ZhongTai Import and Export Corporation opened up theZhongTai Import&Export Company international market to achieve a sharp rise in foreign trade business

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Recently, the author learned from Xinjiang Zhongtai Import and Export Company that as of September 30, Zhongtai Import and Export Company's PVC foreign trade orders increased by 22.53% over the same period last year, and caustic soda foreign trade orders increased by 26% over the same period last year.


At the same time, the Party Committee of ZhongTai Import and Export Company has continuously opened up new international markets and increased foreign trade export orders. "At the beginning of this year, in the face of the sudden outbreak of pneumonia in the new crown, ZhongTai Import and Export Corporation Party Committee gave full play to the advantages of foreign trade platform, global procurement of epidemic prevention materials to help the autonomous region win the war of prevention and control of the epidemic, focusing on the international PVC、 caustic soda market, making full use of ZhongTai Group's non-stop advantage during the epidemic period, continuing to carry out in-depth foreign trade business, insisting on both prevention and control of the epidemic and foreign trade work, both hard and not wrong, ensuring that foreign trade business will not rise during the epidemic period. As a result of the epidemic situation in Urumqi, the party committee of ZhongTai Import and Export Corporation led all cadres and employees to overcome the difficulties of transportation, commodity inspection and banking, to accurately grasp the international situation and to prejudge the price PVC、 caustic soda in the international market. In particular, from July to August, the international market continued to improve, and the CPC Committee of ZhongTai Import and Export Corporation planned ahead of time and worked together to develop new international markets in depth on the basis of maintaining long-term strategic cooperative customers ."


It is understood that this year, ZhongTai Import and Export Company clung to the strategic opportunity of Belt and Road, built online and offline operation mode with the help of Xinjiang as the core area of the Silk Road economic belt, and deepened the cooperation process with Alibaba International Station to further enhance the company's brand awareness and influence. Seize the opportunity of cooperation with Xinjiang international dry port, carry out the integration and development work in the fields of international warehousing logistics, import and export trade, shopping demonstration base, cotton textile agriculture, large consumption and so on, construct the "big foreign trade" system of unified docking with foreign markets, and establish the business pattern of "west, east and east, two-way internationalization" business pattern. At the same time, ZhongTai Import and Export Company has further strengthened the training of business personnel, clarified the management system and management requirements, and enhanced the risk awareness and ability of foreign trade staff to identify risks.

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