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Xinjiang Zhongtai Textile and Garment Group Co., Ltd.

Xinjiang Zhongtai Textile and Garment Group Co., Ltd.

In order to thoroughly implement the national "Belt and Road" initiative and the three-year action plan for the reform of state-owned enterprises, seize the strategic opportunity of promoting the development of the western region in the new era to form a new pattern, and promote the development of the textile and garment industry in Xinjiang to drive the employment of millions of people, the global Fortune 500 listed enterprise Xinjiang Zhongtai (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongtai Group") invested and established a wholly-owned subsidiary - Xinjiang Zhongtai Textile and Garment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Textile and Garment Group") on December 23, 2021. , with a registered capital of 1 billion yuan.

Zhongtai Textile and Garment Group, as the platform company of the textile and garment sector in the "three major businesses" and "seven major sectors" of Zhongtai Group, strengthens the business operations, production scheduling, investment management, internal supervision, coordination services and other management functions of the two major industries of cotton spinning and viscose spinning.As of the end of June 2022, the total assets under management are 37.5 billion yuan, and there are more than 50 subsidiaries at all levels, 11,008 employees and more than 30,000 laborers. The business covers cotton planting and acquisition, viscose fiber production, spinning and processing , sales of knitted textiles and raw materials, manufacturing of home textile products, manufacturing and sales of industrial textile products, clothing manufacturing, procurement and sales agency services, supply chain management services, business management consulting and other fields.

At present, around the cotton industry chain and viscose industry chain, the textile and garment sector has formed a 70,000 acres of seed breeding base, a 1.23 million acres of high-standard cotton planting base, 880,000 tons of viscose fiber, 3.795 million ingots of viscose yarn, and 960,000 ingots of viscose yarn. The production capacity of cotton yarn is 140,000 tons of non-woven fabrics, 95 million meters of woven fabrics, 16,000 tons of woven fabrics, and 4.5 million pieces (sets) of custom-made garments. It has built the largest single-scale leading enterprise in the cotton industry, the world's largest viscose yarn production base, China's largest viscose production base, and a number of high-tech enterprises. It has established a whole industry chain development model integrating cotton planting, viscose production, high-end spinning and downstream weaving, printing and dyeing, and garment processing.

The main products are high-quality lint cotton, cotton varieties, ordinary fibers, ultra-fine denier fibers, cotton-type bleaching, fine-denier bleaching, wool-type bleaching, high-white medical fibers, flame-retardant fibers, antibacterial fibers, colored fibers, etc. for viscose staple fiber in length specifications. Various specifications of high, medium and low-grade open-air spinning, vortex spinning, ring spinning, carded combed viscose yarn, cotton yarn and various blended yarns, medical non-woven fabrics, high-count, high-density, wide-width home textiles, high-end clothing fabrics and all kinds of clothing.The product has the characteristics of wear resistance, anti-pilling, antistatic, bright and colorful dyeing, good hygroscopicity, good comfort and strong adaptability. The product has passed the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX? certification and the FSC and CFCC certifications of the forest management system; joined the green development alliance of the regenerated cellulose fiber industry, passed the STeP certification audit (sustainable textile production certification), and passed the Made in Green ( Made in Green) labeling.

The affiliated supervised enterprises have successively won the "National Labor Award", "National Cellulose Fiber and Textile R&D Production Demonstration Base", National Key Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization, National High-tech Enterprise, and National "Contract-abiding, Heavy-duty" Credit unit, top ten quality trustworthy brands in China's cotton industry, national quality service reputation "AAA" level enterprise, autonomous region level enterprise technology center, Corps level agricultural industrialization leading enterprise, Corps level leading foreign trade enterprise and many other honors. The agricultural and textile integration project invested and constructed in Tajikistan has been included in the national "the Belt and Road" key project and a key project of China-Tajikistan cooperation, and won the "Tajik Best Industrial Product Award" and "Tajik National Excellent Industrial Enterprise Award".

The Textile and Garment Group is closely focused on strategic positioning such as "the world's largest supplier of multi-fiber yarn materials", "the largest R&D and production base for fiber materials in the west", "the leader in the export trade and circulation services of textiles and apparel to the west", and "the Belt and Road" construction practice and “World-class Cotton Whole Industry Chain Enterprise Group”,in accordance with the development ideas of extending the chain, strengthening the chain, supplementing the chain, and consolidating the chain, based on the listing of the industry’s leading enterprise-Lihua Group, with project construction as the core, through investment and mergers and acquisitions, industrial integration, transformation and upgrading of the whole industry, we will create a whole industry chain of cotton spinning, viscose spinning and chemical fiber spinning with "full categories", integrating "planting - spinning - weaving - dyeing - finishing - clothing". It is realizing the development and transformation of diversified raw material paths represented by cotton and chemical fiber, and is realizing the transformation of the whole industry chain from primary processing to technology, fashion and green direction, and is realizing the transformation from "policy depression" to "Industrial agglomeration highland" transformation focused on marketization.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period and the future period, the company will further consolidate and enhance the competitiveness of the textile and garment industry, coordinate a safe and reliable industrial chain supply chain, mainly focus on refining the cotton industrial chain, implementing land transfer to establish modern farms, expand cotton planting scale, accelerate the establishment of high-quality cotton varieties research and development bases, optimize the structure of cotton varieties, improve cotton quality, promote the realization of large-scale, standardized, mechanized and high-quality cotton production, and build an influential cotton brand in China. Focusing on strengthening and optimizing the viscose fiber industry, coordinate the internal industrial chain resources of the textile and garment sector, reasonably adjust the structure of viscose staple fiber varieties, improve product quality, stabilize product quality, and increase the development of differentiated viscose staple fiber varieties. Implement technical transformation on the existing viscose staple fiber production plant, improve the technological advancement, intelligence, energy saving and emission reduction level of the plant, stabilize the production scale, develop lyocell fiber in a timely manner, and provide high-quality cellulose fiber raw materials for pinning users of the group and in Xinjiang. Focusing on breaking through the polyester fiber industry chain, relying on the products produced by the purified terephthalic acid (PTA) project and the ethylene glycol (EG) project under construction by Zhongtai Group as raw materials, build an industrial cooperation platform and introduce industrial chain partners , guided by product differentiation and functionalization, aiming at the market in Xinjiang and Central Asia, rationally plan the development scale and variety structure of polyester filament and staple fiber, and develop the polyester polyester industry chain. Combine multi-chain, and finally realize the blending of cotton, polyester staple fiber, viscose staple fiber, etc., continue to develop the weaving industry, clothing and apparel, home textile industry, create new kinetic energy and new advantages, promote the high-end intelligent green transformation of the industry, and achieve high-quality development.