Which are the top 10 CPVC pipe manufacturing?

February 15,2023

Which are the top 10 CPVC pipe manufacturing?

One of the most used materials for water supply, drainage, and waste disposal is chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe. It works well for chemical processes as well.

The top 10 manufacturers of CPVC pipe are all well-known brands. For many years, they have been providing their clients with high-quality products.

In daily life, pipes and fittings made of PVC can be seen everywhere. Why is PVC pipe widely used and popular all over the world? This post will tell you in detail the advantages of PVC and PVC pipes.


Vectus Industries Ltd.

Water storage tanks and piping systems are produced by Vectus Industries Ltd. It sells through a network of 4,300 dealers and distributors throughout India and operates 13 manufacturing facilities and 5 depots.

Manufacturing rotationally molded water storage tanks and piping systems is one of Vectus's strengths. The business also manufactures drainage systems, columns, and casings out of polyethylene (PE).

Vectus, one of the top CPVC pipe producers in India, offers a variety of specialized goods that are appropriate for usage in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Additionally, it offers CPVC pipe fittings and additional accessories.

Vectus, a top producer of water tanks and pipelines, intends to meet the demands of an expanding population in a region where effective water management is crucial. It has received various honors and accolades thanks to its emphasis on innovation and the client experience.

Fits directly over 1/2-in size (actual OD 13/16 or 0.840 in) sch 40 or sch 80 PVC pipe. UV protected for both indoor and outdoor use. Beveled socket ends taper down to the PVC pipe for a professional appearance. Connects four sections of PVC pipe to make a flat cross member connection. Pack of ten (10) fittings. PVC Pipeworks 1/2-in dia 90-Degree Cross Tee Union PVC Fitting (10-Pack) | 050-X-P-10


Prince Pipes and Fittings Pvt. Ltd.

One of India's top PVC pipe producers and multi-polymer processors is Prince Pipes and Fittings Limited. It was incorporated in 1987 and offers 7200 goods in total.

Its CPVC pipes are utilized in a number of plumbing, irrigation, and sewage disposal applications. They have well-placed manufacturing facilities all over India and a strong distribution network.

They produce CPVC pipe in addition to other pipes like HDPE, UPVC, and PP-R. They use cutting-edge equipment and have a high manufacturing capacity.

For a higher-quality product, the company is dedicated to innovation and constant improvement. Engineers from their team work in the R&D division to develop innovative items.

The major products the company produces are CPVC pipe and fittings. It offers a wide variety of goods and is growing its network both inside and outside of India.

Ashirvad Pipes Pvt. Ltd.

Ashirvad Pipes, a company that specializes in plumbing and sanitary products, was established in 1998 by the three brothers of Pawan Poddar. It also offers agricultural water supply products.

The business makes CPVC pipes. They are employed in applications requiring sanitary, potable, hot, and cold water. They are sturdy, corrosion-proof, and resistant to fire.

One of the biggest CPVC producers in the world, Ashirvad has 36,000 dealers and various manufacturing facilities. They hold the permission to sell CPVC pipe and fittings under the FlowGuard Plus brand owned by Lubrizol.

They have a favorable gearing situation, strong cash accruals, and a low business risk profile. They have a BBB+ rating from Crisil and a solid financial risk profile.

They are currently among India's top producers of UPVC and CPVC pipes. They have production facilities in Bengaluru and serve clients all over the nation.


One of the top manufacturers of pipes in India, Finolex specializes in CPVC piping. They manufacture uPVC pipe and have a vast network all throughout the nation.

These pipes can be utilized for a variety of purposes and are offered in a range of sizes, pressure classifications, and diameters. They are produced using an environmentally friendly, lead-free material.

Over PVC and other plastic pipe, CPVC offers various benefits, including the capacity to endure higher temperatures. They won't deteriorate with time and are also UV-resistant.

Copper Tube Sizing (CTS) or Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) schemes are both available for CPVC. Additionally, there are many different hues available. To be sure you are getting the correct material, always verify the sizing system marked on the plastic pipe.