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Play well at the end of the year's "final battle" and outperform next year's "first bat"

Time : 2022-12-08

2022 has entered December, keep an eye on the goals and tasks for the whole year, work hard, reach the top, and the urging drum to hand in a qualified answer sheet has already sounded. On December 5, Wang Hongxin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Xinjiang Zhongtai Group, emphasized at the production scheduling (expanded) meeting for the full resumption of work and production that the current "final battle" is an extremely important "relay race" in the new era and new journey. All cadres and employees of Zhongtai Group must effectively enhance their awareness of handing in papers, work hard, make good use of their advantages, work hard, and unswervingly run their own business well We will resolutely fight the "final battle" of the year, outperform the "first bat" next year, and carry the struggle to the end.

Confidence is the prerequisite for winning the "final battle", and strength is the basis for winning the "first round". After going through an extraordinary and even more unforgettable year in 2022, all the cadres and employees of Zhongtai Group have overcome difficulties and are full of ambition: Facing the severe and complicated situation of intertwined and superimposed epidemics in the century and the century, the majority of cadres and employees resolutely implement the Party Central Committee's "epidemic prevention" In accordance with the overall requirements of housing, economic stability, and development, in accordance with the decision-making and deployment of the Party Committee of the autonomous region, we will make every effort to stabilize production and supply, and grasp the market initiative. This year, the production of the enterprise was safe and stable, the project construction started strongly, the development was fast and steady, and the stable operation achieved remarkable results; it was listed in the world's top 500 for the first time and ranked 434th, leading the development of the enterprise into a new realm; a batch of scientific and technological innovations The achievements were commended, and the driving force for enterprise development became stronger; 103 projects applied for and passed the national medium and long-term loan review, with a total investment of 92.469 billion yuan and a total loan application of 67.874 billion yuan, vividly showing the resilience and vitality of Zhongtai Group's economic development. 2022 is very short, and difficult challenges come one after another. Time is folded and compressed, and milestone coordinates are presented intensively; 2022 is very long. Every drop of sweat and every moment of laughter turned into the warmest memory corridor of Chinese and Thai people. These hard-won achievements have inspired the sons and daughters of Zhongtai to feel the confidence in the development of the enterprise, and at the same time, with the belief and attitude of "there is no best, only better", to focus on writing the "finale question" of the annual target task and move forward bravely .

The closer to the closing moment, the heavier the pressure and the higher the requirements. On the one hand, the hardest bones and the most difficult fortresses to conquer are left to the end, and we must be prepared to fight tough battles and fight bayonets; on the other hand, since it is the end, we will look forward to "perfection". We must be soberly aware that we are doomed to fight a "head-to-head" battle at the closing moment, and there is no chance of fluke or slack. If you fight hard, you should have the momentum of fighting; if you work hard, you should have the appearance of working hard. Those who travel hundreds of miles are half-ninety, and there are only more than 20 days until the end of the year. Whether you can get a good job, start a good game, and get a good start depends on the last month. Production, research and development, finance, project construction, marketing... Every front must be ready, every cadre and employee must run, and implement resolute and forceful actions to achieve the goal of the final battle.

Do a good job in the "final battle" at the end of the year and outperform next year's "first baton", there must be a string of urgency in thinking.From the perspective of opportunity, the successful convening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has further gathered the powerful forces of cadres and employees of all ethnic groups to forge ahead on a new journey, setting off a new wave of great development. This is a major historical opportunity for us to grasp development from the perspective of confidence. This year, the Party Central Committee and the autonomous region have introduced a package of policies and follow-up measures to stabilize the economy. The advantages of Xinjiang's economic development continue to emerge. The overall planning of epidemic prevention and control, production and operation has achieved phased results, laying a solid foundation for the realization of "annual red". The more critical it is, the more we must be soberly aware of the importance of "finishing the door", and the more we must be soberly aware that there are still tasks and goals to "compete" and "grab", we must mobilize all energy, take into account the current and long-term, and be accurate Recognize change, respond scientifically, actively seek change, press the fast-forward button, run out of acceleration, seize opportunities, take advantage of the situation, race against time, and work fast, so as to stick to the firmness and perseverance of Qingshan, and deploy all tasks To ensure the successful completion of the established goals and tasks throughout the year.

Fight well at the end of the year's "final game" and outperform next year's "first bat", the action should have the momentum of thunder.Thoughts are online, and actions must be in place. Now is the critical period of the end of the year. From the "brain" headquarters to the combat units, we must keep a close eye on the target and never give in. We should find ways to achieve things and less excuses for difficulties, and effectively strengthen the party's centralization and unity of various tasks. Leaders, solidly do a good job in normalized epidemic prevention and control, resolutely stick to the bottom line of safe production, promote high-quality development in close contact with people's livelihood, speed up the construction progress of key projects, go all out to ensure supply, transportation and chain, and focus on ensuring and improving people's livelihood. Make great efforts to tackle difficulties in the market, maintain the stable development of the enterprise economy, draw a successful conclusion to 2022 with the spirit of waiting for no one and seizing the day and night, and work together to plan, advance and implement various tasks in 2023 and even a longer period of time, so as to forge ahead "Small self" converges to become "big self", forming a mighty formation of Zhongtai Group to make a hole and fight for the goal.

To fight well at the end of the year's "final game" and to outperform next year's "first bat" should be the responsibility of Mount Tai.A good work style is a strong guarantee for whether the "finishing kick" can play well. The more sprinting and tackling the critical stage, the more we must compact our responsibilities. Leading cadres at all levels must earnestly assume the main responsibility for the economic development of enterprises, and maintain the strength of real grasping, daring grasping, skillful grasping, and constant grasping. Resilience, tighten the chain of responsibility, improve the overall planning ability, in accordance with the various decisions and arrangements of the party committee of the group company, wholeheartedly seek development, and implement it consistently, forming a good mechanism with pressure at all levels, everyone is responsible, and everything is settled, in order to seek truth The pragmatic style improves the effectiveness of various tasks, consolidates and develops the good economic development of the enterprise with practical performance, and strives to hand over the excellent answer sheet of Zhongtai Group's economic development throughout the year.

The great cause calls us, and the solemn mission inspires us. From "good start" to "season success" to "whole year accomplishment", a Zhongtai Group that is determined to move forward and bravely stand at the forefront is galloping. Put more effort, use more thoughts, make more practical moves, do a solid job in all current tasks, accelerate in innovation, catch up in reform, and make breakthroughs in hard work, and strive to make all tasks better. Solid and better, with a high-quality ending this year in exchange for a steady start next year, promote the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Party to take root, and deliver an excellent answer to the party and the people of the times.