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Brand Building | Shengxiong Energy Chlor-alkali Plant was awarded the 7th Xinjiang Quality Brand Building Development Forum and the "China Brand Day" participating display unit

Time : 2023-06-01

Recently, the 7th Xinjiang Quality Brand Construction and Development Forum, as well as the themed event of "China Brand Day," was held in Urumqi. During the conference, Sheng Xiong Energy Chlor-Alkali Plant was honored with the title of participating exhibiting unit, presented by the organizers.

At the forum exchange meeting, Sheng Xiong Energy Chlor-Alkali Plant showcased its experience and practices as a national quality benchmark enterprise in 2023. They presented their project implementation processes and highlighted the company's work and practical experience in production management processes, specific stages of process implementation, key quality control points, system construction, and operation.

In recent years, Sheng Xiong Energy Chlor-Alkali Plant has been continuously standardizing its production system, improving production standardization construction, and actively promoting the application of technology in production processes. It has achieved a total of over twenty technological accomplishments, among which four have been recognized as domestic leaders by industry experts organized by the Autonomous Region Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association. Additionally, three have been identified as new technologies in the autonomous region, and two have been recognized as new products.

Notably, the submission of the "Experience of the 'Three-in-One Five-Element Drive' Quality Management Model" in 2021 was awarded the title of "Quality Benchmark" by the autonomous region. The submission of the "Practical Experience of the Management Method Based on Production Process Standardization '6P Closed-loop Model'" in 2022 also received the title of "Quality Benchmark" from the autonomous region and was further awarded the national-level "Quality Benchmark" title after evaluation.