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Journalists go to the grassroots|Cross-border e-commerce connects new market Make a large foreign trade basic plate of Zhongtai.

Time : 2023-02-20

At the beginning of the New Year, when the salesman of Zhongtai Import and Export Company went to the Zambian plateau to visit customers, the cross-border e-commerce salesman who works in Zhongtai Import and Export Company were providing him with more information of potential customers. When more and more Zhongtai products are sent to other parts of the world by China-Europe freight trains, the cross-border e-commerce platforms of the Zhongtai import and export company are also receiving feedbacks from users of different countries.When more and more countries benefit from the "Belt and Road", the cross-border e-commerce platform of Zhongtai import and export company has become an important part of their purchase of Zhongtai products.

‘In order to break the bottleneck that is affected by epidemic and build new markets, the cross-border e-commerce business is made out to build another new channel. Now the cross-border e-commerce business is mainly conducted through three platforms: Alibaba, Google and Made in China.’ Zhao Axia, head of the Zhongtai cross-border e-commerce department, said in the interview that cross-border e-commerce is like a golden "bond" that closely connects us with new customers.

During the interview, Gao Zijie, an import and export salesman of Zhongtai, just returned from Africa. He had a more profound experience of cross-border e-commerce: "In recent years, the number of customers in Africa is small and the market is single. It is through cross-border e-commerce platform that we have mastered the latest customer resources in the African market, and currently we keep close contact with many enterprises in Kenya.

Over the years, under the arrangement of Zhongtai Group, Zhongtai Import and Export Company has fully based on the location advantage of "five ports connecting eight countries and one road connecting Europe and Asia" in Xinjiang, seized the major opportunity of the construction of Urumqi cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot Zone, and taken the new business form of cross-border e-commerce as an important means of high-quality development of foreign trade. We plan new goals and new journeys of international cross-border e-commerce, actively expand online and offline channels, and continue to deepen both international and domestic markets.

"Cross-border e-commerce is equivalent to a low-cost channel to quickly open a window in the market we have never set foot in, let our products quickly enter new markets, and gradually build a global 'big foreign trade' system pattern." Zhao Axia said that since the opening of cross-border e-commerce business, it has built three cross-border e-commerce platforms, realized the online trade volume of tens of millions of dollars, cultivated 47 foreign trade customers, focused on developing 19 new customers in Africa, and preliminarily realized the company's important strategic conception of cross-border e-commerce to develop the African market.

It is understood that in order to deeply practice the development concept of "trade power", based on the new situation, new changes, new requirements and new characteristics of the world economic pattern, Zhongtai Group actively builds a foreign trade system based in Xinjiang, facing the domestic and radiating the world, and continues to strengthen the center and improve the radiating driving function. On the basis of fully revitalizing the existing fixed assets, China has extended outward to establish offices in Shanghai, Tianjin and Hangzhou successively, actively close to the forefront of economic development, and develop the dispatched offices into the main focus of new foreign trade mode, new economic policy and new foreign trade opportunities. In foreign countries, according to the new pattern of world economic development, we will set up overseas warehouses in Turkey and other countries to become an important trading base based on Central Asia, Europe and Africa. Relying on the driving effect of the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway construction, it will focus on the markets of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Many foreign trade teams have been sent to Vietnam, Malaysia, Central Asia, Russia, Turkey, Kenya and other countries to deeply investigate the foreign trade market greatly affected by foreign trade policy changes, and realize the first reverse trip abroad to investigate the international market after the epidemic period, actively fill in the "blank area" and improve the competitiveness of the international market. In the next step, the Zhongtai import and export company will seize development opportunities and strive for the beautiful blueprint set out at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with more morale, more pragmatic measures and more solid work style.