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Xinjiang Zhongtai Group's economic performance in the first three quarters is stable and improving, showing resilience

Time : 2022-10-27

The 2022 Fortune Global 500 list was officially announced on August 3. Zhongtai Group was listed for the first time and ranked 434th. This is not only a great compliment to the tenth anniversary of the establishment of Zhongtai Group, but also the best tribute to the Party's 20th National Congress.

The Fortune 500 is known as the "authoritative list for measuring the development of global large enterprises", and the company's listing on the list is enough to prove its weight and strength in the international and domestic economic map. Especially under the background of the intertwined and superimposed changes of the century and the epidemic of the century, and the severe and complicated economic situation at home and abroad, as the first state-owned enterprise in Xinjiang to enter the world's top 500, it is a great encouragement to all cadres and employees and even the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

Looking back at the growth of Zhongtai Group, the 64 years of spring and autumn have condensed the efforts of several generations, and also built an indestructible foundation. From a weak school-run factory on a wild hillside, to becoming a leading enterprise in the chlor-alkali industry in the autonomous region, ranking among the first-class state-owned enterprise groups in the region, and then entering the world's top 500, in the wave of the times, the size of Zhongtai Group has already changed from a small sampan that first entered the shallow stream to an aircraft carrier traveling in the deep ocean.

The corporate economy continues to be stable and improved, the quality is improved, technological innovation continues to accelerate, corporate reform continues to deepen, and people's livelihood and well-being continue to improve... Zhongtai Group, which has entered a new era, is now with the attitude of innovation and struggle, hard work and dedication, on the brand-new and broad development platform of the Fortune Global 500, the Zhongtai power of "big company of the country" and "the eldest son of the autonomous region" is displayed.

Hard works takes the lead, laying the foundation of the industry

Riding the wind and breaking the waves, the brave one wins.

This beautiful and rich land in Xinjiang has not only nurtured a multi-ethnic culture of perseverance, but also cultivated the pride and responsibility of the Chinese and Thai people to "stand up on the tide and dare to be the first".

In 1958, the then Xinjiang Bayi Agricultural College decided to build the first pesticide factory in Xinjiang according to the instructions of the higher party committee to meet the needs of Xinjiang's agricultural development. In this way, a group of people with lofty ideals went on a mission to set up camp on the deserted Gobi desert in the old city of Maliaodi in Xishan, Urumqi, and started from scratch. Living in a straw hut, drinking muddy water, and carrying it on one's shoulders... Standing on a high mound and looking around, there are fluffy camel thorns, patches of splendens and endless barrenness. In the hands of entrepreneurs of the first generation, it has become one of the birthplaces of modern industry in Xinjiang.

In 1962, in order to solve the basic raw material "chlorine" of pesticides, the pesticide factory of Bayi Agricultural College was renamed Xinjiang caustic soda factory. It is imminent to increase product development and technological transformation. To this end, the cadres and employees of Xinjiang Caustic Soda Plant "try" again and again, and a small step at that time has brought a big step today.

In 1995, Xinjiang Caustic Soda Plant was renamed Xinjiang Chlor-Alkali Plant. On October 1 of that year, the successful completion of the chlor-alkali technical transformation project completely ended the history of Xinjiang's inability to produce polyvinyl chloride resins. The technological transformations to catch up with the world's advanced chemical industry reflect the pride of Zhongtai people.

In 1999, Wang Hongxin, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee and director of the Xinjiang Chlor-Alkali Factory at that time, and the current secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Xinjiang Zhongtai Group, took office. The second and third phase of the technical renovation and expansion project of the old factory in Xishan opened a grand prelude to the construction of the stubble-type project of Zhongtai Group for many years. In 2001, Zhongtai Chemical Co., Ltd. was restructured and established. In 2006, Zhongtai Chemical was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The development of the enterprise entered the fast lane of development with the help of the capital platform. The wave of industrial development of Zhongtai Group was higher than wave after wave. "I don't believe that state-owned enterprises can’t do well" The long-cherished wish of history shines brightly in the progress of the times.

Diversified development, great power

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, history has turned a new page.

In 2012, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the Autonomous Region established Zhongtai Group on the basis of Zhongtai Chemical. With the rhythm of implementing new development concepts and building a new development pattern in the new era, Zhongtai Group actively undertakes the development strategies of the country and the autonomous region, focusing on building and extending the chain, integrating advantageous resources, and cooperating with private enterprises such as Xinjiang Fulida, Mahatma Energy, Meike Chemical, and Lihua Cotton Industry to implement mixed ownership reform, maximize industrial advantages, expand industrial clusters, and transforming the policy dividends into development effectiveness, and state-owned capital will continue to be strengthened in the course of reform and development, providing fundamental impetus and strong guarantee for making state-owned enterprises bigger, stronger and better.

Zhongtai Group adheres to the guidance of improving the core competitiveness of state-owned enterprises, and continuously accelerates the pace of catching up with outstanding domestic and foreign enterprises. In the trend of coordinated development of the sector, batches of major projects have been built and grown in the seven industrial bases of Zhongtai Group. The company continues to expand its territory, strengthen its muscles and bones, and develop into the largest PVC, caustic soda, viscose yarn, BDO production and cotton processing enterprises in the country.

Zhongtai Group adheres to technology empowerment, talent empowerment, and reform empowerment, and always regards technological innovation as the "number one task", insists on empowering the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries with technological innovation, accelerates the pace of technological innovation, and continuously improves the market-based talent selection and employment mechanism. Give full play to the role of the "baton" of performance appraisal, conduct real assessment and realisation, attract people with a broad career platform, unite people with a lofty corporate mission, stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of various talents to innovate, concentrate resources and concentrate strength, and effectively enhance the enterprise development vitality and endogenous power.

"The Greatest of the Country", carrying on Social Responsibility

The more emphasis is placed on enterprises that undertake social responsibilities, the greater the space for future development. Whether an enterprise is strong and has development potential, in addition to the enterprise's economic strength, management level, technical strength, and employee quality, corporate social responsibility is also an important indicator. Since its establishment, Zhongtai Group has deeply practiced the corporate mission of "enriching the people, revitalizing Xinjiang, and strengthening the country", and has always adhered to actively fulfilling its social responsibilities, from Wuchang area to Toksun area, from Aksu area to Bazhou area, from Hotan and Kashgar to Tajikistan, the industrial strength and brand strength of Zhongtai Group have continued to grow.

"Enterprises actively fulfill their social responsibilities, not just in slogans, but must be reflected in actions and implemented in all aspects of corporate development." For a long time, Zhongtai Group has always thoroughly implemented the policies of the Party and the state, and has always adhered to the attitude of openness, inclusiveness and win-win development in accordance with the decisions and arrangements of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region. Grasp the key of learning from each other's strengths and combining strengths and strengths, adopt measures according to local conditions and enterprises, benefit the people's livelihood with high-quality development, unite people's hearts, actively absorb and solve local employment, and accelerate the construction of modern industries with Xinjiang characteristics, benefit people of all ethnic groups, and support high-quality development system. Continue to strengthen state-owned capital in the process of reform and development, and become the backbone of promoting Xinjiang's industrial base, efficiency, transformation and upgrading.

As the first state-owned enterprise in Xinjiang to enter the world's top 500, Zhongtai Group will take the entry into the world's top 500 as a new starting point, gather the momentum of prairie fire in the sky, build the body of Mount Tai in the dust and sand, and focus on realizing trillions of output value , 100 billion profits and taxes, achieve 100,000 employments, and the grand goal of becoming a world-class enterprise is striving to move forward. We have always believed that as Xinjiang ushered in the historic development opportunities and in the broad process of high-quality economic and social development in Xinjiang, more and stronger Zhongtai forces will emerge.