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Kuerbanjiang Barati

National maintenance electrician skill master

Kuerbanjiang Barati is an outstanding expert with outstanding contributions in the autonomous region. I worked hard, diligently and meticulously in Zhongtai Group. He has been awarded as Urumqi city, autonomous region, national skill master. He has been awarded the honorary titles of "Excellent Individual in patent application", "Technical Expert", "Advanced Worker", "Advanced Individual in National Unity", "Post Operation Expert", "Advanced Individual", "Most Beautiful Huatai Person" and so on. Diligent and eager to learn, brave to shoulder the burden, do love line, Kuerban Jiang, Balaty with skillful hands and practical actions gradually become the technical backbone of the company's electrical department]. Under his leadership, the national maintenance electrician skills master worker. The studio actively carried out 136 technical breakthroughs. The "transformer negative pressure plugging device" and "low-pressure drawer cabinet handle to prevent misoperation" jointly invented by him and his members have obtained national patents. In addition, through self-study to introduce 3D printing technology, the use of 3D printers to make insulation accessories, for the enterprise to save 300,000 yuan. "Find a problem, immediately answer" is his characteristic of teaching knowledge, "never hide, pour out the money to teach" is his apprentice way. Kuerbanjiang Balati's classes are everywhere, in workshops, restaurants and even on his way home from work, where he answers questions from employees. In this way, the Kuerban River. Balati also found a lot of technical personnel, reserve technical force, so that the technical level of Huatai company maintenance electricians has been continuously extended and improved. Craftsmen are research-oriented talents full of scientific spirit. Their exquisite craftsmanship is not only in their hands, but also in their hearts. Skilled hands achieve excellence, ingenuity to create extraordinary. Kuerbanjiang Balati has always adhered to his original aspiration. He has been forging ahead on the road of improving his professional quality and scientific research strength, and encourages to make more outstanding achievements for Zhongtai with his skillful hands and ingenuity. Since the introduction of 3D printer in Kuerbanjiang, Master Balati of Huatai chlor-alkali Factory, more than 100 problems have been solved in the field of electrical appliances and instruments, saving more than 300,000 yuan of material costs, which will produce more economic benefits in the later stage.

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