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Zhongtai Henghui open full power busy production to tap potential increase efficiency

Time : 2023-09-05

Since the beginning of the year, Zhongtai Henghui has deepened the strategic layout, actively explored overseas markets, unimpeded the development route of domestic and international double cycles, and foreign customers have poured in, and its green environmentally friendly viscose spunlaced nonwoven materials have smoothly gone out of the country, and the corporate benefits have been significantly enhanced.

In the interview, the author learned that every employee of Zhongtai Henghui attaches great importance to quality responsibility, product quality is often in the mind, strictly control each process, do not let the slightest bad, find problems, the first time to develop corrective measures, and constantly improve and update in the control process, so as to achieve strict control of product quality and ensure that product performance is better than overseas customer requirements. And formulate targeted logistics transportation plans to ensure that goods are delivered on time, according to quantity and quality, and effectively provide customers with quality services.



Zhongtai Henghui, as a subsidiary of Zhongtai Group, integrates research and development, production and sales, and is one of the key construction projects in the autonomous region. The first phase investment of 1.5 billion, covers an area of 220 acres, imported TRUETZSCHLER, AUTEFA, DILO and other international leading spunlaced production lines 12, the second phase plans to invest 18 spunlaced production lines.

In the future, Zhongtai Henghui will be based in Xinjiang, facing the whole country, radiating the world, and striving to let more high-quality products go abroad, highlighting the unique charm of "Made in China".