Top Plastic Bottle Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA

February 06,2023

Leading Plastic Bottle Manufacturers and Suppliers in the United States

Plastic bottles are a popular liquid product packaging alternative. They come in a range of forms and sizes, making them an excellent packaging solution for any goods.

Bottles are manufactured by blow molding preforms into the required shape. Polyethylene resin and polypropylene are among the polymers used.

One of the more popular applications is as padding for automobiles.HDPE plastic bottles are an easy way to recycle and keep your plastic bottles as clean and pure as possible. #polyethylene_product_High_Density #HDPE_bottles #hdpe_plastic


Berry Global Incorporation

Berry Global Incorporation is a plastic bottle maker and supplier with a global presence. Its product portfolio comprises a wide range of sizes and designs of bottles, tubes, jars, and closures.

Custom plastic bottle manufacturing services are also part of the company's repertoire. This comprises design and engineering, as well as printing and metalizing.

It also provides its customers in the food, dairy, and personal care industries with a diverse selection of packaging solutions. Plastic bottles, tubes and pouches, triggers, and spray pumps are among its product offerings.

Their plastic containers are available in a wide range of colors, materials, and decoration possibilities. Flexographic printing and hot stamping are two finishing procedures that can be used to personalize their products.

They also provide shrink sleeve and label applications for promotional and daily packaging. They may also produce pressure sensitive and self-adhesive labels for a variety of applications.

Furthermore, Berry Global Incorporation is a prominent player in the plastic recycling business, with a RecyClass-certified facility in La Genete, France. This is a measure that will assist the organization in meeting rising customer demand for environmentally friendly packaging.

Another key consideration is that Berry Global Incorporation produces a wide range of recyclable and biodegradable polymers. This is due to the company's purpose of assisting its customers in achieving their sustainability goals.

Berry Global supports its employees by giving perks in addition to delivering plastic bottles and other packaging items to customers. Employees should expect a competitive remuneration package as well as an environment that promotes professional development.

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CKS Packaging

CKS Packaging is a blow-molded plastic container manufacturer and supplier with a wide range of applications. They sell milk, juice, water, speciality drinks, pool supplies, and a variety of other things in bottles. Caps and closures for these containers, as well as other types of bottles and jars, are also manufactured.

They have manufacturing plants throughout the country and serve customers in the food, beverage, industrial, and chemical product industries. They specialize in co-location production, which involves two factories producing numerous units concurrently under one roof.

The headquarters of the corporation are in Atlanta, Georgia, with satellite offices in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Missouri, Illinois, and Texas. Plastic bottles are manufactured for a wide range of sectors, including beverages (dairy, juice, tea, and speciality), food and nutrition, chemical goods, and automotive.

Their materials include high-density polyethylene, PET, and HDPE. They employ ecologically safe raw materials and are committed to providing long-term solutions that fulfill the needs of their customers.

They provide a diverse array of packaging solutions, including custom design and modification. They also manage logistics and the supply chain.

According to their website, they offer PET resins for bottles that store water or soda, as well as HDPE for making containers. They are also experts in the production of household liquid cleaners, as well as excess run manufacturing and bespoke blow-molded bottles for customers all throughout the United States.

Overall, CKS Packaging employees consider their business to be an excellent place to work. They claim it's a world-class company that promotes worker safety in all aspects. In addition, they provide excellent benefits and competitive salary for all roles.


The United States is home to several leading plastic bottle producers and suppliers who provide a diverse range of products. Some specialize in the creation of standard and custom bottles that are excellent for a wide range of pharmaceutical, vitamin, and supplement goods, while others specialize in the production of high-quality plastic jars.

Comar is a plastic bottle producer and supplier situated in New Jersey that services areas such as medical, pharmaceuticals, consumer healthcare, personal and home care, and food & beverage. In the United States and Puerto Rico, it has eight strategic production and distribution locations.

Bottles, canisters, closures, tips, adapters, dropper assemblies, dosage cups, spoons, entire dispensing systems, and oral syringe systems are among the packaging alternatives available. It also offers value-added services including decorating, labeling, shrink sleeving, and more.

Comar, a major manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging, provides customers in the medical device, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical industries with best-in-class engineering, bespoke plastic molding, and assembly services. It recently purchased iMARK Molding, a specialized contract manufacturer specializing in medical devices.

The company also specializes in custom-molded goods for water treatment applications, such as glass bottles, canisters, and glass growlers. Glass jars, glass jars with lids, and bottles made of HDPE, PET, and LDPE are all available in the product list.

Comar LLC, situated in New Jersey, was founded in 1949 and specializes in the production of bespoke bottles, canisters, dropper assemblies, dosing cups, spoons, and oral syringe systems. In addition, the company has carved itself a position in the production of glass-to-plastic conversions for nutraceutical items and wipe canisters for cleaning residential and healthcare settings.

Illing Packaging

Illing Packaging is a significant maker and distributor of plastic bottles and containers in the United States. They provide beverage, food, and chemical industries with custom-sized bottles and tubes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They also provide items in various categories such as cleaning, medical, home & personal care, automotive, and industrial uses.

They provide a variety of container options, such as jars and jugs, bottle and can dispensers, sprayers, pump and nozzles, and more. The company also provides printing services such as foil stamping, embossing and debossing, slitting, die cutting, labeling, and laminating.

Their product portfolio is a veritable who's who in the industry, and they service consumers across the United States. They provide a broad selection of stock products in the most popular sizes, as well as the most recent technology breakthroughs in décor and design to assure the best end-user experience.

Illing, which was founded in 1902, has a long history of providing packaging solutions to a varied customer base. They now have a huge distribution facility in Miller Valley, Wisconsin, as well as warehouses and production sites all across the country.

Illing Packaging is a world-class provider of packaging solutions that is driven by creativity, pride, and integrity. Their packaging professionals are dedicated to providing the greatest customer service in the market. The company employs innovative decoration technologies with a particular emphasis on strategic value chain solutions that drive competitive advantage.

Canyon Plastics

In the United States, there are various plastic bottle manufacturers and suppliers who produce a wide range of bottles, containers, and other packaging materials. Some of these companies, however, are more known for their specific product lines and may be more suitable for your needs.

Canyon Plastics, Inc is a prominent producer of personalized plastic bottles, containers, and canisters. Plastic packaging solutions from the company are intended for use in the aerospace, medical, chemical, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries.

Customers around the United States can rely on them for custom injection and blow molded plastics. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyethylene terephthalate are used in its plastic packaging (Polyethylene Terephthalate).

The majority of the company's goods are used in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Furthermore, they are intended for use in high-temperature applications and comply with storage and transit safety laws.

It also provides a line of items for industrial applications that are built to survive extreme conditions. They come in a number of sizes and forms, as well as a variety of colors.

They manufacture a variety of additional packaging materials in addition to specialized injection and blow molded goods. They can create various types of packaging and can also assist you in developing distinctive branding for your product.

They have been in the industry for almost 40 years and consider themselves to be industry leaders. They manufacture a wide range of regularly used PET and HDPE bottles in a variety of standard forms and unique patterns. Cosmetics, distilleries, food production, pet supplies, medicines, toy producers, and apparel are also served. They also carry a vast assortment of BPA-free goods in a variety of shapes.