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Pay tribute to workers, Tianyu Coal chemical industry focuses on workers under high temperature

Time : 2023-07-27

The sun was blazing and the heat was searing. At present, in the park of Tianyu Coal chemical, although the temperature is as high as 47°C, but also can not stop the pace of workers. Electrical professionals rush to repair the line, fully ensure the normal power consumption of the device area, maintenance personnel under the hot sun to maintain the equipment, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the device in the later period... The hard work of workers is an important support for the safe and stable operation of enterprises.

During the interview in the park, the reporter saw that in every corner of the production line, cadres and employees of all nationalities are going all out to prepare for the device to drive, and in order to ensure the safety of the on-site device, they are not afraid to "bake and test", stick to their posts, interpret their responsibilities with action, and write their responsibilities with sweat.


The body temperature of the carbonization furnace is high, coupled with the external temperature, a heat wave can be felt near the carbonization furnace. On the second floor of the carbonization furnace, the pyrolytic workshop fire worker Wang Yufei is cleaning the equipment health, the safety hat is wet hair, the work clothes have been soaked by sweat, sweat to accept the sauna type "steaming" and "cooking", raise your head, sweat through the pickled eyes of the painful, carefully check the carbonization furnace area equipment, stick to the carbonization furnace post until the end of the day.

"It's too hot today, quick, take a patchouli Zhengqi water to prevent heatstroke." In order to do a good job of heat prevention and cooling work, Tianyu Coal chemical provides employees with free mung bean soup, mineral water, watermelon, ice cream and Huoxiang Zhengqi water and other heat prevention and cooling items. Each workshop (center) has also taken a variety of measures to actively respond, reasonable arrangement of production shifts and working hours, appropriate adjustment of work intensity, outdoor work or inspection as far as possible arranged in the morning and evening, reasonable adjustment of work and rest time, to prevent personnel from heat stroke and food poisoning, to ensure the safety and health of employees, to ensure normal operation order.

The daily shift link is the most intensive time for the entire device site personnel, and inspectors in each device area carry out comprehensive inspection; The quality inspector of the quality inspection center goes to each device area with the sampler in hand to sample; Electrical personnel carrying the tool kit in each installation area to check or repair the electric valve, electric cabinet; Front-line staff to fully clean the equipment in the jurisdiction... Conscientiously complete their daily work.

Although the temperature of the scene is rising, but all cadres and employees are still passionate about their work, beads of sweat hanging on the face, but no one slack off, they are tanned dark skin, red face, rustic smile is the most beautiful appearance of this summer, pay tribute to this group of respectable and lovely people who stick to the high temperature!