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Lantian logistics road and rail transportation smooth and orderly

Time : 2023-02-03

"Wudong Station is a platform with a large shipment volume, and it can complete the task of loading more than 3,500 tons of finished products every day on average." On January 31, at the platform for finished products such as PVC and caustic soda at Wudong Station, Blue Sky Logistics' railway transportation business Chen Fei, director of the product transportation department of the ministry told us. These finished products will be sent to Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places.

“Affected by many factors, the current railway capacity is very tight. Compared with previous years, the difficulty of delivery is also increasing. In this regard, we have increased personnel investment, increased the proportion of container and open car delivery, alleviated the shortage of boxcars, and ensured that the daily target delivery volume can be effectively completed. "According to Liu Xindong, director of the Railway Transportation Department, during the Spring Festival, more than ten platforms including Wudong Station, Wubei Station, Xiaohuangshan Station, and Yuergou Station have delivered a total of 65,000 tons of finished products. On the basis of 5.275 million tons of delivery last year, this year is expected to increase shipments by 5% compared with the original plan.

The beginning is a sprint, and the beginning is to be the first. Zheng Jiancheng, the captain of the self-operated vehicle team in Yuergou, is also engaged in intensive work. He is dispatching his own vehicles according to the route plan.

"From New Year's Eve to the sixth day of the Chinese new year, our self-owned vehicles have hauled 1,569 vehicles in total, and completed the transportation task of 46,800 tons of raw materials, accounting for 10% of the total transportation volume. Next, we will optimize the route so that the self-owned vehicles currently in use runs more efficiently, and at the same time speed up the progress of new car registration, and complete the transportation of raw materials more efficiently." said Fan Manyan, deputy director of the storage and transportation business department.

It is reported that the railway transportation of Lantian Logistics involves Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Changsha and other major cities, and the road transportation covers Changji, Turpan, Korla, Aksu and other places.

Li Yongqiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Lantian Logistics, said that in 2023, we plan to realize the "one-order" transportation by road, rail and sea. As long as the goods are assembled at the platform, we can help customers complete the conversion of road, rail, and sea transportation at one-stop, which truly achieves low cost, high efficiency, and wide radiation.

At the same time, Lantian Logistics increased the construction of its own transport capacity on highways, and added 1,000 to 1,500 self-owned vehicles on the basis of existing vehicles to ensure the company's transport capacity resources and strive to achieve the annual goals and tasks.