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Zhongtai Group's major industrial sectors and member units actively carry out the Eid al-Adha Festival condolences activities

Time : 2023-07-04

Toksun Energy Chemical

In recent days, Toksun Energy Chemical has organized holiday discussions, visits and other activities, and employees of all ethnic groups have gathered together, exchanged blessings, sang and danced together to celebrate the festival, which is filled with a happy and peaceful holiday atmosphere.

On June 27, Toksun Energy Chemical organized the "National Unity as One Family" bonding activity on the second floor of the old canteen to celebrate the Eid El Adha. Toksun Energy Chemical leaders gathered together with relatives and representatives of front-line employees to talk about unity, friendship, heart-to-heart, and talk about their own growth experience and harvest.

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At the event, national model worker Seifuddin Isreili shared his story of building a dream. In the exchange session, the quality testing center staff Rexidan Aibibu shared her feelings, she said: "Thank you for providing us with such a good work platform and environment, we should cherish the existing happy life, solid learning of job skills, work hard with heart, with practical actions to return to the enterprise."

After listening to everyone's growth experience and harvest, the chairman of Toksun Energy Chemical said that the changes and achievements of Toksun Energy Chemical now reflect the hard work and unremitting efforts of employees of all ethnic groups. Thank you for your hard work, and hope that all employees will continue to work hard and constantly improve their skills based on their positions. Grow up with the enterprise, create a happier and richer life with your own hands, and make a contribution to the high-quality development of the enterprise.

During the Eid al-Adha Festival, each branch factory set up a visiting sympathy group, went deep into the production line and visited the families of employees, and sent holiday blessings and warmth to employees of all ethnic groups with holiday condolences. During the visit, members of the comfort team chatted with employees, understood their physical and family life in detail, carefully listened to their voices, told employees on duty to do a good job in summer heat prevention, encouraged everyone to learn skills and improve quality, and escorted the company's safe production.

Tianyu Coal chemical

Recently, Tianyu Coal chemical held a "Pomegranate flowers' rain 'you walk" Eid al-Adha tea party.

"Happy Eid al-Adha to all!" In the multimedia conference room on the second floor, Li Shengli, deputy general manager of Tianyu Coal Chemical and other company leaders and representatives of the offices and workshops (center) more than 50 people gathered together to celebrate the festival and share national unity. The event site was full of songs and laughter, and everyone was happy. Lively dance "Maxilep", lively "Dance string" and loud "Motherland will not forget" "Our youth" and other songs, won the audience bursts of applause, but also the atmosphere of the event to the climax.

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At the tea party, the company leaders and representatives of all ethnic groups talked cordially, learned about their work and life in detail, and shared their experiences. Li Shengli said that Tianyu Coal Chemical is a big family of unity and practical work, brothers and sisters of all ethnic groups are a family, everyone should take the enterprise as the home, with a realistic and pragmatic attitude, improve ideological awareness and technical level, strive to realize self-value, and contribute to the development of the enterprise.

Employee Rukeya Guli said happily: "Thank you for the employment platform provided by the company, so that I have a happy life today, as a front-lined staff of Tianyu Coal Chemical, I want to take the lead to be the defender and practitioner of national unity, work hard, and achieve the value of life here."

Liu Xueli, a new employee, said: "This is the first time I came to Tianyu Coal Chemical to celebrate Eid al-Adha, employees of all ethnic groups gathered together to talk about their lives and work, so that I can truly feel the flower of national unity blooming in everyone's heart..."

At the event, employees of all nationalities gathered together to talk about their gratitude and best wishes to the company. The tea party was successfully concluded in the cheerful dance. The tea party closely focused on the theme of "national unity as one family", which not only promoted the positive energy of patriotism and love of socialism, further narrowed the distance between the hearts of cadres and employees of all ethnic groups, but also enhanced the sense of gain, happiness and responsibility of maintaining national unity of cadres and employees of all ethnic groups. It has created a strong atmosphere of a family of employees of all ethnic groups and praising the new era in unison.