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Xinjiang Cereals and Oils Group Co., Ltd.

Xinjiang Cereals and Oils Group Co., Ltd. was approved by the People's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region as a Class II enterprise in November 1999, and was formally established in July 2000. It is Xinjiang grease factory, food factory and machinery processing factory and other enterprises after the restructuring of the establishment of the enterprise. Authorized by the people's Government of the autonomous Region to operate and manage the company and the state-owned assets within the scope of authorization, under the autonomous Region Food Bureau; In 2018, it was managed by the SASAC; In February 2020, with the approval of the People's Government of the Autonomous Region, Xinjiang Cereals and Oils Group was transferred to Xinjiang Zhongtai (Group) Co., Ltd. as a second-class wholly-owned subsidiary; In December 2021, according to the zhongtai group plate integrated solutions, as the reasonable layout of the agricultural industry, make good use of "new food" golden signboard, the new food group is divided into agricultural sector platform company xinjiang zhongtai secondary subsidiary of agricultural development co., LTD., a registered capital of 557.5 million yuan, the company is located in urumqi economic and technological development zone yangcheng lake road no. 39. It is the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in the autonomous region and one of the top 100 excellent enterprises in the autonomous region. The company has been awarded the "Assured grain and Oil Processing Demonstration Enterprise" by China Grain and Oil Industry Association, and the winning Enterprise in the national "Ankang Cup" competition.

As the pillar enterprise of the agricultural sector of Zhongtai Group, Xinjiang Cereals and Oils Group fully integrates the grain, oil and animal husbandry sector of the group. It has 14 second-level subsidiaries, including New Grain Oil Company, New Grain Agricultural Development Company, Xinjiang Haozi Livestock Company, Zhongtai New Grain Agricultural Science and Technology Service Company, New Grain Yan Yangtian Tomato Co., LTD., New Grain Golden Valley Investment Company, Xinjiang Bayi Flour Company, etc., with 1020 employees. The business scope of the company is: engaged in the maintenance and appreciation of state-owned assets and investment authorized by the people's government of the autonomous Region; Grain and oil storage processing and sales, grain and oil products development, grain and oil and agricultural products trade, import and export trade, tomato products processing and trade, purchase and use of agricultural production materials, livestock sales, real estate development, housing rental, property management, warehousing and transportation and other businesses. It is responsible for storing 6,198 tons of edible oil and 20,206 tons of wheat in the autonomous region. Urumqi municipal grade reserve flour 1200 tons; The central government temporarily reserves 3,000 tons of wheat and 1,000 tons of municipal finished rice. Now it has the capacity OF 150,000 tons of FLOUR processing, 150,000 tons of cottonseed oil processing, 45,000 tons of oil refining, 30,000 tons of oil filling in small and medium-sized packaging, 10,000 tons of tomato paste and 15,000 tons of tomatoes.

Under the guidance of Zhongtai Group's ten major industries to support the three main industries, Xinjiang Cereals and Oils Group will adhere to the steady progress, make up for the shortcomings, implement the development plan and work deployment of Zhongtai Group's agricultural industry, integrate superior resources, expand sales platform and network, We will promote the high-quality development of the agricultural industry in six areas: animal husbandry, forage processing, grain storage, oil processing, tomato industry, and sales of Xinjiang specialty products, and achieve coordinated development of the industrial chain, value chain, supply chain, value-added chain and employment chain. The bank financing channel will be opened to help the main business become stronger, better and bigger, integrate the development mode of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, make up for the shortcomings and weak areas, and build Xinjiang Cereals and Oils Group into an integrated group company of the whole agricultural industry chain.

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