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Zhang Lixia, electrician of Shengxiong Energy Carbide Factory in 2022, Zhongtai Group's annual "Skilled Expert".

Time : 2023-05-18

"Responsible, efficient and rigorous." Has always been the mantra of her work. She is Zhang Lixia, electrician in the second workshop of calcium Carbide Factory of Shengxiong Energy Co., LTD., winner of the 2022 Annual "Skilled Expert" of Zhongtai Group. In the normal production of calcium carbide furnace, the operation skill level of first-line electrician is directly related to the stability and control of calcium carbide furnace production. As the main operator of power distribution, she not only has to monitor the operation of calcium carbide furnace every day, but also faces specific tasks such as starting and stopping of various equipment, instruction allocation and parameter adjustment. To this end, she can always use "heart" to operate, use "heart" to analyze, use "heart" to deal with the production task.


"Whenever there is a failure of equipment or computer program in the carbide furnace, she always huddle in front of the repairman to observe the debugging process, while constantly asking questions, while constantly recording in the book." Carbide two workshop electrician Ma Honghua said, in order to understand a technical problem, she often use off hours and workshop technician, team leader communication. "Learning" is her eternal pursuit of assiduous study.

"There is no best, only better, do not move forward will retreat", this is Zhang Lixia's belief. She constantly motivated herself, grasped every learning opportunity, gained inspiration from work practice, accepted cutting-edge ideas from book theory, and gained insights from learning and communication. Many years of experience in the operation of calcium carbide furnace made her deeply feel that how high a person's ambition, how high her value, how much performance will be.

"Power distribution posts are the eyes of calcium carbide furnace operation. It is very important for the production stability of calcium carbide furnace to know the production flow, distribution operation essentials, technological parameters and technological indicators well in the work." She often discusses carbide furnace conditions with team colleagues and workshop technicians in a deep and simple way, and recommends good working methods in operation to colleagues in point and surface. In view of how to adjust furnace conditions when they fluctuate, she will communicate and discuss with production technicians in a timely manner, creating a good working atmosphere for safe production in the workshop and bringing more sparks of wisdom to the whole team.

She always said: "All the changes in the furnace of calcium carbide furnace can be reflected from the instrument parameters, if the furnace condition of calcium carbide furnace fluctuations, the power distribution operator can be timely according to the reflection of the instrument feedback, adjustment of the power distribution parameters, in the calcium carbide furnace parameters change, if the power distribution personnel insight is not enough, will directly affect the production.

Zhang Lixia in the work, is not only a "skilled expert", but also a process knowledge inheritance "master".

"For our newly recruited electrician, Zhang Lixia, as a 'master', pays more attention to her words and deeds, not only guiding the overall theoretical framework, but also guiding the specific links in the operation process, never letting go of a detail." Mention Zhang Lixia, carbide two workshop electrician Duan Xinyi said, she often said to me. In order to become a qualified electrician of calcium carbide furnace, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the calcium carbide furnace process, electric parameters in the production cycle of calcium carbide and other factors affecting the safety of production, these are as a distribution electrician must bear in mind the focus of work.

For Zhang Lixia, this year was awarded the "skilled expert" of Zhongtai Group is an honor, but also a spur, in the follow-up work, she will be more strict standards of their own, continue to learn, improve their professional skills, drive people around based on practical positions, for workshop, enterprise production safety contribution.