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Lyocell Fiber

Lyocell Fiber

Our product is produced by the dry process which is the latest manufacturing technique of Lyocell fifiber . With the raw materials taken from the nature, no pollution in the production process, no toxic or harmful emissions, it is a green, eco-friendly regenerated cellulose fifiber. It not only offffers the comfort, good hand feel, easy dyeing and other characteristics of natural fifiber cotton, but also boasts the advantage of eco-friendliness which is not found in the traditional viscose fifibers.


Our products consistof 1.1dtex,1.33dtex, 1.67 dtex, 2 dtex and other types of Lyocell fibers.it combines the excellent characteristics of natural fifibers and synthetic fibers—It not only has the advantages of softness, skin-friendliness, strong moisture absorbability and bright colors of natural fifiber cotton, but also offers the Characteristics of high dry and wet strength,high initial modulus, small shrinkage in Water and good dimensional stability of synthetic fibers.The soft and smooth, light and elegant,breathableandmoisture-penetrable the fabrics offer plainand elegantluster,and auniquetouch.They are mainly used in hometextiles,clothing And accessories and industrial textiles, and highly favored by the consumers.

According to the purpose of the fifiber, its size, strength, fifibrinization degree, Whiteness and other properties can be adjusted to fully meet the difffferent product Needs of all kinds of customers.

It is from nature and close to nature. The raw materials are taken from cellulose-rich plants, such as bamboos, fast-growing trees and cotton linters, which can be rapidly regenerated in a short period of time. Made of 100% natural renewable resources, it’s extremely eco-friendly. and creating “zero-carbon”products with sustainable

Putting naturalness fifirst ecological raw materials and leading the green and healthy development of the industry is also the means of Hontidin’s unremitting pursuit of guarding the environment, the earth and the future.

1)Flame-resistant fifiber : It offers excellent flame retardant effect and strong toughness, soft and well-textured, delicate but not fragile. The fabrics made of it are stiff and smooth, pliable, understated and delicate.

2)ntibacterial fifiber : It can effectively inhibit and hinder the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. The extremely safe material can provide effective care around the clock, bringing a full sense of security and comfort. It is a reassuring choice at all times.

3) Thermal insulative fifiber : With excellent heat resistance and heat preservation performance, it can fifirmly retain the heat to minimize heat loss, provide effective temperature control and superior quality, and present the ultimate experience of gentleness and warmth.

4) Colored fifiber: Easy to color, Jit can present elegant and gorgeous colors, and produce splendid and well-textured fabrics that are trendy, stylish, natural and classy to meet a variety of customer needs.






Home textiles:Excellent skin-friendliness ,Perfect humidity control function , Effffective inhibition of bacterial growth

Clothing and Accessories:High-grade luxury beauty, Ultimate comfort, Excellent durability, Eco-friendly concept of life

Industrial Textiles: Medical and health care industry, Cosmetics industry, Other industrial textiles industry

Lyocell Fiber
Lyocell Fiber
Lyocell Fiber

Packing form: 310KG/bale

We provide free samples of 0.5-1kg, you only need to pay the freight, please feel free to contact us if you need it.


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