Sodium hydroxide

Then chances are you have stumbled upon sodium hydroxide if you have ever wondered how detergent is manufactured, just like the ZHONGTAI GROUP's product called caustic soda and sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide, also known as lye or soda caustic is a strong, colorless alkaline substance who has got many amazing powers. It really is used to help make soap, paper, and textiles, and can also break up clogs in drains.

Sodium hydroxide are so effective that it is classified as a substance that was hazardous. But, its also incredibly useful and innovative, as there is not substances that are many can do what it can.

The benefits of Using Sodium Hydroxide

One of many great things about using sodium hydroxide is its ability to transform oils and fats into soap, similar to the sodium hydroxide flakes supplied by ZHONGTAI GROUP. This are because it responds with the acids which can be fatty oils and creates a chemical reaction called saponification.

An additional benefit of sodium hydroxide is its utilize in cleaning products. It can break down stubborn stains and eliminate grease, making it a popular choice industrial cleaning.

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