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Looking at development from a historical perspective

Time : 2022-12-08

Recently, Wang Hongxin, party secretary and chairman of Xinjiang Zhongtai Group, pointed out at the party committee (expanded) meeting that Zhongtai Group, as a state-owned enterprise with complete market competition, has high-quality development as its top priority. We must "be good at examining problems and development from a historical perspective, with a historical perspective", draw strength and wisdom from the 64-year development history of Zhongtai Group, and clearly realize that Zhongtai Group is just climbing up and down all the way to those who seize historical opportunities, enhance historical initiative, and maintain strategic determination to grow and develop are determined to reach the top through the process of constantly solving problems.

"Using copper as a mirror, you can straighten your clothes; using ancient times as a mirror, you can know the ups and downs." History can always give us some special revelation. The past, present, and future are not established unilaterally. They are a whole, which constitutes history and forms development. "Now" is not an isolated point in time, but a continuous process from "past" to "present". Many practical problems do not arise out of thin air. Although they are all products of a certain era background and specific environment, and their forms of expression and emphases will be different, they all contain the law of development of things. The so-called "history is strikingly similar" and "you can see the future when you look at the history" are exactly the truth. Therefore, to temper the historical vision, it is also necessary to use philosophical thinking, analyze things in the process of continuous development of history, and judge the development direction of things from the context of history. In the same way, when leading cadres make decisions, they must not only see the present and focus on the present, but should look back, look ahead, and look at things and problems with a comprehensive and developmental perspective, so that they can better solve the problem. Tempering historical vision can not only allow one's own vision to penetrate history, but also reflect reality and see the future. In the vastness of history, we can think for thousands of years, see thousands of miles, and connect history, reality and future. The 64-year history of Zhongtai Group is a rich textbook and nutrient. It records every footprint of Zhongtai Group and also provides a beacon for the future development of Zhongtai Group. It can figure out where we came from and where we are going. It also can help us recognize the problems and difficulties we are currently encountering, and be able to see more deeply and grasp them more accurately. Paying attention to history, studying history, and learning from history can bring mankind a lot of wisdom to understand yesterday, grasp today, and create tomorrow.

"The history of Zhongtai's entrepreneurship, development, and rise is actually the history of Zhongtai's founders and subsequent people struggling and breaking through difficulties time and time again." Looking back at the 64-year development history of Zhongtai Group, especially the rapid development in the past 20 years, we can see that every major decision made by Zhongtai Group is accompanied by continuous setbacks and great difficulties, precisely because they can look at problems with "historical perspective", so not a single Zhongtai people regressed because of the "bloodshed" in front of them, and no one gave up because of the failures in front of them, because they saw the lessons of the past, because they saw the hope of victory.

In 1962, in order to solve the problem of chlorine, the basic raw material of pesticides, the Pesticide Factory of Bayi Agricultural College was renamed Xinjiang Caustic Soda Factory. It is imminent to increase product research and development and technological transformation.

In 1995, Xinjiang Caustic Soda Plant was renamed Xinjiang Chlor-Alkali Plant. On October 1 of that year, the successful completion of the chlor-alkali technical transformation project completely ended the history of Xinjiang's inability to produce polyvinyl chloride resin. The technological transformation of catching up with the world's advanced chemical industry one after another reflects the pride of Zhongtai people.

In 1999, Wang Hongxin, the deputy party secretary and director of the Xinjiang Chlor-Alkali Factory at that time, and the current secretary of the party committee and chairman of Xinjiang Zhongtai Group, started a series of potential tapping and technical transformation work. The second and third phase technical transformation and expansion projects of the old Xishan factory area opened the grand prelude to the stubble-type project construction of Zhongtai Group for many years.

In 2001, Zhongtai Chemical Co., Ltd. was restructured and established. In 2006, Zhongtai Chemical was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company entered the fast lane of development with the help of capital platform. The long-cherished wish shines brightly in the course of the times.

In 2012, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the autonomous region established Zhongtai Group on the basis of Zhongtai Chemical. Along with the rhythm of implementing new development concepts and building a new development pattern in the new era, Zhongtai Group actively undertakes the development strategies of the country and the autonomous region, focusing on building chains and extending chains. The chain strengthens the chain, integrates advantageous resources, cooperates with private enterprises such as Xinjiang Fulida, Shengxiong Energy, Markor Chemical, Lihua Cotton Industry, etc., implements mixed ownership reform, maximizes industrial advantages, expands industrial clusters, and maximizes policy dividends have been transformed into actual development results, and state-owned capital has continued to grow through reform and development.

From 50,000 tons of ion membrane caustic soda and 50,000 tons of polyvinyl chloride resin in 2000 to 1.1 million tons of ion membrane caustic soda and 1.53 million tons of polyvinyl chloride resin in 2016. Up to now, the production capacity of ionic membrane caustic soda is 1.8 million tons, ranking first in the country; the production capacity of calcium carbide is 3.6 million tons, ranking first in the country; the production capacity of chlorinated polyethylene resin is 2.6 million tons, ranking first in the country; BDO (1,4- Butanediol) production capacity of 300,000 tons, the production capacity of a single plant is the first in the country; viscose yarn is 3.9 million spindles, ranking the first in the country; the production capacity of a single cellulose fiber plant is 880,000 tons, ranking the first in the world. One piece of data, generations of Zhongtai people have used the "historical perspective" to look at problems, not just staring at the political achievements and achievements in front of them, with the realm of "success does not have to be mine" and "success must have me" "The determination to forge the "China-Thailand Miracle".

With a historical perspective, Zhongtai people have no complaints or regrets, are not afraid of giving, have a deep insight into the historical trend, firmly grasp the historical initiative, and turn many "impossible" into "sure". History is a long river, which is constantly running and never stops. Only by summarizing historical experience, grasping historical laws, and recognizing historical trends can we see through the problems. Leading cadres should look at problems with a "historical perspective" and find solutions to problems from history, so that the Zhongtai Group in the new era and new journey will not be afraid of wind and waves, and go forward steadily.