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Translation Groundbreaking ceremony held for Xinjiang Zhongtai Group Meike Chemical's 60,000-ton/year PBAT project

Time : 2023-03-23

As the saying goes, "the diligent people welcome the early spring and strive forward at the right time." On the morning of March 17, 2023, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Xinjiang Zhongtai Group Meike Chemical's 60,000-ton/year PBAT project was held at the Bazhou branch venue of the Autonomous Region's major project resumption and start-up meeting for the first quarter of the year.

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Ren Guangpeng, Secretary of the Bazhou Municipal Party Committee, announced the start of the project. Jia Ping, member of the Bazhou Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor, Liang Bin, member of the Zhongtai Group Party Committee and Deputy General Manager, Huang Xinhua, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Korla Economic and Technological Development Zone, Chen Lei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee, and Song Zhimin, Secretary of the Meike Chemical Party Committee and Chairman of the Board, attended the ceremony and laid the foundation for the project. The ceremony was chaired by Batur, Deputy Secretary of the Bazhou Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Government Party Group, and Mayor.

As a representative of Bazhou entrepreneurs, Song Zhimin said in his speech, "The total investment of the project is 590 million yuan, which will create nearly 100 new jobs and promote the layout advantages of the conversion of BDO on-site and the formation of a degradable plastics industry chain. It will inject strong momentum into the development of the fine chemical new materials industry base and contribute to the high-quality development of Bazhou."

At the ceremony, Liang Bin expressed heartfelt thanks to the Bazhou Municipal Party Committee and government for their long-term concern and support for the development of the Zhongtai Group. She said, "This project is an important layout for Zhongtai Group's continued chain extension and enhancement, as well as an important milestone in actively promoting the development of advantageous industries into new materials and green products. It will further consolidate Zhongtai Meike Chemical's scale, technology, and efficiency advantages in the industry, and promote the integrated and diversified development of the park's industries. Bazhou is the main base for Zhongtai Group's oil and gas chemical, fine chemical, and textile and garment industries in Xinjiang. Zhongtai Group will continue to increase its investment in Bazhou's projects, with five new projects started this year alone, with a total investment of more than 30 billion yuan. Zhongtai Group will bear in mind the responsibility and mission of local state-owned enterprises, and driven by the opening ceremony of the project today, with the momentum of the start and the atmosphere of the new year, continue to extend, supplement, and strengthen the chain, promote the strong foundation, increase efficiency, and transform and upgrade the industry, and make new contributions to promoting the economic and social development of Bazhou and building a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in Xinjiang."

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The Kuerle Economic and Technological Development Zone will take this groundbreaking ceremony as an opportunity to focus on the strategic decision of promoting the eight major industrial clusters in the autonomous region with high quality, and use this project as an important leverage to promote high-quality development and upgrade industries in the development zone.

Huang Xinhua stated that all departments of the development zone should further establish the concept of "projects are the king", tightly grasp the "bull's nose" of project construction, and focus all efforts on the project. They should adhere to the service mechanism of "office and site work on the front line, coordination and services on the front line, and problem-solving on the front line", make project management a routine work, ensure the important principle of "safety first", closely monitor the progress of project construction throughout the entire cycle, strengthen element guarantee services in all links, promote early completion, early production, and early effectiveness of the project, and jointly promote the high-quality development of industry in Bazhou to a new level.

Representatives of the Bazhou Municipal Party Committee, government, Kuerle Economic and Technological Development Zone, and Zhongtai Meike Chemical Company attended the groundbreaking ceremony.