Top PVC Pipes Manufacturers and Suppliers in North America

June 09,2023

Who makes and sells the most PVC pipes in North America?

PVC pipes are a great way to move water, chemicals, or gases. They don't rust at all, and they're a good alternative to metal pipe.

The top manufacturers and suppliers of PVC pipes in North America make and sell a wide range of products for many different industries. Their products come in many different sizes, colors, and core sizes.

How to Assemble Threaded PVC Pipes?


Inline Plastics Inc.

The company makes more than 300 different kinds of containers that are sold all over the country to supermarket suppliers and food processors. Inline Plastics also makes the Safe-T-Fresh(r) clamshell, which has become the standard for tamper-proof packaging and has won awards.

The company in Shelton, CT, has been around since 1968. It is run by a family. It has 750 employees and offices in Shelton, Connecticut, Salt Lake City, Georgia, and a new one in Milford called the Innovation Center.

Inline Plastics is a top-notch company that makes custom plastic extrusions, profiles, tubing, and rods. Its staff has more than 75 years of experience in the field. They know a lot about thermoplastics like polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, acrylic, and polycarbonate. They offer a full range of services for research and development (R&D) and quality control (QC) to make sure that their products meet your needs. They also offer many other services, such as deburring, sawing, drilling, routing, punching, and packaging. They are part of the American Plastic Pipe Association (APPA), and their products are used all over the world in plumbing. The company also has a number of patents and a long list of honors and awards.

UNITECH PVC Pipes working excellence in the industrial-piping, water-treatment, commercial-plumbing, irrigation, and pool markets. They are manufacturing superior quality PVC Pipe Joint that is typically glued together with PVC solvent glue to reduce the leakage problem.


NewAge Industries Inc.

NewAge Industries has been in business since 1954 and makes flexible plastic tubing and reinforced hose. It keeps millions of feet of stock, can do custom extrusion and fabrication, and works with customers all over the world.

The company makes products out of PVC, silicone, polyurethane, TPR (thermoplastic rubber), fluoropolymer, TPE, latex, and nylon. These products are often used in fuels and oils, chemical, food and beverage, waste and wastewater, marine, oil field, maintenance/MRO, energy, nuclear, and automotive applications. Its products also meet the needs of the FDA, 3A, and NSF.

High purity tubing, hose, and single-use systems from NewAge's AdvantaPure(r) brand are made for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, and other industries that need clean applications. AdvantaPure(r) sells platinum-cured Class VI silicone tubing and hose, wire-reinforced biopharmaceutical grade TPE hose, rubber-covered FEP hose, and single-use tube manifolds.

The company is owned by all of its employees and runs on solar power. It has no waste to throw away and wants to keep reducing its impact on the environment. It is certified as a B Corporation(tm), which is an industry-wide certification for businesses that voluntarily use a set of criteria to measure their social and environmental performance.

Silver-Line Plastics Information Technology Department

The Silver-Line Plastics Information Technology Department is owned and run by Americans. It makes the best PVC like pvc pipe polymer, CPVC, polyethylene, and PEX pipes in the industry. There are conduit pipes, drop pipes, pressure pipes, reclaimed pipes, sewer pipes, and well casing pipes.

The company's main office is in Asheville, North Carolina, and it also has plants in Lawton, Oklahoma, and Fort Pierce, Florida. It makes pipes for the plumbing, well casing, irrigation, utility, industrial and agricultural, gas, and geothermal markets.

Keith Bridges, who is in charge of economic development and recruitment at the Great Plains Technology Center, says that a new expansion at the Silver-Line plant in Lawton will add 20 jobs. He said that the EDC and local businesses worked closely with Silver-management Line's team to make the plant expansion happen.

At Silver-Line Plastics, each employee's pay depends on what they do, what skills they have, and where they went to school. In the United States, the average salary for a Silver-Line Plastics worker is $129,545.

Diamond Plastics Corp.

Diamond Plastics Corporation was started in 1982 and is based in Grand Island, Nebraska. It makes PVC pipe products for the water and sewer industries. It has seven factories in different parts of the country.

The company makes many different sizes and types of PVC pipes like pvc pipe fittings. It also has services that help with installing, moving, and delivering pipes.

Private investors bought two pipe factories in Lubbock, Texas, and Grand Island, Nebraska, and put them together to make Diamond Plastics. The goal of the business is to make the best product possible.

The company has seven plants now, one of which is in Muncie, Indiana. It makes PVC pipes for use in cities, farms, and businesses.

The company makes large PVC pipe products as its main business. Its pipes don't rust and can be joined together to make a whole system.

AWWA C900 is one of the company's products. It is a standard for pressure pipes that is made for water distribution systems. It also has a range of internal joint restraint and solid wall PVC pipe for applications involving both pressure and gravity flow. You can get these pipes with diameters up to 60 inches.

Cantex Inc.

CANTEX makes a wide range of PVC electrical products like pvc to polypropylene, such as Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 pipe, direct burial and encased pvc utility conduit, ENT electrical non-metallic tubing, liquid-tight and telephone conduit, flexible utility duct, and horizontal directional drilling conduit. They also sell a variety of fittings, accessories, and electrical junction boxes.

Cantex has a number of places in North America where it makes things and sends them out. They have production equipment and advanced process technology at their facilities.

They also have a number of people who work in customer service and can help customers with their needs. They also have a good transportation system with hand-picked contract carriers who make sure shipments are made quickly and on time.

Over 300 people work at Cantex's different plants and facilities. It's one of the best places to work in Fort Worth, Texas, because it puts a lot of emphasis on customer service. It is also one of the biggest companies in the U.S. that makes PVC products. TED Magazine says in an online article that production has gone up by 20% this year.

National Pipe & Plastics

National Pipe & Plastics manufactures polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes for residential, agricultural, commercial, municipal and export markets. It makes plumbing pipes, electrical conduit, and products for water and sewage.

National Pipe & Plastics has been around since 1970. It has two factories, one in Endicott, New York, and the other in Greensboro, North Carolina. About 300 people work there in these places.

The company sells PVC and pe pp pvc, CPVC, and HDPE pipes that can be used for gas, electricity, plumbing, hardware, and city projects. It sells PVC piping systems for high pressure, medium pressure, and low pressure.

Since 1970, National Pipe has been in business as one of the largest PVC pipe makers in North America. It has a large selection of pipe sizes and many different colors, finishes, thicknesses, and other features to choose from.

The company was recently bought by a Japanese company, which plans to branch out into siding and profiles. The purchase keeps up a trend of foreign ownership of PVC pipe extruders in the United States.

Dura-Line Corp.

Dura-Line Corp. is a leading producer and supplier of PVC pipes in North America. It also makes high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes for use in telecommunications, energy, and water transportation. It also has a wide range of conduits and systems for putting cables in conduits.

Dura-Line was started in Middlesboro, Kentucky, in 1971. Since then, it has expanded to more than 20 places around the world, including Canada, Mexico, and India, where it makes products. It is part of a group of companies called Orbia, whose goal is to make life better all over the world.

Its business groups try to find human-centered solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems, such as ensuring food security, reducing water scarcity, reimagining the future of cities and homes, connecting communities to data infrastructure, and increasing access to health and wellness with advanced materials.

The company makes high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe and duct for power, water, wastewater, and telecommunications. They are made in many factories around the world to make sure that customers get the best products like pvc resin for pipe and the best service possible.

As one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributors, Dura-Line provides the infrastructure needed to connect people, data, and technology. Its conduit, FuturePath(tm), and cable-in-conduit products protect communication networks and power cables and make them easy and quick to install in a number of markets.

Lane Enterprises Inc.

Lane Enterprises Inc. is one of the most important companies in North America that makes and sells corrugated metal pipes and pvc pvc pipe. The company has a number of factories in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Lane makes corrugated high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe and corrugated metal pipe for building and road construction projects that need subsurface drainage. They also do powder coating for metal.

The whole East Coast is served by the company, which has more than 300 worker-owners. It has several plants in Pennsylvania, including ones in Ballston Spa, Bath, King of Prussia, Pulaski, Carlisle, and Shippensburg.

Employee ownership has been supported by the company for a long time. In 1986, the company was run by managers, who introduced an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). With the ESOP, Lane was able to give ownership to all of its full-time workers. It also gave senior employees a way to cash out and get a return on the money they had put into the company.