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CIECC leaders went to Xinjiang Zhongtai Group to discuss the exchange of enterprise development planning

Time : 2023-06-13

On the afternoon of June 8, Dou Hao, deputy general manager of China International Engineering Consulting Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "CIECC") and executive director of CIECC Strategic Research Institute, and his delegation were invited to come to Xinjiang Zhongtai Group for exchange and discussion, focusing on the main responsibility and main business of Zhongtai Group around the current development of enterprises. 

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Clarify the future development direction, development goals, development priorities, and industrial positioning, conduct in-depth discussions and systematic sorting, feel the pulse and offer suggestions to help Zhongtai Group achieve transformation and upgrading and high-quality development. Wang Pingyang, Chairman of Zhongtai Group, presided over the symposium and delivered a speech.

At the symposium, Chen Meitao, director of the Petrochemical Textile Business Department combined with the analysis and research of the current development strategy of Zhongtai Group, elaborated the development ideas of the coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry, BDO industry and textile industry of the Group, and put forward relevant opinions and suggestions for further optimizing and improving the future development plan of Zhongtai Group.

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Wang Nengquan, chief economist of Sinochem Energy, combined with the analysis of the development history of Sinochem Group and the series of measures focusing on the transformation and development of the main business, and put forward guiding opinions on the operation management, risk prevention and control, and industrial development of Zhongtai Group.

Wang Pingyang said that the Chinese company leaders and experts focused on the outstanding weaknesses and urgent needs of the development of Zhongtai Group, put forward valuable suggestions for the future development of the enterprise, and provided us with useful guidance and help. At present, the reform and development of Zhongtai Group has entered a critical period of optimizing industrial layout and adjusting industrial structure. In the next step, we hope that on the basis of comprehensive, understanding and detailed study of Zhongtai Group's focus on main responsibilities and main business, combined with the current development reality and needs of the enterprise, we will sort out the enterprise development strategy, establish the enterprise management mode, determine the product target market, and clarify the enterprise development vision and development positioning. In promoting industrial development, deepening scientific and technological innovation, doing a good job in risk prevention and control, obtaining policy dividends, comprehensive utilization of energy and resources, financial protection of the real economy, showing the role of state-owned enterprises and solving employment problems, we will make top-level design and scientific planning for the construction of a modern industrial system and a modern management system with Zhongtai characteristics. Formulate a guiding, constructive and feasible development plan and a series of safeguard measures to help Zhongtai Group to continuously improve the level of modern governance, strive to achieve transformation and upgrading, and move towards high-quality development.


Dou Hao said that CIECC has maintained a good foundation for cooperation with Zhongtai Group and deeply participated in the reform and development planning process of Zhongtai Group. CIECC will closely focus on the actual and realistic needs of the development of Zhongtai Group, give full play to the advantages of professional resources, further close contacts and strengthen docking, provide policy guidance, planning, professional information and other services for the development of Zhongtai Group, and take practical actions of professional consulting service agencies to help Zhongtai Group further focus on the main business and constantly improve the development of core competitiveness. Contribute wisdom and strength to promoting high-quality development.

Researcher Li Zhenyao, the relevant person in charge of the petrochemical and light textile industry department of CIECC, Zhongtai Group leaders Qi Guoqing, Parharti Maimaiti Yiming, Yu Xiaonan, Li Liangfu, Liang Bin, senior managers Zhao Yonglu, Liu Hongmei, Yang Jianghong and so on attended the symposium.