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Zhongtai Group held a special research symposium on new energy sector

Time : 2023-05-06

Wang Pingyang, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of Zhongtai Group, presided

over a special research symposium on the new energy sector on the afternoon of May 4th. Indepth understanding of Zhongtai New Energy company's development status, management, business model, leadership construction and other situations, discussions and exchanges with members of the leadership of Zhongtai New Energy Company, based on the company's current development reality, exchange understandings, analyze problems and difficulties, discuss solutions, analysis and research, arrangement and deployment of development positioning, development mode and other work measures.


Bian Deyun, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Zhongtai Group, Qi Guoqing, Parharti Maimaitiyiming, Li Liangfu and Xiao Jun, and Zhao Yonglu, Liu Hongmei and Yang Jianghong, senior managers of Zhongtai Group, participated in the special investigation.

At the symposium, Gao Lin, Chairman of Zhongtai New Energy Company, Li Yunhua, Secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Zhongtai New Energy Company made special reports on the overall development of new energy sector, bulk raw material control, new energy operation and carbon asset management, oil and gas development and sales and energy resources acquisition.

After listening to the relevant work report, Wang Pingyang stressed that we should be full of

confidence in the operation and development of the enterprise, do a good job in the group's economic development of the "ballast stone" "stabilizer", closely combined with the actual operation of the new energy sector, further comb the work ideas, focus on the main business, so as to find out the bottom of the family, rational layout, revitalize the use of state-owned resources, improve the efficiency of allocation. In strict accordance with the investment and financing system and management mechanism of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises, adhere to market-oriented development and materialized operation, strictly control high-risk business investment, prudently-carry out trade, management, energy development and other business activities, actively improve the quality of development, enhance profitability, so that state-owned capital on the basis of maintaining and increasing value stronger strength, better quality.

Wang Pingyang pointed out that we should always pay attention to the overall situation, carefully study the overall situation, accurately grasp the overall situation, think and analyze from the perspective of long-term development of the cause, to calculate small accounts more good at the general ledger, long-term accounts, take precautions, make good moves, play a good initiative, advance layout, advance planning, fully consider the trend of energy and technology iteration and upgrading, properly respond to market changes, Continue to strengthen the system construction, effectively support the steady development of the group. We should clarify the internal logic and constraints, speed up the distribution of new energy, take the initiative to master the supply capacity of bulk raw materials, enrich the self-sufficiency rate of our own resources, improve external bargaining power, and strictly control costs. We need to adhere to the development of compliance operations, do a good job in bill management, on the basis of prudent and selfdisciplined operations, with the goal of efficiency and vitality, improve the reform of internal management systems, strictly guard against and defuse risks and hidden dangers, and promote substantive breakthroughs in the development of enterprises. We should vigorously improve the ability to acquire energy and resources, expand the guarantee of resource supply, accelerate breakthroughs in resource reserve and scale, step up efforts to plan the supply and consumption system, maximize the benefits of enterprises, and steadily promote the steady and sound development of the new energy sector.

Members of the leading team of Zhongtai New Energy, and heads of the Strategic Development Department, financial management Department, capital Operation Department, Audit and Legal Department, Safety and Environmental Protection Department, and Innovation and Technology Department of Zhongtai Group participated in the research and discussion.