with blending, repacking, inventory management, and logistics services delivered through a network of distribution and sales facilities across North America, is solely focused on assisting customers in increasing efficiencies and profitability.

Alan Arduini, vice president of ventas de la compania, reiterated that the new Hermosilla warehouse location will expand the company's Mexican sales staff and ensure it can fulfill the growing demand for recycled plastic. Gilberto Granados, a 29-year plastics industry veteran with a degree in industrial chemical engineering from Instituto Politecnico Nacional and a master's degree in business administration from Universidad La Salle, will lead the new subsidiary.