200 Best Walnut Shell Crafts ideas

June 07,2023

The Top 200 Walnut Shell Crafts

Paper shell walnuts are an excellent natural material for crafts with children. They're easy to make and can be embellished with little trinkets or figures.

Walnuts can be used to make a variety of fun and instructive projects for children, such as penguins, whales, beetles, bees, ladybugs, and mice. They can also be used to teach basic counting and multiplication.

Walnuts shell craft ideas?


1. Walnut Boats

Walnut boats are a great craft for kids to make, and they truly float. They're great for water table play, beach play, and even bath time!

To begin, gather a few walnuts and their shells. These are available in farmers markets, fruit and vegetable merchants, and Asian supermarkets.

Next, have your child assist you in carefully splitting the walnut in half using a knife or an oyster shucker. This can be challenging, so work as swiftly and effectively as possible.

After splitting the nut in half, fill each half with hot glue. You may now add a charming paper flag to your walnut boat.

2. Walnut Tree Ornaments

Walnut shells are an excellent material for children to use while making ornaments. They're strong and safe, and they can be easily fashioned into a variety of shapes.

These wonderful Christmas ornaments may be made with only a few simple items! Gather pine cones, hot glue a wooden bead to the top of a walnut shell, and complete with construction paper or foam sheets cut into the shapes of gloves, boots, and a hat.

This cute walnut reindeer tree ornament is a great activity for kids and a terrific fine motor skill development! Pom pom noses and eyeballs give a festive touch to your tree for an added touch!

3. Walnut Bowl

This walnut bowl, crafted by Seattle-based artisan Katherine Wesselman, is a lovely addition to your kitchen or dining room table. She is a trained architect who applies her aesthetic and problem-solving abilities to her lathe-turned works.

This walnut bowl has an unusual texture and contrasting tones that add to its attractiveness, thanks to its spalted grain. It's ideal for serving nuts or other gathering treasures and would make an excellent present.

These excellent wooden bowls are made from a single walnut wood block and are part of a fading American heritage that stretches back over 150 years. To enhance its natural beauty, each one is handcrafted by artisans from a single piece of wood, sanded silky smooth, and hand-rubbed with Three BEEautiful Bees All Natural Walnut Oil.

4. Walnut Wall Art

Walnut wall art is an excellent way to bring woodgrain and natural beauty into your house. This one-of-a-kind piece is made of live edge black walnut and accented with brushed aluminum medallions and copper inlays.

Walnut shell crafts are not only entertaining, but they also help children practice fundamental math skills and understand state shapes. They can even push themselves by solving riddles with various shells.

Children may construct a variety of amusing animals out of nut shells, including penguins, mice, and turtles. They can, for example, paint the shells gray and add mouse ears to them.

A small sail can also be used to make a boat out of a walnut shell. A toothpick, paper, and clay are required.

walnut shell ornament with owls


5. Walnut Basket

A walnut basket is a traditional and enjoyable way to repurpose empty walnut shells. You may make them in a number of sizes and styles!

Whole and halved walnut shells can be used to make walnut baskets. Whole and halved walnuts are available in grocery shops, farmers' markets, and craft festivals.

Another possibility is to purchase complete shells from an online craft store. Etsy is an excellent source to get reasonably priced whole and halved shells.

A walnut shell is an excellent material for creative crafts for children! The imagination may provide children with a plethora of images, and they will be delighted to build their own creations.

6. Walnut Fairy Garden

Making a fairy garden is a fun method to ensure that children spend time outside. It's a creative hobby that can help children improve fine motor skills while also encouraging them to get out and explore their surroundings.

There are numerous ways to decorate a walnut shell to make a lovely fairy garden. You may paint it any color you choose and finish it off with some little flowers or moss.

Scattering stones over the space is another basic decoration for a fairy garden. They will add an air of enchantment to your fairy garden ideas, whether they are tucked among the roots of a tree or tucked into a rockery.

Small pieces of furniture can also be used to add character to your fairy garden. There are numerous twig and bark bits available to utilize for these types of components. They will give your landscape a rustic atmosphere and are simple for children to pick up.

7. Walnut Tic-Tac-Toe

The classic game of tic-tac-toe is a favorite of both children and adults, keeping the entire family occupied for hours. However, it is a sophisticated game that needs strategy and attention to detail.

Tic-tac-toe is played on a three-by-three grid, with players marking spaces with Xs or Os. The game is won by the first person to set three of their markings in a row (up, down, across, or diagonally).

There are other varieties of the game, including one in which three-in-a-row sequences are counted vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. This variant is a wonderful way to hone your math skills.

8. Walnut Puzzle

Like life, walnut jigsaw puzzles are a mess of components that can be rebuilt into a more beautiful whole. It's a basic notion that makes for an enjoyable exercise for both youngsters and adults.

The best walnut jigsaw puzzles are both entertaining and educational. They can assist children in learning to count, recognize letters, and even spell words.

The Walnut Wooden Puzzle is a three-dimensional design made in Peter Chapman's characteristic style of successive puzzle cuts and a handy eye-piece that holds it all together. It's the perfect size for stacking, matching, sorting, and sensory play, plus it also looks nice! It's also a terrific method to express yourself creatively. Remember to share it with your family and friends; they might be amazed by the witty insights you discover inside!

9. Walnut Animals

Walnuts are more than just a pleasant snack; they also contain a variety of nutrients and are prized for their cholesterol-lowering effects. As a result, numerous natural creatures, such as squirrels and raccoons, rely on them for sustenance.

The rounded shape of a walnut shell is ideal for creating charming creatures such as hedgehogs, ladybugs, and turtles. These adorable critters make great outdoor toys and are simple to construct with basic craft supplies.

They are also a lovely addition to parks and gardens. They may not, however, be suitable for smaller urban gardens. Their leaves and roots exude juglone, which can kill many common garden plants. Consider some pumpkin seeds as well.

10. Walnut Wall Art

Walnut wall art is an excellent way to bring natural elegance into your home. This rustic cross from Madi Kay Designs is a stunning option for anyone wishing to decorate their walls with a farmhouse flair!

Walnut shells can be used to make a variety of crafts. They are a terrific source of inspiration and make enjoyable, simple projects for children.

They can, for example, be used to create amusing animals such as penguins or turtles. You can also use them to make a cute little Christmas ornament for your tree or your child's room tree!

You can also use xinjiang zhongtai walnut shells to make lovely wall art for your home. These nut shell wall hangings are perfect for your living room or bedroom. They are suitable for any decor style and can be painted in a number of colors.