Zhongtai PVC Resin Sg5 High Quality PVC China Big Manufacturer

July 03,2023

zhongtai pvc resin Sg5 High Quality PVC China Big Manufacturer

PVC is a type of artificial polymer utilized in many different applications. It is created using ethylene and calcium carbide.

China has a big production capability and is a significant user of PVC. Pipes, movies, and construction materials are the principal offerings. Additionally, it is a significant supplier to China's petrochemical industry.

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Product Description

With its top-notch manufacturing and testing facility, Zhongtai pvc resin Sg5 High Quality PVC China Big Manufacturer stands out from the competition. The business specializes in creating virgin polyvinyl chloride resin of the highest quality in the sexiest hues. When it comes to using green production techniques, the corporation is also among the most forward-thinking in China. While still manufacturing the most affordable products on the market, the company makes every effort to lessen its carbon footprint and the accompanying environmental effects. The business also strives to offer consumers a one-stop service that combines a variety of chemical goods into a comprehensive solution that is supported by a cutting-edge manufacturing facility.

Production Process

Zhongtai PVC resin sg5 High Quality PVC China Big Manufacturer is a well-known producer of chemical products and plastic resins. It uses a range of manufacturing techniques to create its goods, including molding, laminating, extrusion, calendering, injection, and blow molding. The business provides consumers with one-stop service for their chemical products.

Leading producers of virgin PVC resin, including SG-5, SG-6, SG-7, and SG-8, are the firm. Its products contain minimal levels of heavy metals, pleasing color values, steady viscosities, and superior flow characteristics. Additionally, it uses a safe, dependable, and ecologically friendly production process. It has received endorsement from the ISO, GB, and JAS standards.

A national industry in China, the manufacture of polyvinyl chloride has an annual output of roughly 27 million tons. China is not only the greatest PVC producer in the world, but it also supplies PVC to other countries.

China uses both the calcium carbide process and the ethylene method to make PVC. 80% of the nation's production capacity is based on the calcium carbide technique.

High-end, refined items that can't be made using PVC made using the calcium carbide process can be produced using the ethylene approach. Compared to the calcium carbide approach, the ethylene process is less harmful and more environmentally friendly.

The Chinese PVC sector has grown significantly in recent years and now dominates the global PVC market. As China's economy expands and its urbanization rate rises, the demand for PVC has increased. Future trends indicate that PVC will continue to be in demand.

PVC resin, created using a specific technique, serves as the primary component of Huiya Anti Control Vinyl Sheet Flooring. Vinyl flooring is permanently anti-static or conductive thanks to the conductive or anti-static network between 2 PVC particles. Its surface has the appearance of marble, which produces excellent decorative results. It is frequently used in industries like telecom, electronics, cell-type machine rooms, PC rooms, cleanroom workshops, etc. that have anti-static and purification requirements.

Huiya Anti Control Vinyl Sheet Flooring's main material is PVC resin, which made with special process. The conductive or anti-static network between 2 PVC particles make vinyl floor anti-static or conductive permanently. Its surface seems like marble, which have very good decoration results. It is widely used for telecom, electronics industries, cell-type machine room,PC room and cleanroom workshops etc, which have purification and anti-static request. #VinylFlooring #ESD #PVCFloor



PVC is one of the polymers that is used the most frequently worldwide. It is a high-quality plastic paste PVC resin that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is mostly employed in the production of plastic goods like synthetic leather, films, and wire sheaths. Additionally, it is employed in the manufacture of hard plastic items including plates, doors, windows, pipelines, and valves.

With a capacity of more than 27 million tons annually, China produces more PVC Pipe products than any other country in the world. Although ethylene-based PVC can also be made, the calcium carbide process accounts for the majority of output. On the global market, the Chinese PVC sector is becoming more significant. In the years 2018 to 2020, it is anticipated to keep growing its capacity. Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Shandong, and Qinghai are home to the majority of PVC manufacturing. There are already more than 60 PVC producers in China, with a production capacity of at least 400,000 tons per year.

Company Profile

Since 1957, the company has been producing and selling pvc paste resin and other plastics. Its primary operations are in Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang. It produces a wide range of PVC products that are employed in the production of consumer items, automobile parts, and other structures as well as construction and building materials. The business is ideally situated to benefit from the growing demand for eco-friendly building materials and energy-saving solutions. To satisfy the needs of its clients, Zhongtai is a forward-thinking business that consistently seeks out new technology and enhances its quality management procedures. For instance, the business has been putting in place an onsite environmental management system that complies with all legal requirements.